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feuilly & cosette siblings headcanons??


  • imagine that when Valjean adopts them, Cosette quickly calls him ‘Papa’ but Feuilly, who was a few years older, calls him ‘Mr. Jean’ (or whichever alias he uses in that universe, if any) and use ‘vous’ for him for the longest time. Even as an adult he still gets squirmy happy when Valjean introduces him as his son.
  • Feuilly ends up starting to work pretty early, too, even though Valjean tries to tell him he doesn’t need too - after his first pay, Feuilly tries to give it to Valjean to pay for the roof and food (because Valjean may have known Cosette’s mother, it has nothing to do with him, and Valjean didn’t plan on taking him in but he ended up doing so anyway). Valjean just grabs him and pull him into a hug; they stay like that for a little while, but then Cosette creeps up behind them and joins in the hug and then Feuilly starts to cry a little (and it’s the first time Valjean actually sees him cry, he realises. that’s also when Feuilly takes the mental note of trying to drop the ‘Mr.’ when talking to Valjean, though it’s easier said than done…)
  • they don’t give each other presents for birthdays - though they do for Christmas - because they share nearly everything for most of their childhood anyway. Instead they use that day to go out together, spend the day together and talk about - life?
  • Cosette has definitely tested her newest make-up tutorials on Feuilly’s face. Several times. 
  • And she proudly wears the clothes Feuilly mends for her, even when they’re a little shaky.
  • Feuilly at first is a bit secretive about the political things he’s involved in, because he doesn’t want Cosette to be involved, because she’s his little sister and he’s being a butt, but he’s actually a terrible liar and Cosette quickly reminds him that he never could actually stop her from doing anything she set her mind to, and that he shouldn’t even try because he’s going to fail, and he just thinks about it for a moment, then he’s like ‘Yeah, true. next meeting’s thursday, if you’re interested?’. And she beams, and that’s how Cosette gets involved.
  • (She’s not that involved, because she has her own volunteering and charities going on, that she starts with Valjean but end up basically running on her own. but Les Amis end up joining forces with Cosette’s charities on more than one occasion.

So aromantic asexual feuilly who has perfected his robot voice, so anytime someone says “so what are you like some kind of robot” he can stand up slowly and say

“my identity has been compromised”

“weapons engaged”

“extermination initiated”

and then slowly advance on the person until they get weirded out and walk away

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headcanon that Feuilly is the Ann Perkins to the rest of the amis' Leslie Knope & they all just adore him so much


and they make sure to tell him, and they turn it into a joke sometimes because he gets super embarrassed but it’s also 100% the truth, even if the metaphors they use are silly, and it makes him so happy <3


He’s been arresting the Amis so many times for so long that he’s developed a subconscious affinity for them like he’ll ask Combeferre how his research paper on moths is going for his Elective Class cause he overheard Ferre Lamenting about during his one phone call or during an overnight detainment Feuilly explained how to properly design a fan and Javert listened with complete focus and asked questions at the right time or once he noticed Courfeyrac had a black eye and he was like

“What happened to your eye?”


“Did somebody hit you? Do you remember what they looked like could you relay it to a profile artist?”

“What? No I fell down during rehearsal and hit my face on a set piece-”

“You don’t have to protect them I could arrest them for assault and battery-”

“Javert you’re in the middle of arresting me.”

“…Oh yeah.”

And he has no idea he’s doing it and would probably violently deny it if someone brought it up but he’s just very conscious of the stupid boys and YEAH

A bit in advance, but please enjoy those last days of 2014 with people you love ! Or dogs, dogs are good too.