August 24, 2012
German industrial band formed in West Berlin in 1980 best known for custom building their own instruments of scrap metal and producing anti-music with them as well as with traditional instruments. The band was described as avant-garde and industrial. As per their website they describe their music as, “Tremendously noise-intensive, rhythmically ritual anti-pop was offered as an antidote for the frightened, paralyzed and media-sedated masses. It was made from a range of instruments carefully beaten together from mostly stolen construction site, scrap yard and do-it-yourself supplies, consisting of steel parts, barrels, drills, hammers, saws and an untuned electric guitar. The sound monster awakened to life was crowned by Bargeld’s blood-curdling screams and feverish texts, impregnated by doomsday fantasies that revolved around ruin and destruction, illness, downfall and death. Precisely this non-conformist mixture would lay the cornerstone for a completely new understanding of music, which would influence countless mainstream pop bands, such as DEPECHE MODE, NINE INCH NAILS, Marilyn Manson and RAMMSTEIN.” The group consists of Blixa Bargeld on vocals, guitar and keyboard, Alexander Hacke on bass and guitar, Jochen Arbeit on guitar and vocals and Rodolf Moser and N.U. Unruh on their custon built instruments. Disography: 15 albums, 4 EPs, and a huge collection of singles. They still tour today.

The freaky cover photo is credited to Kain Karawahn a merchant banker and freelance artist who took up photography. Actually, what he really did was set things on fire only to photograph them, calling these episodes his (art) ‘performances’. He did illegally set fire to part of the Berlin Wall at one time for the sole purpose of photographing and video-taping this “performance’. He lives and works in Berlin. The design of the album is by Fuego-Ateliers, popular designers of records covers of that era. The band’s logo is actually a cave drawing which they adopted as their own.

This Record:
Feurio! By Einsturzende Neubauten
12”Single, 45 rpm
1990, Rough Trade Records

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Name: Damian

Fave fandom: Anything to do with Nick Rowland and Blixa

Countries you’ve lived in: only England, had a house in France once

Languages you speak: English and bits of other things like German and used to do Russian

Fave film of 2015: Star Wars!!!

Last article you’ve read: Top 10 worst lines from List of the Lost apparently

Put your song library on shuffle and put the first three titles here: Frosti - Bjork, Feurio - Einsturzende Neubauten, Starman - David Bowie!

Last thing you bought online: i honestly cant remember

Last person you dreamed of: @brianenos Nel!

Any recurring dreams: not anymore but i used to have recurring dreams about guillotines when i was a child or something

Any phobias/fears: slides, lorries, the ferry car deck thing

How would your friends describe you: the height of human capability LMAO

How would your enemies describe you: over-emotional over-dramatic hypersensitive pretentious asshole with a superiority complex and insensitive to all people who thinks they got it all figured out but is actually a big liar about everything and also fuckin dumb and entitled with no self control

Would you take a bullet for someone: hope i dont end up in this situation but i probably would tbh…

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first: i guess ill just buy some high tech and ultra advanced mixing equipment for my music as well as a white fender jaguar which looks like Rowland’s.

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