Reminisce (A Green Diamond Rebellion Story)

Fettelite put her hand gently on the giant beast’s snout. It felt like a strange combination of fur and scales, but she didn’t care how it felt; all she cared about was talking to them.

“It’s been so long, hasn’t it? Over six thousand years of you being locked up here…” Fettelite said as if she were talking to an old friend, which wasn’t exactly wrong, “Do you remember who I am? Heh… I guess you would, or you would have already crushed me where I stood.”

The beast didn’t respond with anything legible, just more snarling and thrashing. They seemed a bit more calm in Fettelite’s presence, but at the same time they seemed utterly terrified of her. Fettelite wasn’t at all phased by any of this, she was just focusing on the creature standing in front of her, reminiscing about the times they had.

“Alright, and with a few adjustments here, you’re all patched up, then,” Black Opal said in an optimistic tone, “Next time, it’d probably be best if you left the talking to me instead of trying to slice your way through everyone.”

“What can I say? I get bored easily,” Fettelite replied, sitting up off of the table she was lying on, touching the newly-repaired surface of her gem, “Besides, I get to see you fight, which is a treat for everyone, really.”

Black Opal smirked at the compliment, but then turned away from Fettelite and started typing a few numbers into a computer. The two of them had been causing a lot of trouble lately, and Black Opal still needed to maintain her image of being Blue Diamond’s chief medic. In order to infiltrate into the Diamonds, it was good to have someone on the inside, and Black Opal was even better than Fettelite, who was already a prodigy at the fresh age of 4000.

“Listen, I’m worried that we may have gone too far this time. While you may be all gung-ho for the killing parts, you’re leaving a trail of shards now. You’re being recognized more often and if you don’t clean up your act, Blue Diamond will personally expel you from Homeworld,” Black Opal spoke in a grim tone,

“And you and I both know that you belong here with me,” Black Opal turned back around and took Fettelite’s hands in hers, “Anywhere that you go, is where I’ll end up.”

“Well, that wasn’t exactly the most romantic pick-up line, but it’ll do,” Fettelite said before placing a kiss on Black Opal’s cheek, “Besides, you’ve gotten me out of worse trouble. I have faith in you.”

Black Opal smiled again and let go of Fettelite, returning to her computer. Suddenly, a look that could only be described as ‘OH, SHIT’ came across Black Opal’s face as she saw a massive amount of soldiers approaching their hideout through her cameras. Black Opal shot up from her desk and began to collect her things.

Fettelite, confused, asked, “Sweetie, what’s wrong? Is everything alright?”

Black Opal gave Fettelite an angry glare and said, “No, clearly nothing is alright, as you should be able to tell by my running around collecting stuff. They fucking FOUND us, you idiot!”

Fettelite didn’t even seem to react to the fact that her hideout was found, and instead of rushing to collect her things, she stood up, brushed herself off, and presented herself to Black Opal. She stood there for a solid thirty seconds before she was even noticed.

“Fett, what the fuck are you doing? We need to go!” Black Opal shouted at Fettelite.

“I know when I’m beat. If you act like you found me first, you’ll still keep your place as chief medic and your cover won’t be blown,” Fettelite said, confidently and emotionlessly, “Besides, I’ll only be banished, right? It’s not the worst life to be living.”

“Fettelite, no. I won’t allow it. You need to get ready to go.”

“I’m not the important one here; I’m just here for the good times, you’re the one that’s trying to infiltrate the Diamonds,” Fettelite said in that same cold tone, “Just make sure that nothing exciting happens without me, hm?”

Black Opal chuckled a little at that comment, and bowed her head down. When she looked back up, she was still smiling, but tears were forming in her eyes. Black Opal realized this would be the only way both of them would survive and the plan could go forward, so she begrudgingly took Fettelite’s arms, pinned them behind her back and forcefully pushed her to the exit and towards to approaching soldiers.

“Now don’t you even dare try escaping, you bitch!” Black Opal shouted the moment she got outside, “Blue Diamond is going to see that you’re personally never going to set foot on this planet again!”

oh god damn what’s this abomination

Fettelite is the fusion of Heliotrope, Smoky Quartz, Dumortierite, and Bixbite. They manage it by having Helio and Bix form Anyolite, and SQ and Dumor form Pietersite, and then having the fusions fuse. It’s the easiest way, since Anyo and Pieters are the same height!

Fettelite is aggressive, bratty, and deeply cunning. Bixbite and SQs cautious natures are drowned out by the raw confidence of Helio and Dumor, allowing Bix and SQs precision and powerful intellect to come into play without being tempered by wariness.

Dumor and Helio are a nightmare together, all bloodlust and fury, but SQs presence allow them to keep their head and their wits about them as Fettelite. SQ and Helio also keep Dumor and Bix stable around each other– this chain of mediating makes Fettelite worryingly hard to defuse. She’s the embodiment of the teams ability to cooperate, despite their different and often nasty personality traits.

Fettelite’s weapon is a cruel, barbed, double-ended trident. This trident can double as a magic staff, firing bolts of corrupting, destructive energy.

Fettelite is 80 feet tall!

Banishment (A Green Diamond Rebellion Story)

“Alright, sweetie, I’m going to reverse the corruption a little on you, alright? Just enough so you can remember a few things like how to heal. Don’t worry, the reversal shouldn’t got as far as to make you remember what I did, so you won’t have to suffer with those memories.”

Fettelite tightened her grip on the beast’s face while her gem began to glow, and suddenly the terrifying monster began to almost melt. Layers upon layers of scales and fur started to fall off until only a towering, humanoid woman covered in spikes stood in front of her, chained to the cave wall. Her arms and legs were unnaturally large an clawed, and the clothing she wore was torn at the elbows and knees. Surprisingly, her torso was significantly more intact, almost as if her torso was the only thing fully recovered.

The beast woman collapsed to the ground, heaving and huffing heavy breaths. She then snapped her head back up to face Fettelite, snarling and gnashing her teeth. Fettelite didn’t react to the violence, she seemed to expect this reaction from her; Fettelite instead just summoned her weapon and quickly stabbed the woman directly in the chest. She twitched for a brief moment before retreating to her gem, which clattered on the stone floor.

Fettelite picked the stone up, brought it to her chest, and then stored it in her hood for the walk back. She desperately wanted to bring Black Opal back to her old self, but she knew that she was the one person who would no longer trust her; not after the atrocities she put her through. She only hoped she could at least train the feral beast that was left in her place to do what she wanted.

As Fettelite was being shipped to the Diamonds for judgement, Black Opal sat directly across from her, looking at her disappointedly. She enjoyed every moment they had spent together, and Fettelite wasn’t normally one to just give up, but all of a sudden, here they were sitting in a government vehicle about to be tried for treason and murder. At least, Fettelite was, anyway.

Black Opal could see the massive Blue Diamond statue looming in the distance; they were getting closer and closer to their fate. Just the thought of not being able to see Fettelite again crushed her, but she had to focus on what was important; starting the Rebellion against Homeworld.

For years she had hated the tyranny of the Diamonds; their reckless disregard for other living species on other planets, their constant over-colonization, their inhumane ways of treating gems, just the thought of having to live like this for the rest of her life made her a combination of angry and depressed. She had finally found another gem who had shared her hatred for the Diamonds, and now she would be alone again. As long as one of them were still on Homeworld, they could have a Rebellion, though, so the situation could be worse.

The transport vehicle slowed to a stop within inches of a building made of marble with the instantly recognizable Diamond Authority symbol above it. Fettelite was shoved out, Black Opal was helped down and given a strong pat on the back by the fifth generic Quartz solider she’d seen today. She caught up to Fettelite and took her by the arm, trying to give the appearance she was going to give her to the Diamonds herself, but she just wanted an excuse to be with Fettelite before they were separated.

The doors opened to reveal rows upon rows of pews, with many gems dressed in formal courtroom wear. At the end of the room was Blue Diamond herself, sitting stoically on a high pedestal. The Quartz soldiers wrenched Fettelite out of Black Opal’s grasp and threw her in front of Blue Diamond, not caring if any harm were to come to her or not.

“So… the infamous Fettelite… What brings you here today? Are you being charged for the countless murders of our people? The destruction of public property? The spreading of treasonous lies of what we here at the Diamond Authority do? Or are you just here because you got bored of all the action and just wanted it all to stop?” Blue Diamond said in a cool, commanding voice.

“Fuck off, you crystallized blue piece of-” Fettelite would have finished her insult had she not been shoved back onto the floor by one of the guards. She was disappointed that she couldn’t say it in time; she had saved it for a moment just like this.

“Well, regardless, you know what happens to gems like you that commit atrocities like that, yes?” Blue Diamond asked. She answered her own question promptly after, “Normally, it’d be banishment. You’d be shipped off to another planet, forced to work at the Kindergartens until you’ve made enough gems to replace the ones you killed. However, I think that you’d personally hate living on some desolate planet all by yourself, so I’ve decided to give you a reprieve.”

“The fuck are you talking about?” Fettelite asked with her face mushed to the floor.

Black Opal was just as confused. Would Fettelite get to stay on Homeworld? Would she become a soldier? Would she be-

“Killed.” Blue Diamond said bluntly, “You shall be shattered, effective immediately. We can’t have gems like you roaming around anywhere, not even on another planet.”

Black Opal’s eyes widened and she wanted to shout something, try to get them to stop, but that would only draw suspicion to her. Some of the Quartzes were already looking at her funny since she had “captured Fettelite”, and she didn’t want to reaffirm anyone’s doubts. She just kept to herself as she saw Fettelite get lifted into the air and…

Fettelite wasn’t sure what else to do. She wasn’t a fan of the whole dying thing, and she certainly didn’t want to die to a replaceable Quartz. She looked around to find Black Opal, hoping she would do something, only to notice she was just holding her tongue and looking away. Fettelite knew she would die if she did nothing, so she did the only she could.

Fettelite’s gem began to glow a blood red color, and Black Opal’s back suddenly arched back. The soldier holding Fettelite paused to look at what was happening, and then dropped Fettelite onto the ground and drew her weapon. Black Opal grew the ten times her previous size, fangs and spikes protruding out from every part of her body. Her mouth was just a void filled with teeth, waiting to be filled with crushed gems.

The guards attacked, but to no avail. Black Opal quickly crushed each of them before they could even land a blow, destroying their gems completely. Blue Diamond fell back from her pedestal in surprise and began to evacuate herself from the facility, seeing as all of her guards had immediately died. Once Black Opal had finished off the guards, she turned to the fleeing gems who were watching the “trial” take place. The pounced on each of them, smashing their gems like they were made of butter.

In the confusion, Fettelite began to sneak out, but she suddenly felt a massive sense of guilt. She turned back towards the beast which she had previously called her lover. She called to her and suddenly Black Opal turned towards her. Fettelite drew her weapon and Black Opal charged. Fettelite dodged her attack and sliced the beast’s belly wide open, causing her to retreat back to her gem. Placing the gem in her hood, she ran back to the transport vehicle and made and drove her way to space port.

After swiftly killing any opposition, she hijacked a shuttle and plugged in the coordinates for the first planet she could think of. After letting putting them in, she started the ship and began her flight to Earth, keeping Black Opal near her at all times, hoping she wouldn’t regenerate and destroy the ship from the inside.

Upon landing three weeks later, she set down Black Opal’s gem and waited, hoping that she hadn’t sustained too much damage from the fight. After just a few more hours, the beast had re-emerged from her gem and began her attack once again towards Fettelite, but she was prepared. Fettelite once again dodged, but instead of returning an attack, she clamped a large chain onto the beast’s neck.

She dragged the beast along with her, ignoring the swipes that were being thrown at her and then secured the chain to the wall of a nearby cave. After one final goodbye, Fettelite left Black Opal in that cave, hoping that she would never have to see her face again.