comic duck portraits! I wanted to have another crack at digital painting and tried to find styles that match their personalities. I actually kind of imagined Fethry being the one painting these- what with being an artistic chappy and all

Who would take care of HDL if Donald died?

It’s something I came to think about today. Donald is Huey, Dewey and Louie’s uncle, but who would be considered HDL’s closest relative - and would take care of them - if Donald died?

Since we can’t assume their father and/or mother (Della) magically will show up to take care of them again if Donald died, I suppose Scrooge would be the first option. Scrooge has the resources to take care of HDL, and he cares about the boys (even though he sometimes has a hard time to show it)

However Scrooge is also their grand-uncle ( gruncle xD ), and despite not looking like it he’s also very old. Could/would he really be up to raising three children? Seriously, he’s VERY old. 

If Huey, Dewey and Louie didn’t come to live with Scrooge though, then the closest relative would really only be Gladstone and/or Fethry, who are Donald (and Della’s) cousins. It’s also possible Grandma Duck could take HDL in and raise them, but just like Scrooge she is also very old by now - being Donald’s grandmother

So what do you guys think?
Who would take care of Huey, Dewey and Louie if Donald died?

Wanna read Della’s debut story, the first one that was not written by Don Rosa, that fleshed the character?

Here, my friend: http://imgur.com/a/3iGqH

It was quite a quest to do this one!

This is a dutch comic, only translated to brazilian portuguese! And it was not easy to find, I had to buy this online and scan it. @rei-pinto and a friend helped in the translation… I edited it and @sarroora corrected typos and grammar errors.

Since it’s a 30 pages long comic, it was a lot of work; but everybody was so curious about it, even my dad got curious and asked to read it… 

But, is it good? Well, hm… sadly the comic is just so-so. This got some brazilian readers mad because this is a special commemorative edition to Donald’s birthday; the full comic has 50 pages, and this story has 30. (I even saw a guy saying in a forum “Don’t buy that; it’s false advertsing”)

To be fair the parts that talk about Della are AWESOME. She’s a fun and interesting character, and probably this comic had influence in Ducktales’ crew chosing Della as an important part of the plot!

I tried to find info about it but apparently it was hard for the dutch to get authorization to use Della; it took years. Now they’re doing a series (Donald Eerste) and this comic was kinda of a warm up for this series… 

So, maybe they only got the authorization to do a few pages with her; 5 to be exact. That would explain the filler; I mean, I don’t think the central idea of the comic is that bad but everybody who bought it wanted to see Della and not a random story that breaks the 4th wall!

Well, now you can finally read it and come with your own conclusions!

(…But I DO feel personally offended there’s no Fethry here nor in Donald Eerste series…)



Thank you people so, so much. I liked doing these; they were a good practice :>

Doodle requests are closed. 

What the Fuck Fethry?

Hey remember how we all thought it was weird how in Arthur he has a pet dog? Well I am reading the Donald Duck comics and, holy shit, there is some crazy meta-shit going on that is questioning my existentialism. Basically this issue is Donald’s stoner beatnik cousin Fethry wants to go duck hunting.

Not only that, but even the “real” ducks are sentient and can talk too.

Wanna read a history about three duck cousins that go on a trip and have a lot of fun? Oh, believe me, you want!

Me and @sarroora were working in this heartwarming adorable comic for sometime and I’m very happy to finally show it to you guys! :3 I thank Sarroora for showing the fandom this great comic, for transcribing it for me and for being a patient and dedicated reviewer!

Its a big comic, so go read it here; The Great Cousin Trip - Donald, Fethry & Gladstone

In summary, I’ll let the comic illustrate my opinion about this whole project;

Maybe it’s my favorite duck comic ever!

“Hey, Don´t do that! He might be a pain but he´s still a realtive! (To Gladstone) You sleep here tonight, and tomorrow, you´ll look for your cabin”

G: Fethry! I can´t see!
F: So what? Isn´t fortune blind?

G: Fethry! How are you?

Let me tell you something I love: Gladstone and Fethry getting along and taking care of each other

Even when it´s clear that Fethry´s favorite is Donald, I love seeing him getting along with Gladstone. They are amazing together, they really like each other and seem to get along pretty well (specially if Don is absent).

It´s true that they have differences, and that Fethry often takes Donald side, but, when it happens is more a case of help Donald rather than one of f*** Gladstone and his fortune.

Besides, both of them are into really weird stuff, i bet they can talk for hours.

Gonna tag @fethrybestduck​ (cause it´s a fethry post)