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and in case you’re too lazy to click the link (as i wouldve been) here it is– confused straight boy, 2007 alex, defends us, the gays.

Alex Grey - Progress of the Soul pt. 16

“Pregnancy” 1988, oil on linen.

“The soul incarnates by becoming karmically connected with the parents and choosing their sperm and egg. The soul oversees the biomolecular construction of a new body, and barring damaging influences, the new body will be nearly perfect. The embryological bloom of creation, starting as a single-celled zygote, miraculously unfolds into trillions of cells working harmoniously in the various systems of the body. This is a time of radical transformation for the incarnating soul, as well as for the new parents. This painting was done while Allyson was pregnant with our daughter, Zena Lotus.”