fetus in a jar

With Halloween coming up I found myself in need of a fetus in a jar. No really, I needed one. Swear. Aaaand since I had a lot of art supplies laying around I figured I’d take a crack at making it. I took step by step photos so you too can make a “Thing in a Jar”!

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First, make your creature’s base-shape by crumpling tin foil into your creature’s desired form. This way your Thing won’t be made of solid clay and never bake through.

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Next cover the foil in bake-able clay (I used “Original” Sculpey) and shape it into something only a mother could love.

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Then put your baby in the oven. That’s right. Put it right in. Just sliiiiiiide it on in.
And crank up the heat.

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When it’s done baking, add acrylic paint. I mixed up moldy flesh tones and then did a wash of watered down black to fill in and highlight cracks and creases.

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Once the paint’s dry, I brushed on a thin layer of clear nail-polish to “seal” the paint. Let that dry and then apply a few layers of rubber cement on top for texture. When it dries, rub some areas off with your finger to make the “skin” look molted and peeling.

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Finally, put it inside a large container. I would suggest locating your desired jar before starting so that you can customize the creature to fit. Fill the container with watered down Coke (and a little splash of bleach to prevent mold from growing) and call it a night.

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Art school is paying off…

My bestie @kriplusdoodle has finally seen reason, and is playing Dishonored… it’s so hilarious to watch her play, because she is noticing all these weird small details that I haven’t noticed when I played it myself..

She found a glass jar with a fetus in it and she accidentally slashed the fetus when she tried to pick it up after breaking the jar…

I heavily plan on giffing that incident cause I couldn’t breathe

Can't compete
  • my sister has me beat in having weird stuff
  • she has a skeleton hand in a candy machine and a fake baby fetus
  • all i have is a jar of eye balls
  • me: can i get rid of this plastic baby
  • sis: no that would be abortion
  • me: ......keep your baby in your room instead of hiding it around the house


Here is Joshua Joseph Balz. He plays keyboards for the metal band Motionless in White. He is honest to God one of the nicest people alive.

There’s been a ton of shit being said about Motionless right now after an interview —and later a blog post by lead vocalist Chris Cerulli— in which they basically said that the band as a whole no longer wish to put out a message explicitly to milk money from people who would fall for it. However, THEY MADE THIS DECISION A YEAR AGO, and people are only just now getting pissed about it because they saw the interview. NOTHING HAS TRULY CHANGED. I did see them live at Club Nokia a few weeks ago and they weren’t outwardly friendly, though not cold either, and I had worried than maybe they had indeed changed. I WAS WRONG! They are still amazing musicians, and I can personally vouch for at least Josh’s genuine attitude and kindness.

For Christmas my mom surprised my sister (fallinginwhite) and I with a trip to New York. On our third day we asked, and were allowed, to rent a car and the three of us drove two hours to Scranton. We wanted Sheetz. Bad. So we did, and we pigged out!! Anyway, we also wanted to go to Kingston to visit Josh and his girlfriend Ryan’s new oddities parlor, The Strange and Unusual. After our maps app misguided us three times we finally found it! I’m type one diabetic and by that time we finally found the shop my blood sugar was dropping, meaning I was shaking pretty badly, but I was drinking a Gatorade to bring it up.

We walked up and passed a couple of guys coming out of the shop and didn’t realize until later that one of them was Balz. Upon entering we were greeted by a guy we learned to be named Chris (not the singer) and we began looking around. I found a million amazing things (including a Black Craft shirt I’ve wanted for a while) and we picked up a couple. I was looking at the glass cabinet on the counter where the fetus kittens in jars were and Ryan began chatting with us about them and that two of them were part of a set of triplets though she hadn’t been able to get ahold of the third and such. I tried to set down the shirt to look better at the kittens but by this point I was shaking so badly that I knocked over an old bronze plaque with a sort of memorial/obituary on it. I apologized profusely and told her that it was just my blood sugar. She immediately offered me fruit snacks and rushed away and back to hand me them, and Chris offered me a slice of his Little Caesars pizza. I thanked them and tried to say I was okay but they insisted so I sat where Ryan lead me and began eating. Ryan asked where we were from and such and we told her that we’d come all the way from California. She said that Balz had just gone to the store and that we had to stay and meet him since we’d come all this way already.

Fast-forward: He comes in with bags and makes a joke about me eating his pizza, then saying we should hold on and he’d be right back. I finished eating and then asked Chris where I could toss my trash and he offered to take it, then Balz ended up bagging it all and taking it out (I apologized again). He came back again and though my sister had just stopped crying and I was still shaky and it was awkward he made conversation with us. We joked that we wanted to buy everything and he was like, “Take it. I want a steak dinner and a new car.” And we all laughed. We shopped more and he showed us around and pulled out his favorite old medical books to show us, also teasing that some of the images were inappropriate for my sister and I to see and we nodded jokingly and I said, “Right, yes, I look at unicorns as puppies all day.” to which he replied, “GOOD!” And then we chatted and checked out. He even went out of his way to take a picture with us and such.

My point being: ANYONE who wants to talk shit can go elsewhere. I met him and talked to him (and his girlfriend, and significant others are a good reflection of people themselves) and I swear on my life that he was exactly how I imagined him to be. He was warm and welcoming and witty and outright lovely. I’m proud to be a Motionless in White fan, now and forever.

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this isnt really embarrassing but just really really fucking weird so like. i had this boyfriend who was obsessed with horror movies and stuff?? and i went to his house for the first time and he kind of pushed me into his room and onto the bed making out and when i opened my eyes there was a shelf right above his bed FULL of taxidermied rats. i mean FULL. of course the mood was ruined and we ended up watching tv. he carried a jarred pig fetus in his backpack over finals for good luck

Emery is seriously a great person. Like she’s been my stand in doctor for a few weeks now with my medical condition and she cares much about me. She’s a real sweetheart and very kind. She talks to me at ungodly hours of the morning and has given me some things to look forward to. I can see why Nip is with her haha. I dont mean that in that Im JEALOUS or anything, just that. I dont know how to phrase it. Idk. I JUST NEEDED AN EMERY POST.

The Magic of Bowie's Passing & 11 Things You Didn't Know by Lucy Arnell

Icon; leader; gender barrier defier; genius; artist; clever; dazzling; master of reinvention; wizard. If you said any of these in regard to David Bowie, you’d be correct. The man defied what it meant to be a musician, and paved a path for thousands to come. He gave otherwise odd people confidence and a voice; two incomparable gifts. His contributions not only to the art of music itself, but to the souls of humanity, are why we mourn him. 

Although a sad mark in history, it is also one of intrigue. Of all the personalities David Bowie can be characterized by, by far the most consistent and well known is his gender fluidity. His effeminate outfits, stage designs, photos, expressions, words, songs, personalities, and notions added up to a man who tried to show the world that humans don’t belong in boxes. Human is not one or the other - human is fluid, and should be able to express himself as so. He didn’t just preach that, he lived it. 

The same tragic day of Bowie’s passing is also the birthday of a woman - a Suffragist named Alice Paul, the leader of and brains behind the success of the 19th amendment in 1920. The bill provided women the right to vote, and Alice took equality even a step further when she successfully included Women in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 bill, legally protecting the group from discrimination. It is ironic to me that on the same day as the passing of arguably the most gender fluid artist of our time, this woman, the original Suffragette, was born in 1885. You know she’s got ‘Suffragette City’ on repeat. As sadness comes, let’s remember that there’s a bigger picture; a larger scheme, and magic can always be found. That’s what Bowie would have wanted us to see. 


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I heard somewhere a rly long time ago (no clue where or when) that Jeb and George Bush’s mom kept a miscarried fetus of hers in a jar and showed it to them???? is this true?????