today’s warm ups got really elaborate and i accidentally camp swap!au’d?? anyway, here we have: greek!jason and annabeth before the titan war, and roman!piper/percy before they got made praetors. 

no offence but if i were a new twenty one pilots fan and didnt understand their dynamic/stage preformance id call the fucking medics if i saw tyler drop like that in the middle of heavydirtysoul


the lizzie bennet diaries meme:

three friendships; lizzie bennet and charlotte lu
“Charlotte and I have been friends basically since we were fetuses. Feti? Fetuses. Our mothers were bridge partners when they were pregnant with us. And they went into labor within like ten minutes of each other at the same book club meeting. And what were they reading? Sense and Sensibility. So it’s pretty much destiny. We’ve been inseparable ever since. Charlotte is as constant in my life as my sisters…And I always will be.“

After working with the new tablet, I seem to be able to use my similar style, however it still blows me away of how close up i can get with pulling in specific details on certain places. But with this style I am working on a new one as well. Paid Commission was made for my good friend Fernir based off his handsosme rouge and his somewhat card feti- love of poker.