A school in my area recently put a new dress code into effect because some girls had been “distracting” people,and it is being enforced. We are made to be covered from shoulders to knees. We are not to show stomach, cleavage, shoulders, bra straps, thighs or knees. When caught violating dress code,being sent home is threatened, and the changing in to something more “appropriate” or “respectable” is mandatory. This needs to be stopped. This not only feuls rape culture, but also tells us our appearance is more important than our education. It’s our right to wear what we want.


- We meet again, Wolf, Have you fulfilled your destiny?
- Salamandra is dying, soon to be a memory…
- Salamandra means nothing. It was but a particle of chaos, the tool of the madman you just slew. Your past, your destiny, the reasons for your resurrection… All remians unknown.
- Words, words, words…
- You’ve always used them ably to mask uncertanity and fear. I once promised I would follow you.
- Gibberish, specter. Tell me what you want or disappear!
- Reflect on your deeds, witcher. I stood near you when you arrived at Kaer Morhen, an omen of its downfall. I observed as you judged the villagers of the Outskirts, leaving only blood and fire behind you. You brought death upon Raymond, endangered Shani mindful only of your goals. Chaos followed in your wake. You slaughtered dozens with your witcher’s sword. You threw gold to the Scoia'tael, feuling new massacres. You left Vizima in chaos only to bring destruction upon Murky Waters. Every one of your decisions brought further devastation, each choice you made led to greater evil. How did you feel when your elven friends set fire to Vizima and slaughtered dh'oine?
- Stop!
- Do not deny it, witcher. You are my greatest champion, a perfect means of destruction. Wherever you walk, death and chaos follow.

Since we weren’t given a legitimate reason, I believe that Kitty hated Marley for the exact same reasons the viewers hated Marley. Marley was sweet, beautiful, talented and everybody she breathed the same air adored her. It probably made Kitty jealous and insecure, so she went after Marley by feuling her insecurities and body image issues.

i couldnt help but laugh

“This is goodbye”

You would of thought she was literally on her death bed about to pass away from cancer or some other kind of deadly disease its so embarrassing to read that entire passage

You are fucking 15 years old gurl stop with the dramatics because nobody cares people have bigger issues going on life Laure who is trying to cope with an addiction to weekend alcohol feuled shenanigans

or even myself because I have my own confession to make.. I’m not 22 years old… I’m 22 years and 5 months please god help me what kind of monster have I become

But at least I’m pretty

Seriously though calm down

i’m nearly done with The Angel’s Tears sidequest and it’s like………………………. 500 years and a lot of people have apparently lost to despair and no longer smile/cry like they used to

500 years

what the fuck would 1400 do to someone? caius managing to shed tears in 10af (when he’s only like………well my hc pins him at around 777ish at that point b/c of my “i can’t accept that paddra only lasted a century before the war of transgression so i’m just going to use that at the start point for its decline” bullshittery, but APPROX 700 FOR THOSE WHO AREN’T ME) for yeul is a fucking miracle

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i think you did an orphan black + night vale post some time ago? and if that's true, that's the reason i followed you & i always remember this post when i see your url.

Orphan Vale! I can’t believe you stuck with me this long, WELL DONE

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Really Hawke

r e a l l y

You see this guy – one you’ve only just met I might add – who just failed to save his friend from a fate worse than death that he himself is threatened with, who then had to go and murder said friend to put him out of his misery, and finally topped it all off with confessing to you that he possessed by a bloody-thirst personification of vengeance that’s feuled by his own rage and occasionally takes complete control of his body

and your thought on this matter

your first thought

is “imma hit that”

I really don’t know why I’m surprised about this from Mr Garrett Steal-The-Torn-Pants-Off-Corpses Hawke but still

I love ASMR but sometimes the themes of the videos are so bizarre. They’re like, “in this video, a violent race of aliens have come to earth to kidnap human life forms and harvest them as feul. To ripen your organs in time for the evisceration, I, the alien, will fondle your ears and clean them in a preparatory ceremony while soft music plays in the background. Enjoy the tingles!”

> be me
> be driving feul efficiant economy civic on highway w cruise control on 80
> pass a dodge charger with some special racing package.
> car is full of what I’m assuming were fratboys
> driver gets mad and shifts down a gear to pass me
> let him go about 200 feet up.
> dudes mad
> follows
> gets close
> his face when his beefy muscle.car got beat by my japanese gas sipper with liie 75 some odd hp
> pure gold

Ship and Sink (ROTBTD/Sleeping on Stones edition)

A lot of my followers who read my Jarida fics have been asking me what I ship and Sink in this beautiful crossover world, in hopes of seeing what is to come in SOS and what I plan to write in the future, outside my Hunger Games Au, and so here I go! I’ve sorted them into OTP, SosoTP and NOTP. (plus a sneek peak of some ships making appearances in SOS)


  • Jarida, Hiccunzel, Hiccelsa, Flynnstrid, Tadashi/Gogo, Tooth/Bunny, Hiccstrid


  • Merricup, Jackunzel, Fawnceana (because anon friend made me ship my own OCs damn), Merobin, Panpunzel (if he wasn’t such a dick), Panceana (if she wasn’t such a dick xD)


  • Jelsa, Merelsa, Merstrid, Flyrida.

A quick look at some upcoming character interactions that I hope y'all enjoy/HATE HATE HATE FEUL THE ANGST!

  • More Robin/Mulan interactions, as well as some more OC shipping.
  • A fun twist in chapter 17 that I’m not even ready for.
Got a job- THE job

A little reminder that I’m not a total piece of shit. A new start with a fresh outlook on life. The confidence and inspiration I needed to get everything back on track.

Working 12+ hour days.

Requesting to come in on my day off.

Even at home it’s like I was a whole new person - wanting to get up every morning, excited for life, motivated by everything around me.

And wanting, more than anything; genuinely and wholeheartedly, to get clean because I finally remembered what it was that sparked my fire. What feuled me. What I was born to do.

Even he noticed that I had a new drive, passion.

But life kicked me down again. I almost forgot who I was- an ignorant junkie fuck.

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When I see your url I think. "Oh man here we go. This is either going to be so funny I'm gonna wet myself OR it will be so smart and profound that I my brain will explode and I will die knowing I could never write anything that good. Also, I will never be as cool as Haf." Now get back to rendering!! ;)

[1950s commercial announcer voice] Now, with as few as two 4packs of Virgils Root Beer, you TOO can be as cool as thewetcloud.tumblr.com

[very rapid disclaimer voice] we are not responsible for crack antics diabetes feels tears insomnia a general sense of discomfit or any violent feelings of protective love for Sarah Manning that may result from this treatment. all symptoms may vary speak to your local geek monkey for the best treatment optjon for you today

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