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IF YOU SEE THIS REBLOG IT INSTANTLY BECAUSE ITS FUCKING SEX FOR YOUR EYES. this was at the Sydney show, my best friend (bradzayn) got front row tickets. please give credit and please please don’t steal it and take credit for it. thankyou fam enjoy i love you all ❤️❤️❤️ ps. it’s 3:25 am in sydney



The Avengers (3)
  • Bucky: Steve, can you remind me to take out the trash tomorrow morning?
  • Steve: sure
  • *next morning*
  • Bucky: *wakes up and walks sleepily to the kitchen*
  • Steve: hey sleepy head
  • Bucky: what's...on my arm?
  • Steve: *smug smile*
  • Bucky: *takes magnet off his metal arm with a note saying to take out the trash*
  • Bucky: *looks at Steve*
  • Steve: ...
  • Bucky: ...
  • Steve: ...
  • Bucky: fuck you Stevie
Hogwarts as a Pre-Kindergarten School
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> (McGonagall's class for 5 year-olds were doing an assignment where they had to draw their biggest and deepest desire, and later they'd have to present it in front of the class.)<p/>
  • <b> McGonagall:</b> Okay, kids. Who want to start first?<p/>
  • <b> </b> *everyone raises their hand, and McGonagall purposely ignores two boys who are the most excited*<p/>
  • <b> McGonagall:</b> Lily, you may start first.<p/>
  • <b> Lily:</b> *with a beaming smile* This is a picture of me becoming a Prime Minister.<p/>
  • <b> McGonagall:</b> Brilliant! *still ignoring the two trouble-makers in the back* Now, Remus. What is your picture about?<p/>
  • <b> Remus:</b> *shyly* I drew about world-peace.<p/>
  • <b> McGonagall:</b> *nods proudly* That is wonderful, Remus. And Peter?<p/>
  • <b> Peter:</b> *looking like he's about to cry* I uh...it's about me eating cake. Like, loads of them.<p/>
  • <b> McGonagall:</b> *frowns but lets it go* Okay... Who's next?<p/>
  • <b> </b> *it goes on until the last ones left are James and Sirius*<p/>
  • <b> McGonagall:</b> *sighing* Alright, James. You go first and then it's Sirius.<p/>
  • <b> James:</b> Yes! *after sticking his tongue out at his scowling best friend, he quickly presents his picture* This is a drawing of me marrying Lily Evans. And this one here is our future child. But I'd like to have more, really. A small army of children would be awesome. But eleven would be great too, so I could have my own soccer team.<p/>
  • <b> Sirius:</b> Nice one, James!<p/>
  • <b> </b> *McGonagall face-palms as she watches the two boys cheer on each other, the whole time fully aware of an angry and blushing Lily Evans*<p/>
  • <b> Sirius:</b> My turn now! *clearing his throat loudly* This here are my parents and my brother and my cousins, except for Andy, and also my uncles and aunts, except for Uncle Alphard. And that one over there is a tank.<p/>
  • <b> McGonagall:</b> *feeling wary* And uh...what's the tank going to do?<p/>
  • <b> Sirius:</b> Crush them all, of course. Until they're flat like Flat Stanley, except there's going to be a lot of blood involved.<p/>
  • <b> McGonagall:</b> *eyes twitching* What the hell did I do to deserve these monsters...<p/></p><p/></p>