Hector Plasm in “Wilfred Hall” (original version)

This story is the first appearance of Hector Plasm, the paranormal adventurer character created by me and Nate fetorpse Bellegarde. Originally this story was serialized in four parts running in the back of Invincible #10-13 in 2004. The plot was inspired by a number of ghost stories told on the campus of the college where I went for undergrad, and put together in such a way that something (hopefully) interesting happened every two pages to hold readers’ attentions until the next installment.

When the story was collected in Hector Plasm: De Mortuis, it was completely redrawn and re-scripted with new scenes added, and the new version was colored by Jacob Baake. (The original version above was colored and lettered by Nate Bellegarde.)

Nate would probably be mortified if I didn’t mention that the art in the later version is much more refined when compared to the original version, but this should give you an idea of the story and character. For those who already have De Mortuis, this might be an interesting comparison. To get a better idea of what the art in De Mortuis is like, compare this complete (free) story, “Palamon’s Conundrum.”

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First commission done.


I am taking five commissions this week. If I can finish them all then next week I will take five more and so on in that fashion. My goal is to become more productive and develop a more structured daily routine while honing and refining my skills with styles and materials I don’t get to use while continuing to work on Nowhere Men. Commissions will be 9 x 12 and be priced at $100, which includes shipping within the U.S. in a priority mail envelope (other countries will be arranged). PayPal is preferred. You can think of these like convention sketches but better, since I will have all of my tools and equipment at my disposal, be able to work in my pajamas, eat and pee whenever I want, all the luxuries of home. The $100 price is non-negotiable, but you can ask for whatever you want. If you ask me to draw a potato, it will be the $100 version of a potato. If you ask for something that would really be worth $6,000, you will get the $100 version of that. Please keep this in mind. I always strive to give people the most bang for their buck when it comes to doing commissions, so don’t feel weird about anything. If you are interested, please contact me via email with “Commissioner Gordon? I hardly know her Gordon!” in the subject, the email address is fetorpse and the account is with Gmail.


The Bully Pulpit Crossover Event You Probably Don’t Know About

While some people might know about Legend of the Black Maria, the Tales from the Bully Pulpit sequel that has not yet materialized, most probably don’t know about this other failure-to-launch follow-up.

Following the launch of The Amazing Joy Buzzards in 2005 by Mark Smith and Dan mrhipp Hipp (now probably best known as the art director on Teen Titans Go!), I realized they and I had similar storytelling sensibilities and it would probably be fun to cross over the AJB and TftBP.

After some back and forth between Mark and me, the story we came up with was The Magic Toupee: the gist of it was that due to a blood compact between Frankenstein’s Monster and Sweeney Todd (to give you an idea of how long ago this was, the Sweeney Todd movie hadn’t come out yet and basically no one knew who the Demon Barber was), a wig made from the hair of Samson, which would impart great strength and power on its wearer, was obtained by Frankenstein’s Monster. Due to some fluctuations in spacetime, the Joy Buzzards, who were investigating strange events at Frankenstein’s castle after the Monster is thawed out in the frozen north due to global warming, get zapped to the space/time continuum where they meet up with Teddy and Edison to take down Sweeney Todd and Frankenstein in multiple time periods to keep them from getting their hands on the toupee of power.

Anyway, we wrote a good number of pages, and a lot of them were illustrated by an even-younger-than-he-is-now Kris kristaferanka Anka, whose popularity was obviously so bolstered by these pages that now he draws all the X-Mens and Wolverines.

The story was originally going to run as an extra-long issue of the regular AJB series, then was going to be its own one-shot, then it was going to be serialized in the POPGUN anthology series (you can even see elements of the art from this story on Mike Allred’s cover), but basically it never quite came together.

Otherwise the only thing that made actual publication was a promotional pinup drawn by Nate fetorpse Bellegarde that ran in an issue of Amazing Joy Buzzards. (If anyone has a scan of this page and could pass it along to me, btw, I would appreciate it.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these pages from an alternate timeline.

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