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‘We’ve been in a band for over ten years now. We started playing in a fucking basement in a suburban neighborhood in baltimore, maryland.
But I can tell you with full confidence that when we were in that fucking basement trying to write really bad songs, trying to play guitar for that matter I had no fucking idea that it would lead to this. I have to say the only reason we are here today is because of all of you.’

Me: *Walks onstage* *pokes his face*
Oli: *turns over startled*
Me: “I don’t give a fuck but at the same time I give too many fucks, you feel?”
Oli: *confused look*
Me: *fades into the night*

Hiiii! So I requested an imagine awhile ago and I didn’t see it on the list you posted. It was that y/n was on the tour bus hanging out with the guys one night and she kind of falls asleep but overhears the boys talking about her and jack and jack says he loves her blah blah fluffy stuff. Sorry if I’m annoying. Love your blog. x

AN Sorry for my shitty updating guys, I recently started a zero hour class, and last night I got like one hour of sleep, that was a terrible idea. So I have to wake up earlier which means writing these earlier too. I’m sorry that I’ve made you guys wait for forever I feel like a terrible updater :( I hope you guys still read these like you used to and enjoy them to the fullest :) BTW @ anon, I’m so so sorry that it took this long to get your request, I couldn’t find it anywhere :( I’m setting this in high school with fetus atl I hope you guys don’t mind

Your POV

My three best friends had invited me over to watch a movie. Again. They just couldn’t get enough of our movie nights. Even though we had one yesterday and ended up staying up until all hours of the night, here we were again, watching the same television screen.

Rian’s mom didn’t care if we came over and ate snacks and watched a couple of movies, but I was beyond tired from the night before. No matter what happened, I always ended up sitting next to Jack. Like one of the guys would get up, and when they’d come back they’d go to a different seat, leaving me to sit next to Jack. Countless times they’ve done this.

The movie was kind of quiet and it was lulling me into a sleep, and before long I had fallen asleep on Jack’s shoulder. I was half awake given that Alex was squealing like a girl when I passed out.

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