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“I film a callback for this pirate thing which is called Black Sails, and which still only my mother has seen along with a few remaining suckers who subscribed to the flagrant swindle that is Showtime. And I film this thing on my phone by myself in a Norwegian dressing room wearing three jumpers, a pea coat and a scarf, and cropping the frame close so they can’t see how skinny I am and I get the fucking thing. I get the fucking pirate thing. Casted as the not-butch talky pirate. Every pirate show needs one of them.”

[Mandalorians] don’t say much, but they always mean what they say. Cassus Fett flew his dreadnought halfway across the galaxy once just to keep his word to me. And he’s a crazy mass murderer
—  Zayne Carrick about Mandalorians [KOTOR: War]

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I love all your stories! I am hoping you don't mind me combining some past prompts into a new one! I'd love to see Always-Winged-Obi getting captured by baddies after his wings/feathers (maybe they're plucking him?) rescued by Jango (KaminoAU) or Anakin or both! Thank you for all the great fics!

“I don’t like you and if it wasn’t for Obi-Wan I would have shoved you off the nearest building without your jet-pack.” Jango slowly looked up from where he had a knee in his targets back to the glowering twenty year old in the end of the alley.

“Nice to know we stand on the same page Skywalker.” He drawled while cuffing the Twi'lek under him. “Not sure why you came out of the temple for that though.” He smirked at the other.

The fresh knight glowered harder and crossed his arms over his chest. “Because like you or not, you care about Obi-Wan and he’s missing. The council is refusing me information, some undercover thing but he’s in trouble, I know it.”

Jango felt his smirk drop at that and he straightened, staring at the other. “Trouble…wait, undercover? He has kriffing giant wings, one of the few beings in the galaxy from what is known and he’s undercover?”

Anakin grimaced and shrugged. “Cloaking devices to keep them hidden, I don’t know. But he hasn’t reported in for three days now, that I do know and that’s not like my former Master at all.”

Jango stood slowly, staring at the blond before growling quietly. “Not like him at all. Fine Skywalker, you’ve ensured my service for free.” He turned his coms on. “Boba, track these coordinates, you and Bossk have to make the final delivery.”

He finally turned back to Skywalker. “Alright, what’s Obi-Wan’s last known location?”


Obi-Wan jerked weakly at the chains keeping his hands to the floor, ignoring how the cuffs bit into his wrists as the pain from his back was more pronounced then his wrists were anyhow.

He had been stupid, of course someone was going to notice how the air shimmer behind him each time his wings moved. Of course someone was going to catch on, how many kriffing humanoids were walking around with wings on their back.

He still hadn’t expected the drugs in his drink until it had been to late and his Force sense had been fully closed of even as he tried to escape.

One sharp blow to his head had bought him down and when Obi-Wan woke blindfolded, he had been restrained on his knees, straps over his calves keeping him down with cuffs at his wrists that connected to the floor. And a strange kind of ache in his stomach that got worse if Obi-Wan shifted.

But worst was the hooks in his wings that pulled his wings and body backwards, keeping him upright, the pain both from where the hooks had penetrated and the pulling of the joints of his wings keeping him from proper sleep.

Obi-Wan dropped his head forward, he was a damn well seasoned knight turned master, how had they gotten the damn jump on him like this. Oh right, he had no one to watch his back this time and had relied on the cloaking technology to keep him safe, like a rookie knight and was therefor drugged up with Force suppressant and drugs to keep him as docile as possible.

There was the sound of a swishing door and Obi-Wan gritted his teeth as steps moved closer to him. “I see your still alive Jedi, good. Lets make sure you remain alive.” There was a small thump and then the thing at his stomach was jerked a bit, making Obi-Wan grit his teeth harder. “What is…that?”

“Food Jedi! If we want to keep your wings healthy, we need to keep you alive. That’s what the stomach tube is there for.” Obi-Wan blinked then hissed as a strange spasming started inside his stomach, making him want to curl together despite the hooks in his wings.

“And while that’s going on, lets get to work.” The Jedi barely registered the sounds of the man moving around again until there was firm grip on his left wing and then a horrible ripping sensation that had him screeching in pain.

“Hmm, these are strong. But then again that’s good for you when flying.” The man chuckled cruelly as Obi-Wan tried to focus past the pounding of blood in his ears. “Less good right now.” A new grip and then fresh wave of tearing pain until it was all Obi-Wan could focus on as he thrashed in his restraints, tears soaking into the fabric of the blindfold.

He collapsed forward when the man let go of him, panting harshly as he hung limply.

Molting had never hurt like this. Breaking bones had never hurt like this.

Perhaps the lack of Force was the catalyst for the pain. But hurt it did.

He welcomed the dark if only to escape the pain for a while.

Yet Obi-Wan woke to the same darkness and a dull thumping pain that originated from his back as he slowly shuffled back enough to take his weight of his wings. He was alone from what he could tell and there was a fresh batch of suppressant in his system, most likely from the feeding tube he could now recognize was stuck in his stomach.

Obi-Wan shifted and rubbed his head on his own shoulder, ignoring the pain until he could work the blindfold of, looking around the empty room slowly as he took in the grey durasteel cell he was contained in, makeshift chains connected to the ceiling obviously added in to keep him contained.

He avoided looking at his stomach, not wanting to see the tube as he tried to wiggle his hands out of the cuffs only for them to dig further into his skin. He then worked on the straps keeping his legs contained and growled quietly as they wouldn’t give either.

Hours started to pass as Obi-Wan sank himself into meditation, wishing he could reach the Force. Well at least he could reach some inner peace, some calm.

His mouth was dry as the desert by the time he surfaced from his meditation and his head throbbed faintly.

He wondered what was happening back home, it was sure to be past his scheduled check-in point. Was anyone worried?

Oh who was he kidding, Anakin was sure to be worried. But did Jango know?

He rather hoped not, he wouldn’t want to worry the other man.

‘Then again…’ Obi-Wan thought dryly. 'Jango would know how to get out of this somehow.’ He let meditation sweep him under again, trying to work the drugs out of his system. Only moments later he was jerked out of it when he heard the sound of blaster fire followed by lightsaber.

A rescue.

Obi-Wan closed his eyes tightly and tried to shift himself up. He wondered who the Council had sent and hoped Anakin wasn’t among them, if only to spare his former padawan the sight of Obi-Wan.

Of course if wishes were fishes…

The door swished open and there his freshly knighted padawan stood, the man turning pale in shock before hurrying forward. “Obi-Wan! Oh sweet Force your wings…” He knelt down, slicing his lightsaber through the middle of the cuffs first and then the straps at his calves. The young man cupped his Master’s cheek with one hand, trying to give a soothing smile.

Obi-Wan smiled back. “Not the kind of mission I wished were you first knighting ones…rescuing your former master.” He chuckled painfully. “Apologies Anakin, this was not how I wanted you to find me.”

“Oh shut up. Lets…oh…your wings…” Anakin stared at the plucked left wing before getting up. “We need to get the hooks out…I…I don’t have anything to numb the pain with Obi-Wan.”

“I do.” A gruff voice and Obi-Wan closed his eyes as he recognized it. “…Jango.”

“Fool Jetii.” The man growled as he marched over, pulling a hypospray from his belt and handing it to Anakin. “That one, give it five minutes and then work the hooks out. I’ll get the cuffs fully of him.” He knelt down and took Obi-Wan’s hands, teeth gritting as he took note of the raw scrubbed skin beneath the durasteel.

Obi-Wan covered Jango’s hands with his own and raised them to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to them. “Thank you…I know you and Anakin…well…so thank you.”

“…Fool Jedi. I’d work with Mace Windu himself to get you back.” Jango murmured then pressed a kiss to the others temple, glancing at the wings over the Jedi’s shoulder as Anakin waited for the hypospray to start working. “Your wing…”

“Shh, they’ll grow back. Skin will heal, feathers will regrow and pain will be left behind.” Obi-Wan murmured and slumped a bit as the painkiller started to work through his system. “But I’d really appreciate you two getting me lose and home.”

“Home.” Jango agreed, thumbs stroking the back of Obi-Wan’s hands.


Mich jeden Tag im Spiegel zu sehen ist eine qual für mich. Am liebsten wäre ich auch so hübsch und schlank wie die anderen. Wenn ich mich ansehe, sehe ich nur fett, hässliche Haare, hässliche Figur, Hässliches Gesicht, Hässlicher Charakter….ich sehe das hässliche Ich….

Klamotten finden die an mir gut ausehen ist fast unmöglich und wenn ich dann mal ein Teil habe das einigermaßen gut aussieht an mir quielt überall fett raus, man sieht die denungs Streifen und die Narben…

Essen gehen gleicht einer Folter. Jeder starrt mich an weil ich fett bin und trotzdem esse. Meine Schenkel passen nicht perfekt auf den Stuhl wie bei den anderen. Die hälfte des Essens landet überall auf mir. Beim aufstehen reiße ich fast alles mit mir mit.

In der Stadt laufen ist eine unendliche qual. Mein fett wackelt wenn ich laufe, hab keinen schlitz zwischen den beinen und irgendwann tut es zwischen meinen beinen weh weil die schnekel die ganze zeit aneinander reiben.

Menschen kennenlernen geht nicht. Da ich mich eh für zu Fett halte und die anderen wahrscheinlich das gleiche denken.

Am besten schneid ich das ganze Fett ab auch wenn ich dadurch sterben würde….

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Can you do one where the reader is Boba Fett's girlfrend (Human), and is really shy, and cute, and some dudes are hitting on her, so she's freeking out, then Boba comes to rescue her.(In the reader's pov please) (I really like your work btw 😳)

 ((read the tags for more info!))

The locals called it Harvest Day. You weren’t familiar with the tradition or the concept of a Harvest Day, but it was similar enough to the sales and parties that would happen on your planet in the Inner Rim that you got a basic idea of it.

It didn’t explain why they kept giving you hollow vegetables and throwing flowers around your neck. They kept shouting a strange phrase joyously at you, probably a celebratory term, but it just left you more confused.

Boba wasn’t freaking out though or getting angry, so you figured you were safe enough. It was apparently safe enough for him to feel like he could leave you here as well.

“____________!” You didn’t jump this time when a young-looking and slightly drunk couple came up to you, grinning like idiots and brandishing bottles as they shouted that strange phrase again.

“____________.” You made your best effort to copy the sounds back, but garbled the last part badly. You winced, but the couple took no notice of the mistake and chortled as they strode off towards another part of town, singing a very off-key ballad about lost lovers.

“Not from around here, babe?” Distracted by the drunk couple’s singing (and the explicitness of the song; you didn’t know that bodies could bend like that), you had missed people getting this close to you; the words were spoken against the shell of your ear.

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Jango Fett - Multiple Man - A mutant whose ability allows him to duplicate himself. His duplicates all have their own unique identities, and Jango chooses to have them remain independent from himself once they are created. This has resulted in countless “clones” having been created throughout Jango’s life.

The clones are not mutants themselves but they share Jango’s appearance and skills at the moment of their creation. They have all of his memories too, but they are colored by their individual personalities and the knowledge that they are duplicates. The clones can merge back into Jango if they choose, but rather than have their identities fade back into his consciousness, Jango shelters them until they wish to take physical form again. Jango feels the death of each clone as though he died himself. Despite their varied agendas after their initial creation, all of the clones are invested in protecting Jango, as killing the original will kill all of them.

The clones are imperfect duplicates, with slight variations in skin/eye color etc. The one complete anomaly is Boba, a duplicate who for some reason materialized as an infant instead of the same age as Jango, and who is also a mutant who controls fire. Jango raises Boba as his son.

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Grundregeln: gesunde Ernährung / Abnehmen

1.) TRINKEN - Viel trinken, in erster Linie stilles Wasser und Tee (ungesüsst), am besten mind. 2 Liter pro Tag. Grüntee regt übrigens zusätzlich die Fettverbrennung an - 3 Minuten ziehen lassen, dann ist die Wirkung am besten. Wasser kann mit frischen Zitronen-/Orangenschnitzen, Minze usw. aromatisiert werden - schmeckt super & hat viele Vitamine drin. Cola und sonstige Süssgetränke komplett vermeiden.

2.) KOHLENHYDRATE - Abends strikt keine Kohlenhydrate mehr essen, sondern Salat, Gemüse, frische Suppen, Eier, Geflügel, mageres Fleisch, Fisch. Keine Spaghetti, Pizza, Kartoffeln, Reis usw. Generell gilt: möglichst wenig Kohlenhydrate. Aber mindestens einmal am Tag unbedingt Kohlenhydrate essen. Wenn nicht, kann ziemlich schnell der Jojo-Effekt einsetzen…das heisst, ein einziges mal Pizza, und du nimmst gleich alle Kilos wieder zu (oder hast nachher sogar noch mehr Gewicht drauf…glaub mir, das lohnt sich nicht). Ich esse jeweils morgens ein ungesüsstes Müesli mit frischen Beeren/Früchten, mittags z.B. einen gemischten Salat mit Pute und ein Vollkornbrötchen.

3.) SNACKS - Am besten wären 3 Mahlzeiten pro Tag, da der Körper genug Zeit braucht, um zwischendurch alles zu verbrennen. ABER wenn du total hungrig bist, isst du automatisch mehr. Deshalb lieber im Notfall einen Snack zwischendurch: frische Früchte/Beeren, Mandeln (nur ein paar) oder ein hartgekochtes Ei (ohne Eigelb). Alle leicht säuerlichen Früchte/Beeren haben weniger Fruchtzucker und sind somit besser beim Abnehmen (z.B. Kiwis, Grapefruit)

4.) LETZTE MAHLZEIT - wenn möglich die letzte Malzeit des Tages vor 19 Uhr einnehmen oder spätestens 2 Stunden bevor du ins Bett gehst. Angeblich verbrennt der Körper übrigens noch mehr Fett über Nacht, wenn man mit leichtem Hungergefühl ins Bett geht. Genug Schlaf ist auch wichtig, ideal sind mind. 8 Stunden.

5.) KEIN VERBOT - Wichtig ist, dass du dir nichts komplett verbietest. Wenn du halt mal wahnsinnig Lust auf ein Stück Schokolade (oder sonst was ungesundes) hast, gönn dir ein KLEINES Stück. Denn wenn du dir Süsses komplett verbietest, hast du irgendwann einen riesen Heisshunger drauf, was zu unschönen Fressattacken führen kann. Es versteht sich aber natürlich von selbst, dass Süssigkeiten eher selten auf der Essenliste stehen sollten. ;-)

6. ) SPORT - Man sollte jeden Tag mind. 30 Minuten eine sportliche Betätigung ausführen. Ideal ist eine Kombination von Ausdauer und Krafttraining. Ausdauer verbrennt zwar Fett wenn man gerade Sport macht, aber Krafttraining baut Muskeln auf und diese verbrennen auch nachträglich (nach dem Sport) noch Fett.

7.) GEWICHT - Das Gewicht ist komplett egal. Ja wirklich, denn Muskelmasse ist schwerer als Fett. Wenn du also viel trainierst, baust du Muskeln auf und nimmst somit anfangs evtl. an Gewicht zu. Wichtig sind vielmehr die Anteile an Fett, Muskeln und Wasser in deinem Körper. Es gibt inzwischen sehr gute Körperwaagen, die genau diese Bereiche messen. Stehe möglichst täglich etwa zur gleichen Tageszeit auf die Waage, notiere deine Werte - du wirst sehen, die Werte werden immer besser und das ist ein riesen Motivator. :-)

8.) AUFSCHREIBEN - Notiere dir täglich, was du gegessen und getrunken hast und welche sportlichen Betätigungen du ausgeführt hast. So hast du alles im Überblick und die Kontrolle. Ich kann die App CaloryGuard sehr empfehlen - die App rechnet aus, wieviele Kalorien du max. pro Tag einnehmen darfst und zeigt fortwährend an, wieviele Kalorien schon verbraucht sind (wenn ihr euer Essen und Trinken erfasst) - super Kontrolle.

Das sind sicherlich die wichtigsten Punkte. Dann wünsch ich uns viel Erfolg und Durchhaltevermögen. Wir schaffen das. :-)