Fidel is one of a kind: A meeting with the president of the Federation of University Students

By Randy Perdomo García

It all began with his call to the FEU office at the University of Havana (UH), January 22, at 9:20pm. Although the call was preceded by a report that he was waiting for me, hearing his voice up close, heard so often from afar, stunned me.

“Randy, how are you?”

“Comandante, fine. I can’t believe I’m going to talk with you.”

He laughs and thanks me for the message I sent him, saying “I’ve read it several times.” He was referring to our project to celebrate the 70th anniversary of his entering the University, with a day of love and commitment. His enthusiasm is evident when he makes the surprise announcement that he is inviting me to a personal conversation the following day.

But this very night, we would talk more, around 50 minutes. It seemed so immediate, as if the two of us were sitting in Martyrs Hall, which he has often recalled as the site of many FEU meetings in his time.

“It’s now been 70 years since I entered the University, the anniversary is September 4,” he tells me

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