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Which pizza would each character of the devil may cry games have as their favourite ?

Dante is a classic guy, so he’d go for the usual pepperoni. Sometimes he likes supreme. Deep dish is his guilty pleasure but he usually goes for new york style.

Vergil partakes in “Calzones, you utter baffoon.” (Given the chance, on rare moment, like say when the sky is green and/or he’s wearing red; he likes mozzarella with white chicken and fettachini sauce with Dante in the background crying because “verg! that’s not pizza! you went to olive garden whyyyyy”)

Nero likes meat lovers but he adds in anything spicy like the red chili flakes to it to top it off. He’s not big on the crust unless it’s stuffed with cheese (Kyrie’s favorite) so his style is usually pan or Chicago. 

Trish enjoys her pepperoni, mushroom, garlic and banana peppers pizza very fine, thank you.

Lady shares with whatever Dante is having, she doesn’t have a set favorite but you can catch her eating a huge sausage, olives and pepperoni slice almost daily.

Lucia likes margarita pizza and pepperoni, but the former is her go-to whenever the crew goes out for dinner.

Kyrie loves the stuffed crust pizza of whatever. She’s still over moon about this, it’s cute, who invented the idea of putting two meals into one? She has no clue but that’s not stopping her. Bless her soul.

Credo and his style, he likes frutti de mare ( a sort of seafood pizza) with some white wine. Vergil is offended but shares a slice or two with him. 

Sanctus….likes pineapple on pizza. I’m so sorry.

Agnus’ favorite pizza is bug pizza. (great, now we gotta kinkshame mothman for getting into vore).

Gloria likes her pizza with caviar, salmon roe, lobster, truffle, creme fraiche and edible gold. Listen, if Trish is gonna go undercover and use The Order’s resources, she’s gonna fucking use all their resources to treat herself. (”Treat yourself 20XX!” -Trish, after getting caught by Dante, while she wears Chopard sunglasses and a diamond-encrusted bikini, eating her expensive pizza on the veranda in Mitis Forest)