fetus queen

After hours of searching through my house for all my year books, I was able to dig up some adorable photos of Violet Chachki from grade school. For many years now I have been really close with so many staff members of the the grade school and high school Jason (Violet) went too, and I would go and visit the school and I remember Jason. So, I’m sure you could imagine how surreal it felt to watch him win my favorite TV show. Violet if you somehow end up reading this, I want to let you know that the staff members I know are so proud and happy for you. We all are so proud of you. It’s so inspiring to know that the kid I would occasionally pass in the hallway ended up being Americas Reigning Drag Superstar. violetchachki


just found this gem, Katya back in 2010 giving you just gorgeous, run-of-the-mill bisexual, transvestite hooker.

you can dance

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you can jive

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having the time of your life

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ooooh see that boy

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watch that scene

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digging the dancing queen

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Yh but ‘I love it when my clothes is big on me’ 😂😂 YASSS QUEEN 👸🌹


OMG please let mitch do this everytime
“and then you have the drop”
and then scott slapping the ‘WAAAHHH’ again.