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Sergio loves playing with Iker’s ears. Pass it on.

Okay… so someone sent me an ask saying “Ash in glasses” & I DID A STUPID THING AND ACCIDENTALLY DELETED IT!!……. So here’s some Ash in glasses

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BTS Reaction: You’re still a virgin and want to have sex after marriage (Requested)

Jin: He might honestly be the most person out of the group to be fine with it. He wouldn’t rush you into it and he would wait along with you.

Namjoon: It would be difficult for him but he wouldn’t mind it. I think he would be excited once you guys are married because he would be your first.

Yoongi: Just like Namjoon, he would also control himself because he has needs. But he wouldn’t care and he would support your decision as long as you were happy with him.

Hoseok: He would be chill just like Jin. He wouldn’t care if you wanted sex after marriage because all he wanted was for you to be happy with him. He would do other things to please you.

Jungkook: LMAO JUNGKOOK HONESTLY WOULDN’T CARE BECAUSE HE IS A FETUS. Even though he is a man with needs (obviously), he wouldn’t care.

Taehyung: Taehyung would be disappointed and not disappointed at the same time. He would be happy that he was going to be your first but he would try not to rush your marriage process.

Jimin: Oh lord he probably would have to take care of his needs himself. But he would support your decision a 100% and do everything to make you happy.

Why is it that abortion is murder and male masturbation is not?

I didn’t know this was a complicated concept, but I keep encountering people who don’t understand the difference. So here goes.

A fetus is an organism. A sperm cell is a cell. An organism is defined “an individual animal, plant, or single-celled life form”; a life form is defined as any living thing, such as an animal or plant. A fetus is an individual life form because it is living (not dead; we know a fetus is living because it is growing and developing.) and has its own DNA. A sperm cell is not an individual life form; it is alive, but it does not have its own unique DNA. It contains the same DNA as the man from whose testicles it came. The man is an organism. The sperm cell is not. (Another term for a human organism is ‘human being’. A human being is ‘a man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens’. A child is defined as a person below the age of legal majority, an infant, or a fetus.)

Even though a sperm cell is a human cell, it is not an organism. When a man masturbates and the sperm cell dies as a result, a human life is not destroyed. The man to whom the sperm belonged continues living when his sperm cell dies. A human being has not been killed. The same is true when skin cells, for example, die. However, when a woman has an abortion, a completely unique human being is dying. That human organism no longer exists. And when a person violently ends the life of a human being (through, say, dismemberment or saline poisoning), we call that murder. 

So, just to review: a fetus is a unique human organism or a human being. A sperm cell is not a unique human organism or human being. Killing a sperm cell through masturbation is not murdering a human being. Dismembering a child through abortion is murdering a human being

I don’t know about you guys but when I read the translation on this art, I thought of the feathers as a symbol for Touka’s wings. The life on the other hand I took it as a reference for the child, since he is nothing now but a fetus.

Though I don’t really like the vibes from black and white pictures, but be safe Touka and Touken baby. ❤️🙏🏻