Pet Play Asks  🐶 🐱 🐺🐴 🐰

Questions for both sides of the slash and even for doms who pet play

  1. Are you a dom, a sub, or a switch?
  2. What animal(s) do you enjoy playing as?
  3. What is your favorite part about pet play?
  4. What is something you find romantic? 
  5. How did you and your significant other meet?
  6. Do you prefer Morning or Night?
  7. Do you live in an area that is kink friendly?
  8. Do you like collars?  Leashes?
  9. What animal noises do you like to make?
  10. Do you consider yourself a lone animal or a pride/pack/herd animal?
  11. Describe your most recent pet play experience.
  12. Describe an embarrassing pet play experience.
  13. What is your favorite type of land terrain?
  14. What is your favorite reward?
  15. What is your favorite animal?
  16. What is your favorite pet toy?
  17. What is your favorite pet space activity?
  18. What is your favorite thing about your significant other?
  19. What is your favorite season?
  20. What other kinks, besides pet play, do you enjoy?
  21. If you could be any animal for a day, what would it be?
  22. Have you ever found yourself going into pet space in public?
  23. Does anybody in your vanilla or non-kink life know you’re into pet play?
  24. What is something that can get you immediately into pet space?
  25. Are you on Fetlife.com?
  1. For Doms:   Do you prefer a well trained pet or a feral pet?
  2. For Doms:   How do you like to dom as a pet?
  3. For Doms:   What species of pets do you like to have?
  4. For Doms:   What do you consider most difficult about being a dom?
  1. For subs:  Are you domesticated or are you primal/feral? 
  2. For subs:  As a pet, do you prefer the floor, the couch, or the bed? 
  3. For subs:  Describe your perfect dom.
  4. For subs:  Do you like to play with only your dom or others too?