fetus sarah

I just went through a lot of old stuff today and there's so many things i realized!

- Ryan’s ex Jac Vanek and Brendon’s wife Sarah go waaaaay back. Like y'all probably know Sarah (bought clothes from or recced jac or something?? Idk) but yeah I’m talking like fever era

- Ryan (kinda?) stalked Jac on social media for almooost 2 years before they finally got together it was like he was a complete fanboy

- Later on Jac and Audrey (Brendon’s ex) were bffs and Ryan and Brendon were bffs and they even stayed together for a while i guess

- i also might’ve accidentally stumbled across Ryan’s ex from his school photos vagueing on jac’s stuff

- there is a photo out there of a sleeping ryan with hair extensions on his chin and i want it gimme gimme gimme!