only you beautiful creepy people will appreciate it as much as i did, im still laughing XD

   friend:  oh hay, what are you doing??
   me:      oh just finishing off dinner,
              chicken sandwiches and a nice pumpkin salad, with fetus cheese 

mother of all that is good and holy !! XD

Today's lunch.

Tomato w fetta cheese.

Im not a tomato freak, its just that im addicted to buying boxes of sweet red tomatoes and they turn bad easily so i got no choice but to have them every alternate days! 

Light lunches prepares me for heavy sumptuous dinners! YEAH! 


11:11pm Tuesday, 31st of January 2012.

spent the day again with tom, we went to a place called trinity cafe where he used to work and i had this lovely pumpkin stuff ravioli pasta thing. then he talked to people there because they remembered him and told him to hand in his cv, we spent an hour being dorky at a net cafe and then i headed on home. i played with lily a bit and threw her toy rope around (cause she’s turning into a fatty fat bum) and laughed at my parents for being pretty drunk tonight. time for sleep now~

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Okay so this morning I made scrambled eggs and I mixed in some Greek dressing and old bay, pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar, some fetta cheese and then I sprinkled some shredded cheddar over it cause why not

Also I made a fried egg with some salt sugar and old bay and put it on a burger with some sweet and sour bbq sauce