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Once you find
what you have been looking for
When it goes and you see it does
not come back
Go to your garden
Plant a root of something nondescript
If you are so fortunate to plant
Begin in late March
when the soil is as an awakening fetus
Bleary eyed but hungry
Drinking of the sheets of ice that
might be melting
Drinking of the rain that might be falling
Be patient
each day you look out from your window
Breathe consciously as much as you can
Breathe in concentration when the pain
of having lost bangs its fists upon your heart
Be kind
Be kind
Be kind to yourself
You matter
And when it feels like
all optimism is inconsequential
Go back outside to your garden
By this time it might be late spring
Look down for life
Surely it will be there
Then say
I too will begin each day
Sow with my hands love
Sow with my intent love
Sow with my soul love
Then go
Begin again as you already did
when you ventured on toward March
with hope in the palms of your hands

for the love of absolute FUCK people

when I say “God told the Jewish priests to induce miscarriage in cases of adultery” I am NOT saying “Ancient Judaism was totally pro-choice” the only damn thing I’m saying is that shows that the Abrahamic God doesn’t think the fetus is the most scared pure thing ever that must be kept alive at all costs

And when I say “Jesus was Jewish” I’m not saying Christianity and Judaism are exactly the same thing or that Jesus is a part of Jewish dogma or claiming to totally understand Judaism better than actual Jews, all I’m saying “shut the fuck up with your anti-Semitism, Christians, the man you claim to worship is a Jew”

this really is not that hard

Politics/Philosophy students wanted!

Hey guys! I am currently working on a essay for my global justice course, and I am writing about the right of unborn fetus. 

I am really hoping to have a conversation with fellow politics or philosophy students and get some inspiration. In return, we can also talk about your essay!

We can also make this as a study group or discussion group on different political or philosophical issues if you want.

Just reblog this or send me a message if you are interested! It’s okay even if you are not a politics/philosophy student. Feel free to join if you are genuinely interested in political or philosophical issues!