I finally made it too 2k followers earlier today! I’ve only had this blog for about a year now and i am so happy that i made it to my goal. So this is a list of blog i would never unfollow because their perfect in every way possible. Thank you guys so much for being so amazing. 

A-D: allfredofloresadorauhllble, bieberballsblaming-nolancatchingfeelingcatchfeels

E-H: firstbieber, ffirstdancefabrauhlsfetusnowflake

I-L: itsbuttonyallimsodonewithjustinbieber justinsflawlessjustinscrewjusitnkisstherainskelscollinslittleliargomezlookatmenowbiebs

M-P: myaftershocksofmalletesontarios


U-Z yepbieber

indenialls promo group edition(:

these girls have put a smile on our faces pretty much every single day, and we thought, ‘well this was the least we could do’ to show our appreciation for being in our lives! wish you all the best in your futures, and stay beautiful! 

so without further ado, in no particular order: 

  • wotsons
  • everliam
  • liamshowme
  • hazice
  • toodlelou
  • heyzain
  • louistard
  • snowbeanies
  • frostingniall
  • feckniall
  • fellfornarry
  • larrydrink
  • fetusnowflake
  • niallstrums
  • snowcastur
  • wolvehampton

love all of you(: xx

On Christmas it will be one year since i made this account. To celebrate that i wanted to make a follow forever of my favorite blogs. These blogs always light up my dashboard and i’m happy i get a chance to see their edits everyday. Follow them, you won’t be disappointed!

A,B,C: adorauhllble

D,E,F,G: ffirstdance, fetusnowflake

H,I,J,K,L: hesstillkidrauhl, itsbuttonyall, justinsflawless, kelscollnis, kisstherains, littleliargomez

M,N,O,P: myaftershocks, march1st, mstletoe, ontarios, ourboyjustinbieber, outoftowngirl

Q,R,S,T: robby-robs, speakingtongues, santarauhl, sykestin, setfiretorains

U,V,W,X,Y,Z: yepbieber

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