fetus queen


just found this gem, Katya back in 2010 giving you just gorgeous, run-of-the-mill bisexual, transvestite hooker.

After hours of searching through my house for all my year books, I was able to dig up some adorable photos of Violet Chachki from grade school. For many years now I have been really close with so many staff members of the the grade school and high school Jason (Violet) went too, and I would go and visit the school and I remember Jason. So, I’m sure you could imagine how surreal it felt to watch him win my favorite TV show. Violet if you somehow end up reading this, I want to let you know that the staff members I know are so proud and happy for you. We all are so proud of you. It’s so inspiring to know that the kid I would occasionally pass in the hallway ended up being Americas Reigning Drag Superstar. violetchachki


OMG please let mitch do this everytime
“and then you have the drop”
and then scott slapping the ‘WAAAHHH’ again. 

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