Sooo, we’re pretty obsessed with tumblr (who isn’t?). I’ve had a personal one for about a year and this fêtette one is just getting started (it needs some love!). So imagine our excitement when an open letter I wrote on my tumblr was answered with an invite to come in and throw a Pre-Thanksgiving party! Michelle and I were joined by my sous-chef brother Ryan who was an assembling machine (and also upped the Candied Yam Tartlettes game with double mini marshmallows). It was a little Dinner Impossible-esque since we only had a microwave and toaster to work with (sorry if some of the food wasn’t that hot, tumblr friends!), but we pulled it off. 

Along with brunch we brought goodies for all the tumblr staff – including the remote team members! Our party theme was “Kickin’ It Old School with Tumblr” with a NYC fall feel.

Our Party In A Bag for tumblr included images from Tompkins Square Park, a mix tape banner (one mix tape per team member with their name on it, using the fabric we featured before), old school party favors wrapped like fall leaves and candy-filled mason jars. The party favors included a mix of bubbles, funny glasses, parachute men, airplane fliers, crazy strawseye prism things, snap bracelets covered in mix tapes, etc.

And mini balloons, of course! Big thanks to Annie and Megan for their help with everything. Thanks for having us in, tumblr! We think your team is awesome.

{xo celine}

P.S. Banner how-to coming up next (it was one of our favorite parts!).