1875. Revue de la mode. Chatelaines, éventails et éventail-pistolet.

I was searching my magazine collection for chatelaine pictures (I’m a bit obsessed with chatelaines and other victorian gadgets for women) and this gem pops up. Here is a blurry close-up:

«5-6. Eventail-pistolet ouvert en cuir de Russie noir ou rouge et filets à feuille d'or, de soie noire ou rouge, suivant la monture. Notre dessin 6 reprèsente l’eventail-pistolet fremé et accroché à la ceinture.

Revue de la mode. 4º Année, nº162. Dimanche, 7 Fevrier 1875.»

A pistol-fan, man. I can’t even think of a worse accessory. I mean, it’s just bad design. Darwin award winner bad design. Victorian edition.

I’m sorry, I’m just laughing out loud here.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté La Laque Spicy Collection Nail Swatches!

YSL is bringing out a collection of 7 limited edition polishes globally, themed around warm, exotic spices. Some of these trendy shades look a tad odd (mustard yellow and ginger) but warm tones are on point for S/S 2014, and they’re actually quite flattering on. 

The MVP of the collection is a gold flecked topcoat called Feuille D'or No 47. This top coat contains gold flakes in irregular sized pieces so it looks like real gold leaf, and goes on beautifully over all 6 of the other creme colors in the collection (and any creme polish you own). 

The 6 other shades are:

  • 41 Eau de Rose - pale ivory pink-toned beige. It’s a beautiful, beautiful color, but because it’s so pale, you will need at least 3 coats to to remove all streakiness. It’s also the one shade that I find definitely prettier without the gold flakes.
  • 42 Safran Sultan - the “it” shade of the moment. This odd mustard yellow looks better on than I thought it would, looking at it in the bottle. But the gold topcoat really brings this one to life and makes it much more wearable if you’re not too sure about the shade.
  • 43 Opulente Canelle - the foolproof rose-tan looks ordinary beside the other colors, but once on, it’s extremely flattering and pretty. A nice warm twist on the usual neutrals! (Equally pretty with or without the gold topcoat.)
  • 44 Ambre Gingembre - now this shade is hard to describe. It’s a carroty orange with a touch of brown, and might look strange in the bottle, but this is anonther “it” shade. Another shade that I find slightly prettier without the gold flakes, but it’s also deep enough that it looks lovely with the gold on.
  • 45 Pimento D'allieurs - Deep rose red with a touch of plummy brown. This is a can’t-go-wrong shade, but then it is also ironically probably the least distinctive in the collection. That said, it’s so gorgeous and timeless that you can wear this anytime. If you’re one to prefer the classics, this is a beautiful shade that I actually feel should be added to the permanent collection!
  • 46 Poivre Noir - Deep, rich plum. It looks dull in the bottle, but gorgeous on the nails. One of my favorites from the line. There isn’t really much to say other than that this is possibly my favorite color out of the entire collection. 


These polishes are all incredibly smooth, with wide, rounded brushes so you can apply color to your nail with minimal strokes needed. If you want them to be talking points though, the gold topcoat is the way to go. 

That said, if you’re not a YSL varnish collector, then you probably want to just pick out the more unique shades or the ones that will go the extra mile. I would personally recommend 41 the pale pink-nude, 43 the rose tan, and 45 or 46 for some gorgeously glossy rich tones.

The La Laque Spicy collection launches at all YSL counters from Feb 2014.