mourning sickness

TITLE: mourning sickness 


AUTHOR: awakenedxterrors 

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki keeping his wife consistently pregnant to satisfy his fetish. He has her pregnant again just a month and a half after giving birth. When she’s pregnant, he pretty much keeps her in bed the entire nine months.

RATING: mature 

NOTES/WARNINGS: no warnings but this is my first fic so please be kind (also I’m on mobile so if I do things wrong I’m sorry) I hope you all enjoy!

“FOR ODIN’S SAKE!” You throw the glass vase across the room and it smashes in the floor, waking your 3 week old daughter and making her cry. Tears swell In your eyes and you reach down into the crib and balance the crying Athena on the new bump you formed right after you gave birth to her.
Suddenly Loki bursts into the room “Y/N! What happened!?” He takes Athena from you and bounces her on his hip until she ceases to cry and wail, then he puts her back in the crib and rushed over to you. Tears roll down your face at his tender touch as he guides you back to the bed. “Come on love, you need to rest, I’ll take care of you.” He whispers I’m your ear as he tucks you under the covers. “Now, you just lay there and I’ll bring you some food and I’ll sit with you.” He smiles, pinning your hair back begin your ears before leaving the room. 

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