knowing your partner well can potentially make writing together a lot easier.


name: Tooth
sexuality: Pansexual, panromantic, leaninggg in a pretty gay direction
zodiac sign: Gemini
taken or single: Kraft American Single

five facts.
✔  I’m a vulture, with a pretty big collection of bones, a somewhat smaller collection of skulls, furs, teeth, wings, animal feet, skeletons I’ve put together, fetuses, a tumor and all sorts of other funky animal remains.  
✔  I’m a fine arts graduate. I really enjoy drawing even though my motivation and productivity is really mood dependent.   –>Here be me DeviantArt<–
✔  I’m a really unfortunate balance of very socially anxious but also extroverted. 
✔  I could go wandering/bone hunting in the woods all day and it wouldn’t get old
✔  I have very very tiny supernumerary nops and I think that’s cute

how long ( months/years? ):  On tumblr, for two years or something? in general, FOREVER
platforms you’ve used: forums, tumblr, skype, various kinds of rpgs? 
best experience: Getting to develop stuff more deeply through tumblr has been greatt

muse preferences.
female or male: Either or. Used to be male muses but I keep realizing that at this point I really do have a lot of lady OCs. I just gotta give everyone the screentime they deserve!

writing preferences.
fluff, angst, or smut: Yes
plots or memes: Both, good
long or short replies: short has been a lot easier lately but I REALLY need to get back to longform writing (This is why I’ve been on my other blog more than this one)
are you like your muse: Uh. I mean in some ways

the pro-life movement can be summed up by the fact that one of my friends who’s pregnant was taking the bus home from downtown when all the people from the March for Life were also leaving and she asked a young girl sitting in the priority seating if she could sit down because she’s pregnant and the girl replied, “well I’m really tired, i was at the march all day.”


today’s warm ups got really elaborate and i accidentally camp swap!au’d?? anyway, here we have: greek!jason and annabeth before the titan war, and roman!piper/percy before they got made praetors.