Herbed french toasts with roasted vegetables and feta

I start to believe that german language is the most difficult language in the world. Most probably someone will write that chinese or thai is harder, but for me german is on the first place. I hope that a day will come when I break a barrier or something and it will go. For now when I try to use it, somehow it mixes with many english words and english grammar. Ups.

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Foreign Policy continues its 5-part  photo essay series of the very cool experimental photojournalism project, Basetrack, which uses iPhone cameras to document the lives of Marines in Afghanistan. The latest photo essay is of FETs (Female Engagement Teams). On the left is FET team leader Sgt. Sheena Adams and on the right is Hospitalman Shannon Crowley, outside of a clinic in Landay Nawah County on January 31st. Photos taken by Rita Leistner.