You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people

I was tagged by feuilllly

  1. Made of Stone - Evanescence
  2. Maison des lunes - Beauty and the Beast
  3. 1, 2, 3 - Dracula l'amour plus fort que la mort
  4. Are You Satisfied? - Marina and the Diamonds
  5. Alone - Heart
  6. Think of Me - Phantom
  7. Call Me When You’re Sober - Evanescence
  8. Play the Game - Queen
  9. Angel of Music - Phantom
  10. Honor To Us All - Mulan

I’m tagging flailing-in-the-corner, nowaterfalls, we-are-the-others-that-rose, through-space-and-mind

Okay so I did a Follow Forever not too long ago when I hit 1000 followers but I’m doing another one…… so……. Anyway if you consider us friends and I’m not on here PLEASE LET ME KNOW, I don’t want to forget anyone. I follow over 900 people so its hard to narrow it down. As you can tell, I had some problems keeping this short. Also some people I wanted to put on here have changed their URLs and I can’t track them down. Everyone on here is a mutual of mine and I love every single one of you. If you’re a mutual and you’re not on here or if you’re not a mutual at all, I still love you SO MUCH. I appreciate all of you so incredibly much. This is huge and I apologize.

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2spoopyfoxmulder acesiren adeadgirlwalkin aesthetichoran alancumming andrewdetmer arabcourfeyrac aromargaery asexuallniall asexualrogers asexualtimdrake backtomax bagginsofbagend bamesjarnes barnesrogers bihorel bisexualdickgrayson bisexualmargaerytyrell blackwihdoh buckybisexualbarnes cactuscobain capaludi christmaspratt citadelofswords citiescape claquesous  clintnatashas combeferret courfeyrazzledazzle cosweaters comtessedechagny 

D E F G//

dameserdaigle daveyjackobs deadmoneys deafmarius dorixnpavus doyourememberthechainler dunedehaan eddieholecko emsloe enjolfabulous et-in-arkadia fallingpoly falloutpavlove farammir fawnsette fernandodelarua feuilllly flopsyharry gaymercutio geekophiliac goldenjolras grahamkin gramora grantairejolras grantire gryffinewt

H I J K//

hamlet-trash hannahdesu havleyatwell helpmeonmyway hemswcrth herestoyoubub heterodropit hopethismakesyousad ifeelmysouulonfire if-i-woke-up-next-to-you ifonlyhanslovedyou imperialbodybags inkharry irisbleufic jasonforbach jerkuleshansen jessicacervi jolitaire jolivet josephspieldenner justfreezeyourbrain kaplansadams kingjackbenjamin kneze kylescatliffe

L M N O//

lady-disdain-is-yet-living lauraosnss leslieknopeintraining likewedontcaree louisantoinesaintjust lucastheprince margaretpcarter memespecialist missbarns mjiollnir montynavarro mvthos mythicbitches myrtlewilson naromanov natnovna nerdnickerson neverosborn nicolikeswhiteboys nonbinaryjarvis nootsies oberynmartells odetsleep officialellewoods officialeponinethenardier officialjackkelly oohjoly

P Q R S//

pastelriots patroclusandachilles peppermintjesus philipquast pocpos punkmerrill queenmeme420 queerzayn qvickslvr ravenclawfeuilly reserve reservoir-frogs ripperprince robhouchen sansastaark santaaeneas scaryosborn sirdanielhowell sirwestaytay skinnvsteve snowflakejoly snowflakerad soofyahn spookytune stalkingyermom stuckybuns 

T U V W X Y Z//

thatssorogers theautumnsoldiier thebingobat thejohnset thephantomrevolutionary thirstyluhan thorsies tiiernan tiny-tveit torturouselectricity transb0ywirt transjeangrey trashgoddess twentyonepilotsselftitled twistytooth twointernsinahorsecostume ultrvon usshawkeye wilsonsamuel xeriklehnsherr

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