wow that woman who wore a head dress @ Sturgis not ONLY told a native American to get over it when called out, but went onto an instagram account dedicated to the empowerment of indigenous women and told the people in the comments to get over it and that they were pathetic.

No, acting like a child when people are trying to educate you and tell you why your attire is inappropriate is pathetic. Perpetuating harmful stereotypes and fetishizing and oversexualizing something that is SACRED to many is pathetic. Abusing our culture is pathetic. Wearing our culture as a costume is pathetic, but people standing up for themselves and their culture is not.

Take that shit off, stay in your lane, and LISTEN when people try to educate you. Telling us to “get over it” is silencing us. Being willfully ignorant is pathetic.

shoutout to all the East Asian girls who aren’t slender, who have monolids, stretch marks, hairy upper lips, darker skin, spotty skin, sparse eyebrows or hair, wider or flatter noses, and thinner lips

you’re beautiful and don’t pay the narrow, fetishizing stereotypes you don’t fit into any mind. you’re beautiful even if you don’t see other girls who look like you on TV.

Dear non-Asian people (and non-Japanese Asian people),

Please stop calling yourselves “weeaboos” just because you like anime a lot.

“Weeaboo” is a word that describes anime fans who appropriate Japanese culture and language, fetishize Japanese people, want to be Japanese, and are in general very gross and racist. When you call yourself a “weeaboo” that’s what you’re calling yourself, and it makes a lot of people uncomfortable – especially since the meaning needs to be retained so the word can be used to call out people who fit the real definition.

If you need a word to describe someone who likes anime a lot, use “anime trash” instead. You’re welcome.

-Mod J

Edit: It has been pointed out to me that this is not okay coming from non-Japanese Asian people too. I apologize for making it seem like non-Japanese people can also engage in this fuckery; it’s just as bad coming from non-Japanese Asian people.


This is Tyrell Shaw, a 25 year old man who was found dead in an elevator shaft after being suspected of a string of attacks on Asian women in Manhattan.

The woman in that case said the man spoke to her, saying, “All Asian girls doesn’t talk to me,"She said he complained he could never get their phone numbers; she said she ignored him. "And then, just after next second, he just hit my face,” the woman said.

On his blog, he states his obsession with having an Asian wife and declaring that he will only talk to Asian girls for the rest of his life

“By starting an independent civil war where I will hit over a million Asian Women in the face with a stick will change history,"he wrote. 

"Heres my plan: Every Asian Woman by herself must be hit in the face. I may even take a photo before hitting them. The reason is because I don’t think Asian Women like me and that specific one or two or three may have never met me. So I think its brilliant to give all Asian Women a legitimate reason to hate me,”

This man even followed two girls around SoHo before acting out his plan.

Let me just clear this up for you here- 

Asian women are NOT your “submissive china doll”. We do NOT owe you attention or any gratification for your disgusting fetishization. 

If you still think that fetishization of Asian women is not a threat, tell that to the 1500 women he has hit on in the past year. Tell that to the four women who was hit with blunt objects and sent to the hospital.

This is not a man in an unrequited love.

This is the fetishization of Asian women and a display of the feeling of entitlement to a woman’s attention.

You are not entitled to an Asian woman’s attention.

Examples of the Mainstream Exotification of Latinxs

Cosmopolitan’s “Sex Facts About Latinos” Apparently we’re more likely to cheat and we have bigger penises.

On Why I Date Latinos They’re worried about being heteronormative, but not on fetishizing us.

How to Attract Latin Guys As if white men don’t have their own version of machismo. The only difference is they don’t have a name for it.

12 ways dating a Spanish girl will change you I don’t know where to start on this one.

How to Have Sex with Latinas Some highlights: 

“Before we get into the thick of it, let me share with you the challenges Latinas pose:

  • They’re the flakiest women in the world
  • They’re easily bored if you are too stagnant
  • You must be dominant with them
  • You’ll have an easier time with a little language skill - it goes a long way
  • Again, stressed for importance… Latin women flake, ALL the time”

Every time people tell me that I put too much stress on our fetishization I just show them these links. It’s really gross.
日本入国管理局: 「白人ならどんな日本人女性ともヤレる」と、自らのセミナーで発言をする、強制わいせつデートコーチのJulien Blancの入国を阻止せよ! Stop "pick-up artist" Julien Blanc, who profits off of teaching seminars on how to abuse women, from entering Japan!


(Ps. the petition is in japanese, but if you have google translate, you are able to translate to english or whatever and sign it.)

The malicious, misogynistic website called Return of Kings is known for writing articles advising western men to seek Asian women for reasons that are racist, and sexist. A lot of these western men claim they’re “emasculated by western women/feminism” and the only way to restore their masculinity is by having sex, dating, marrying and/or dominating a “submissive” Asian woman. This was brilliantly explained in Sunny Woan’s White Sexual Imperialism: A Theory of Asian Feminist Jurisprudence (I advise everyone to read it). 

Anyway, here are their reasons why western men should seek Asian women:

1. Feminine

Asian women have held close all the family values passed on from their mothers and grandmothers before them. Values that tell women to respect their man and be submissive to them. Being feminine is an ancestral cultural characteristic that most Asian women have, one that most western women wrongly interpret as slavery. Asian women have learned to talk softly to their husbands and be submissive to them; they actually HEAR what you have to say, not just pretend and then do what they want.

2. Traditional values

You can expect to eat a meal from the hands of your lovely Asian lady every single day, even if she also has a full-time job and works hard at it. Your house will be spotlessly clean and well-taken care of. Try asking a western woman to cook for you on a daily basis and you’ll probably end up with a bump on your head from the flying ashtray, or with a dreadful sex-starvation week!

3. They willingly play the “wife” role

Asian women are the pillars of the family, managing and organizing the household perfectly, but are smart enough to let you lead and have the reigns of the family. They take care of their children and love helping their husbands any way they can. They do the same for their partners, so even if you have an Asian woman as a girlfriend, you can still taste a slice of heaven in your everyday life. Generally speaking, an Asian woman has been taught she needs to make her husband happy and proud, with his relatives and friends, to have her as his wife, so she does her best to not let you down. 

4. Sexy

Most Asian women are not only family-oriented and respectful towards others. They are also caring and love themselves, too. They will make sacrifices to have a good shape (and maintain it no matter what) and please their man with it. As for their beauty, it seems that western men are particularly attracted by their slender figures (as opposed to the overweight body shapes of the west), shiny black hair, and appealing eyes.

5. Financially responsible

They are usually great money handlers, which is a huge plus when looking for a woman to start a family with. Your Asian wife will ask you each and every time she wants to spend shared money on the house. Try asking an American or European woman to do the same—Her voice will rise to the stratosphere if you try to reign in her shopping. 

6. They behave

Cheating is not an option for an Asian woman. Marriage is too sacred to them to dishonor it like that. 

7. They never refuse to have sex

They never give the cold shoulder to their feeling-horny hubbies. They will still make love with you, even if they are not in the greatest mood for 1000+1 Arabian nights.

8. They adapt quickly

They can act like a Western lady in particular ways without losing their subservient nature.

9. They avoid direct confrontations

They avoid conflicts and arguments with their other half and pursue a harmonious relationship, first and foremost. 

Latinas never have a mental illness. We are supposed to be sexy and fiesty and fit into these stigmatised stereotypes that reduce us to our anger and ignore it completely. Está loco, le falta un tornillo, está mal. There are a thousand ways to say we’re everything but what we are, and if you’re not talking about that you’re a part of the problem.

I do not care about the pictures of black celebrities plastered all over your blog. I do not care about your Rihanna and Kanye West worshipping. I don’t care about your black friends. More than anything, I do not care about your compulsive James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Claudia Rankine and bell hooks quoting. It doesn’t signify anything. It doesn’t demonstrate that you have challenged your antiblackness. Fetishization is not love, it’s not respect.  Turning black people into figurines and objects that you can use, and throw away as soon as you are done with them is not appreciation.
OMG you’re Korean???? I love Korean culture!!!! Annyeonghaseyo saranghae kekekeke I know so much about Korean culture because I have watched one kdrama and I listen to kpop All The Time and clearly they are all representative of Koreans everywhere!!! I love Korean oppas they are all so cute and kawaii they are all secretly kpop idols I must collect them all for my gross collection of Koreans that I love just because they’re Korean!!!! What do you mean I’m being racist I love Asians! How can I be racist when I love my oppas just for their skin colour? kekekekekekeke
—  white kpop fans probably
Pornhub's Most Popular Porn Star Dons A Hijab In Her Latest Video

It’s really disturbing and sad that the porn industry is now blatantly sexualizing, appropriating and fetishizing the hijab. None of the actresses in this video were Muslim.

This shit is pissing me off so much. Do you know how many times as a hijabi I’ve been asked
“Doesn’t the fact that you receive more attention wearing a hijab kind of defeat it’s purpose?”
“What about all the boys who are attracted to hijabis?”

And then there are the stories of “slutty hijabis” that everyone loves to share & all the American boys who try to sleep with me because they have “never been with a Muslim girl before”.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Have you no shame or respect for women?

It is really sad that shit like this and 1001 Nights is used to fetishize hijabis and deny them their humanity.

If you don’t see what’s wrong with this, I really don’t know what to say to you.

When will people understand that Latinxs are not Spanish? When will people stop fetishizing us for being Latinx? When will people realize that Latinxs are not a monolithic group and come from many racial backgrounds?

“I want to date an Asian person because they do *insert sexual act* and they’d be so cute and little. I’m fascinated by their facial features!” THIS is fetishization.

“I would not turn away some or actively seek out an Asian person simply because they are Asian. If I am attracted to this person who is Asian, I would like to pursue talking to them based on an overall affection towards their person as a whole.” THIS is not fetishization.

Please learn to separate the two.