fetal surgery

Imagine being the daughter of Addison Montgomery and Derek Shepherd, and meeting Stephen Strange during your residency.

Author: @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69

Requested by: @jenandoli

Fandom(s): Doctor Strange/MCU & Grey’s Anatomy

Word count: ~1900

Link to Part 2: http://idontgiveaflyinggrayson69.tumblr.com/post/157081239712/imagine-being-the-daughter-of-addison-montgomery

Warning(s): Secondary character death (background) – no depiction of death.


I knew I was going to go into medicine from a young age. Having Addison Montgomery and Derek Shepherd as parents’ sort of cemented the deal.I grew up in the hospital; playing with medical dolls and drawing on old charts. The hospital became my safe space, especially when Derek and Addison’s fights got bigger and bigger. Some way or another I’d always find my way back to the hospital. More often than not, Derek and Addison would find me tucked away in some room looking over scans.

Addison wanted me to go into Obstetrician-Gynecology, fetal surgery, or neonatal medicine; like her. Derek however, wanted me to experience the different disciplines and pick the one I felt most drawn to, or happiest with.

This is probably the reason I got along better with my dad.

As I got older, Derek and I spent a lot of time together looking at brain scans, him showing me what different things were, different techniques, and such. I fell in love with Neuro.

Which makes the fact that I chose to stay with Addison when they got a divorce, surprising. I got to see Derek once a month, which increased to almost every day, when Addison chased Derek to Seattle.

But when I got accepted to med school in Seattle, at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Derek and Meredith invited me to stay with them, and I did, much to Addison’s disapproval.  

It was rocky at first, but Meredith became like a cool aunt to me.

Derek, Meredith and Cristina coached me through med school, and were probably the reason I graduated head of my class.

Being head of my class, and having done my internship at Grey-Sloan Memorial meant that I could do my residency almost anywhere I wanted to, which is why I applied for Grey-Sloan Memorial, not just to stay close to my family, but also because it had one of the best residency programs in the country, and Metro-General in New York, where the famous Doctor Stephen Strange worked.

Stephen and my father constantly were in a battle for neuro supremacy, and he was my medical idol, which made Derek roll his eyes at me. I mean, I was his daughter and I idolized his rival. Cristiana, Meredith and I used to gossip all about Doctor Stephen Strange though, talking about his medical techniques to how hot he was. This almost always ended up with Cristina and/or Meredith telling me to sleep with him, since both of them couldn’t.

When Derek died, to say I lost it was an understatement. By then, I barely saw Addison; all I had was Derek and his new family. But without Derek, the house was too quiet, too dark. I knew I should have stayed, been there for Meredith. But I couldn’t look at any of his things. Grey-Sloan Memorial became less of a safe, happy, place for me, and more of my own personal hell.

Which is why I accepted the residency at Metro-General.

Moving across the country to New York was difficult. Meredith had completely shut down, and Cristina stayed with her to make sure she didn’t hurt herself. That left Alex Karev and Miranda Bailey to help me. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, they were both nice and happy to help. I saw a lot of Alex at home, and he was a weird brother to me. Of course, Miranda attempted a few more times to have me take a position at Grey-Sloan, but I declined, and explained that I needed to be in a new place where Derek never touched, in order to recover. I also told her that, in a few years, might return as a Neuro attending, which she accepted.

My first day at Metro-General was neve racking, to say the least.

My always steady hands, that I prided myself on, would not stop shaking.

I knew the chances of me having Doctor Strange as my attending right off the back were slim. I knew the chances of me standing out, or of him even liking me, were even slimmer.

I just had to make sure I didn’t make a fool of myself in front of him.

When I got to the hospital, I found that the Residency program was smaller than I was expecting. Each Attending had two residents instead of four.

While this surprised me, and somewhat frightened me, I was also excited, all for the same reason: I would be spending more time with Doctor Strange.

A couple minutes passed and the working attendings filed into the locker room.

My breathe caught in my throat being so close to him. My first thought was that he was taller than I expected.

After the Chief of Surgery gave a big speech about new beginnings, and that we were the new generation of medicine, what we would see, what we would do, what were expected of us, and do on; the doctors, one by one, began listening off their pair of residents.

“Doctors Anderson and Montgomery-Shepherd.” Doctor Strange read, not looking up from his clipboard, though a small smirk played on his lips.

When all the doctors finished calling out their residents, we all moved out.

“Anderson, there is a long list of patients in the pit, see to them.” Doctor Strange said quickly, not even look up from the chart he was holding when he pointed to the pile of charts for the pit, which were on the desk next to us. And just like that, Anderson was gone.

This was the work of residents. I knew it was coming, but I still wasn’t looking forwards to it. No one liked doing resident work, the long shifts, barely leaving the hospital, doing research, and doing your attending’s dirty work.

“Montgomery-Shepherd, you’re with me.” Doctor Strange finished, and quickly began walking.

Say something.

I kept telling myself I should be saying something. Anything.

But I couldn’t.

I hatred myself for being stuck in a star struck fashion, I really did.

If Cristina was here, she would have kicked my ass already.

Or pushed me into him.

I don’t know which is worse.

“I’m sorry about your loss.” Doctor Strange, said, surprisingly.

I knew him to be arrogant, not caring about anyone but himself; his comment took me off guard.

“Thank you.” I replied quietly.

“Are you always this quiet?” He asked, stopping to look at me.

Unsure of how to respond, I gave a small shrug. “I guess so, Doctor.”

He sighed, “we’re going to have to work on that. You’re a doctor. You need to act like it.”

And with that we were walking again.

“Your father was a brilliant man. Our rivalry was just for show; I want you to know that.”

I nodded. I had hoped that there would be no comments about Derek here. But I suppose if I wanted that, I should have unhyphenated my name. But my name was the last real part of Derek I had. I couldn’t let that go.

“Head of your class at University of Washington School of Medicine, outstanding work, you should be very proud of yourself.” Doctor Strange continued.

My heart began to beat faster. Why did he know, or care so much about me?

“I’ve read your dissertation about providing oxygen to dying cells to prolong the time period before nerve damage occurs, almost twenty-times.” I said quickly, trying to change the subject back to him.

He furrowed his brows.

“Twenty-times, a little excessive for someone who knows subjects like that like the back of your own hand.”

Again, his comment surprised me. This time, I found my voice.

“I’m sorry? How, and why, do you know so much about me?”

“Derek used to talk all about you at the Neurosurgery committees. He wouldn’t stop bragging about how smart and beautiful you are. How you had the Shephard gene for Neurosurgery and that you were going to peruse it. Follow in his footsteps. He was insanely proud of you.” The Doctor’s voice softened the further he spoke.

I was stunned silent and stopped walking.

“That is why I asked for you. I see now that Derek was not exaggeration your beauty, which means he must not have been exaggerating your intelligence. I’m going to make sure you live up to your father’s legacy and create your own. And luckily for you, you’ll be working under the best surgeon in the hospital, me.” Doctor Strange smirked at him, his arrogance seeming to come back.

He patted me on the shoulder, in an almost robotic sense.

Everything took a minute to process. When it did, all I could do was nod.

Then it hit me.

Did Stephen Strange just call me beautiful?

I guess that Doctor Strange came to the conclusion of my thoughts, because he gave a small laugh and smiled at me before nodding his head towards a long hall, before beginning to make his way in that direction.

I quickly walked after him.

Residency wasn’t looking too bad at the moment.

And I couldn’t stop myself from remembering all the fantasies I had about this man, Cristina’s “words of wisdom”, and that Meredith and Cristina had both married their attendings.

Maybe, just maybe, the mention relationship I have with the great Doctor Stephen Strange would evolve into one of sex or romance.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Doctor Strange guided me into a scan room and put up a scan of a large spinal column tumor.

“Normally, we aren’t supposed to let residents in on such complicated surgeries so soon. But I need an assistant.” Doctor Strange smiled at me, placing his hands on his hips. “What do you say?”

He just keeps surprising me, and I’ve been with him for under an hour!

“Shouldn’t you get someone who’s more qualified than me? Another Neuro attending?” I asked quietly, keeping my eyes fixed on the tumor.

My brain had already begun developing theories on the best way to approach the tumor, without damaging the spinal cord it was resting against.

“You’re more qualified than the other Neuro surgeon in this hospital. Trust me.”

I nodded.

“Nick told me that this tumor was impossible to remove. I think otherwise, and I’m not one for taking on cases I don’t think I can fix. After all, I don’t want to damage my perfect record.” Again, I could hear the arrogance behind his words, but I was used to it from Mark Sloan. “And I can tell by the way you’re looking at it, that you agree with me.”

We spent the next few hours discussing tactics on how to approach the tumor, only ending the session because Doctor Strange wanted lunch.

He invited me to sit with him during lunch and we discussed a range of topics over the short break. One of which being my name.

“Montgomery-Shepherd is a mouthful. Can I call you by just one of those? Or your first name?” He asked in, what I can figure, the nicest way he could.

“Shepherd works for me. Or Jennifer. Or Jen.” I shrugged.

Doctor Strange smiled and nodded.

“Welcome to Metro-General’s Neurosurgery, Doctor Jennifer Shepherd.”

He extended his hand to me, which I took.

“Thank you, Doctor Strange.”


Part 2?????


I did no research to how this process goes, so I apologize for anything wrong. Anyway, here’s a random, late night one shot:) 

Sofia took her mother’s hand when the doors to Grey Sloan Memorial hospital slid open. 

 “I don’t want to go to daycare.” she whined. 

 Arizona was already running late to her appointment. She swore she could hear each tick and toc from the watch on her wrist, the tiny hand held in hers tightening. “Sweetie, I don’t have time to argue with you-”

 She looked down and saw the pout on her daughter’s face; it resembled Callie’s so much, it caused her heart to tug and twist and give. “Okay. But you have to promise me one thing.” 

 Sofia beamed and nodded. 

 “You have to be on your best behavior and not touch anything. You’re only gonna be with me until mama’s shift is over.” 

 “Okay, mommy.” 

 The two made their way to the higher floor and Sofia couldn’t help but wiggle in place. She was so excited that she got to explore the hospital with her mom. She remembered doing it all the time when she was younger, but as her mom’s got more busy with work, especially Arizona going back and forth between peds and fetal surgery, Sofia found herself in daycare more often than not.

 “Is mama gonna help fix your leg?” Sofia asked when they stepped off of the elevator. 

 The blonde dug into her purse and pulled out her cell phone to check a few things and send a text before answering her daughter’s question. “Mama fixes bones. This doctor is going to help me get a new prosthetic.” 

 “Like when you had to get one when I was little because of Miss Stephanie.” Sofia deadpanned. 

 Arizona mentally cringed at the memory, highly aware that the only reason Sofia remembered was because Callie brought up the accident on more than one occasion. So with lightly clenched teeth, Arizona muttered, “Yep. Just like that.” 

 The two entered the room; pieces of metal, silicone and other material limbs spread about the large area. Arizona was a little more hesitant this time around. Her old prosthetist had moved to a different location, so she had to let someone new examine her, learn what she liked and didn’t like. 

  Taking off her shoes and her slacks, Arizona composed herself, already knowing how this ordeal was going to go. “Stay by me and remember-” 

 “Don’t touch anything, I know, mommy.” Sofia hopped up on the stool next to her mother and the two awaited for the doctor to come into the room. 

 It was barely a minute later when a woman came into the room, a stack of folders in her hand and frazzled look on her face. “Good morning, Miss-” the woman used one hand to adjust her glasses and the other to fumble for the file she needed most. “I-I mean Dr. Robbins.” she looked up, green eyes under thick glasses glimmering with a smile. 

 The woman dropped the pile of files to the side, straightened her pencil skirt and quickly read of Arizona’s file. “Well, Dr. Robbins, it seems you’re in here for a routine fitting for a new prosthetic.” 


 “Dr. Vitti.” The woman took a step forward and shook Arizona’s hand, just then noticing the tiny human sitting next to her. “And who is this?” 

 Sofia held out her hand with a dimpled smile. “I’m Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres.” 

 “Oh, well it’s nice to meet you Sofia. Is this your mommy?” 


 “Okay, well, I’ll try to make this as short as possible!” 

 The new prosthetist asked her a few questions, but one of them caught Sofia’s attention. 


 Arizona narrowed her eyes. “Sofia…” she chastised. 

 “Can it be blue? Or some of it? Can my mommy’s new leg be blue? Please!” 

 Dr. Vitti grinned. “Arizona?” 

 The blonde chewed the inside of her cheek. “Okay. Just a little bit, though.” she looked at her daughter and, seeing the beaming smile on her face, knew it was the right choice. 

 “Blue is the best color. It’s my favorite color. And I love unicorns. And mermaids. Oh! Mommy, can you get a unicorn on your leg, too?” 

 “Well if your mom really wants-” 

 Arizona held up her hands. “Blue is fine.”

 “Hey,” Callie smiled when her wife finally came home. She placed her medical journal down, eyes never leaving her wife as she got ready for bed. “Sofia told me all about your new leg. I didn’t know unicorns were in season.” she laughed. 

 With a roll of her eyes, Arizona scoffed. “Ha ha, Calliope.” 

 When they were both under the covers and the lights were off, Callie took Arizona into her arms and kissed her forehead gently. “How are you doing?” 

 She knew appointments like this sometimes put Arizona into a bad funk, but each year it got better and better. “It was okay. It helped that Sofia was there. She made it,” Arizona smiled. “She made it fun. Unicorns and all. She really wanted it it to be blue.” she turned in Callie’s arms and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips. “I love you.”  

 “I love you, too.” Another kiss. 

 “Did she ever tell you why her favorite color was blue?” Callie asked. 

 Arizona shook her head.

 “She came up to me one day and said, ‘Mommy has the prettiest eyes. I think it’s my favorite color. Yeah, blue. I love blue.’ It was so cute.” she chuckled. 

 Arizona was speechless, never hearing such a simple yet heart warming explanation. 

 “She is right. You have the most beautiful eyes, Arizona.” Callie said seriously. 

 It was dark, so Callie couldn’t see the blush that now spread across Arizona’s cheeks and neck. “You want to know what my favorite color is?” Arizona asked now looking deep into Callie’s eyes. 


 “Green. Like the girl at the coffee cart’s eyes. Wow-”

 Callie swatted Arizona away and laughed. “Shut up.” 

 Their bodies entangled together within seconds, smiles placed on both of their faces. 

Despite the fact that I loved last night’s episode...

… and the fact that Arizona got a vast amount of screeentime for a second episode in a row… due to the unfortunate circumstances this case had not only required fetal surgery but also a damn good ortho surgeon.

And we all know who to think of, right?

Can you just imagine how great that would have been?

Having them work together again. Maybe even just the two of them discussing the case.Callie asking how the hell these bone fractures could have happened. Arizona guilt-ridden telling her all about it. And Callie easing her worries, telling her it was not her fault.

It didn’t even have to be anything big. It would have been amazing anyhow.

Oh, well, maybe they’re having a conversation about on facetime or wherever right now. And Callie immediately decides to come and help. Who knows. A lot of things can happen in offscreenville :)

Misunderstandings & Missteps: Japril

(like something out of a goddamn Shakespeare play) 

13x19 AU: When Arizona mistakenly guesses that Riggs is in love with April, instead of Meredith, things get complicated. Jackson makes a misstep that sends him reeling on what he really wants. Will Japril ever be able to find their way back to each other? 

Chapter 1: Misunderstandings

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Not Right Now

So I saw this prompt on @omeliafics and it was great and I could just see it SO clearly so of course I haaaad to write it xD Here it is :)

Things had gone from bad to worse. It had got to the point where Amelia wasn’t actually sure how things could get better, even slightly. She placed a hand on her stomach and give it a gentle rub, trying not to look down at it, just in case people noticed. The OR gallery was basically packed, it was standing room only, but with everyone focused on the surgery, a little rub could easily go unnoticed. She was thinking about what if it was her, as much as she didn’t want to she couldn’t help it.

She was pregnant.

And she was the only person who knew. She hadn’t told a single person, she didn’t know if she could even get the words out. The test she took initially what seemed like forever ago, must have been a false negative because it wasn’t like her and Owen had been in any kind of place to do anything since then. She had taken 5 tests, there was no debating it. She was absolutely, one hundred percent, completely pregnant, with child, with Owen’s child.

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I am great. And your little list or whatever the hell that is, that should have my name on it, because I raise great surgeons and I will raise more. Fetal surgery is a very exclusive practice, and there are hardly any of us. I am like a rare, exotic bird, and if you stop me from teaching, I may be the last of my kind.
—  Arizona Robbins, 13x07

anonymous asked:

sooo i know you aren't writing calzona anymore (though i would love it if you did ;) ) but is there any way you can tell us headcanons you have about the stories you've already finished? Like maybe what happens in the future for the stories you've written? pretty please

I suppose I could dish on that. Keep in mind that I may or may not have spoken on this matter before regarding certain stories, buuuut I don’t remember what I may have said about them because it was definitely over 1.5 years ago. So, this is hereby the official future for all of my Callies and Arizonas - 

Best Laid Plans/Best Laid Plans: Expect the Unexpected:

Where we left off in the epilogue, Callie was pregnant with a baby, to be named Sofia Leigh Torres-Robbins. The two of them left their apartment (the one they moved into together in BLP, and continued to reside in through BLP2) and bought a house on Beacon Hill about a year prior to Sofia’s birth. 

Arizona continued to work at Boston Children’s Hospital, while Callie worked at Mass Gen (and continued in a softball league where they would eventually become the captains of their respective teams). When Sofia was 3, they had another baby, this time a boy named Ethan Timothy Torres-Robbins. Callie carried again, though this time they used Arizona’s egg. And Sofia and Ethan would alternate which mother they cheered for during said softball games. 

Callie eventually built a closer relationship with her mother, though nothing was as close as their relationship with Arizona’s parents, who moved to Boston to be closer to the family after Daniel retired (shortly before Ethan was born).

Fractured: this doesn’t differ all too much from canon, as it was written with canon events

Callie and Arizona would have stayed in the house they bought at the end of the story, when they had rebuilt their relationship. They would have had a second baby that Arizona carried to term, another girl, named Isabella Danielle. Callie would have remained the head of her department, and Arizona would have maintained her role as the head of pediatric surgery, though not fetal surgery, as my headcanon timeline does not fit in with that storyline. 

They lived happily ever after, together, in Seattle, raising their family and being boss ass bitches at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

It Happened One Summer:

Callie and Arizona lived together in the apartment that Callie’s parents bought for her to attend Stanford. They both graduated from Stanford, and completed their residencies at Stanford Hospital. 

As Callie remained close to her parents, and Arizona was very close to both Tim and Alex even after she moved, they made the decision to move back to Florida once Arizona had completed her residency. Every once in a while, during a blue moon (and a night off from the hospital), Arizona could be found bartending at the Just Cause. For memories sake. 

Arizona was the first one to propose having a baby, a few years after their move back to Florida, and she carried their IVF twins. Who happened to both be boys, named Daniel Alexander (middle name after Callie’s grandfather, though Alex will always say it’s for him) and Benjamin Tomas Robbins-Torres. 

Tim had a baby with a woman who was a one-night stand, and ended up having full custody of little baby Alicia, so she lived in Arizona’s old room in the house he shared with Alex. He and Alex realized quickly that single women were very much attracted to either of them with her. So Alicia unintentionally helped her dad and Alex attract women, and alternatively, got them mistaken for a really cute gay couple, doing a lovely job raising their daughter. 

Fates Collide

As stated in the finals paragraphs of the last chapter, Arizona became a successful lawyer, specializing in family law. She became the youngest partner at a big name firm in New York City. Though she did eventually leave to become a judge, in her mid-fifties. Her relationship with her parents remained estranged, but she was okay with that. 

Callie continued on Broadway, winning 4 Tony awards (one of which as best featured actress in a Spamalot revival ;) ). She retired from the stage in her early 40′s, but worked in workshops with young, up and coming actors until she was older. She and Addison remained close, and she built a new relationship with her sister, though never with her parents. 

In their early thirties, Callie and Arizona ventured into having a baby. They’d been together for nine years prior, and had thoroughly debated whether or not to even have a child. Both of them were very busy with their careers and were unsure of being parents, due to their own less-than-ideal relationships with their respective parents. 

Their daughter, Lyla Madison Robbins-Torres was born, and she remained their only child. She was raised in the apartment over the bookstore, much to the chagrin of the crochety owner. 

Along For the Ride:

After graduating from Johns Hopkins, Callie and Arizona moved to California to complete their residencies together. This was when they first moved in together, as well, as Arizona continued to live with Alex and Callie continued to live next door with Elise throughout their remaining two years in med school.

They lived in LA throughout residency, Arizona working at Cedars-Senai Medical Center, and Callie at UCLA Medical Center. Following the completion of their residency, they made the joint decision to go to Africa and practice medicine/surgery there (as Callie never had the Botswana Peace Corps experience in this story, she wanted to have the experience). 

After several years, they returned back to the states and traveled for a few months, and in that time, they got married. It was a small ceremony, with only their family members, Alex, Addison, and Elise attending. 

They then relocated to Seattle Grace Hospital, where they spent the rest of their careers, happily traveling together whenever they had the time. (this is the only universe where they do not have any kids! but instead are glamorous, doting, successful aunts to their families’ offspring)

Time After Time:

Callie and Arizona remained at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital throughout the rest of their careers. They never broke up again, neither cheated or had any other shitty relationships, as they were devoted to one another following their second marriage. 

They raised Sofia together, and supported her hopes and dreams (though when she decided that she wanted to be an artist, they were both kind of worried, but still). 

They danced together at her wedding, and as Unchained Melody played in the background, they were both so incredibly happy that they ended up together. Because there really wasn’t ever anyone else. 

Snapshot 10 pt.2:The Separation of Spouses

A/N: Okay so you guys know how I was like this is gonna be a two-parter. Well okay, this is gonna be a three-parter. Don’t freak on me. I’m not gonna add it to Fanfic.net till i write the other part.

Day 91.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. You remember the Reynold kid surgery.

Yeah, what about it?

So, I checked with Callie, and it turns out I was right about the interposition graft.

Alex looks over to her and squints.

You checked with Callie?

Yeah. Callie…you remember? The Ortho surgeon? She worked here for, I don’t know, twelve years—

Shut up he mumbles, tossing his bag of chips away in the trash container near their table. I didn’t know you and Callie were talking again. I thought you still kinda hated her.

I never hated her.

Well, whatever. You know what I mean.

We started talking a lot, I guess, and we just worked things out. I can’t really explain how it happened…Callie and I just sorta formed a bond and I don’t know…Arizona looks off a bit and smiles. We’re friends for the first time I think. Just friends.

Alex scoffs a little. Okay…

What does that mean?

Nothing. Not getting involved.

Spill it, Karev.

Nah, I have enough problems without your lesbian drama.

Arizona rolls her eyes.  There’s no drama.


A beat of silence passes before the blonde speaks again, deciding to change the conversation.

I didn’t want to ask or anything, but are you and Jo still—

Not talking about it.

Not fair. I told you about my stuff. And I’m worried about you

I didn’t ask, and I don’t care. And there’s nothing to worry about. I’m over her.

Arizona makes a ‘psh’ sound. Okay, whatever. But if you wanna talk, Alex—

Yeah, yeah. Don’t get sappy.

Fine, be a grump. I’m about to go into surgery anyway. Are you gonna bring me snacks after? She asks getting up from the table.


What? Why not?

Karev shrugs. You don’t need them anymore.


Callie’s boss is a tall man with graying hair. His disposition reminds her of Derek; arrogant but not boastful. Rigid but not harsh. When she asks for days off, he squints, rubbing the stubble on his chin and shifting uncomfortably in his chair. He doesn’t want to do it; she’s only been there for a few weeks and to let her take vacation days she doesn’t really have would be blatant favoritism.  But Callie Torres is one of the most qualified surgeons they’ve ever had there, and though he’d never say it, he’d go to great lengths to keep her.

How much time?

Two weeks.

Chief Winthrop scoffs.

Okay, one week… Callie acquiesces.

Three days.

That won’t be enough time. I’m going out of the state.

Winthrop rubs his chin harder. We really need you around here, Torres. You have patients.

I know, but I talked to Chief Donner, and he said he can handle it.

Winthrop breathes heavily. The current Chief of Ortho is a short man with sad eyes. He and Winthrop take ‘man vacations’ in the summer, and sometimes, they go golfing when their schedules allow. Donner prefers bowties over ties; he drinks his whiskey straight. They are good friends, great friends. But Donner is a mediocre surgeon at best, and Winthrop wants desperately to fire him, to fire him and put Callie in his place. But he simply cannot bring himself to do it. Donald Winthrop is not an unkind man.

Okay…A week, Torres. I assume your desperate need to be in Seattle right now, of all times, ( he gives her a slightly annoyed look) is due to a family emergency of some sort.


If you have a family emergency, Torres, my hands are tied. He gives her a loaded look.

She raises her eyebrows and smiles, catching on. In that case, my second cousin died in a skiing accident. Hit a rock, tumbled all the way down. Neck snapped like a twig.

Winthrop stares at her for a moment, mouth slightly agape. What the hell, Torres?  I didn’t need a backstory.

I thought we were—I don’t know…I’m sorry.

You have your days. Now, get out of my office.


Day 93.

Do you think it’s weird that we’re talking again?

Not really…why do you ask?

I don’t know. Alex made it weird.


He was all like ‘oh you two are talking? I thought you hated her.’

Didn’t you? Hate me, I mean?

No, god, of course not. Callie, don’t misunderstand me. The custody battle pissed me off.

I know.

But I could never hate you…and I don’t think it’s weird that we’re talking.

Me eitherI like talking to you.

I like talking to you too.



A beat passes where the conversation falls quiet.

I’m not sure Penny likes it though… Callie says hesitantly after a moment. She’d been holding onto that thought for a while.

Oh…why do you think that?

I don’t know. She just—you’re gonna think I’m reading too far into things, but sometimes, when I tell her about our conversations or when she comes in and I’m on the phone with you, she like, I don’t know how to explain it…she like stares at me for a long time with this weird smile on her face.

Maybe it’s an ‘I love you’ smile.

No, it’s more like a ‘I want to say something but I don’t want to say something’

Ah well, yeah, then she’s probably jealous.

Callie grimaces a little at the thought. Arizona continues.

It’s understandable why she would be jealous I guess. I’m kind of the…the hot ex-wife cliché, you know…plus, I’m double-board certified. Head of Pediatric and fetal surgery. I mean, I started a clinic in Africa for gods-sake—

Arizona, what the hell are you doing right now? Why are you giving me your resumé?

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I was making a point and got distracted.

Also, wow…you have an ego the size of Texas.

Like you don’t ‘Ortho Goddess’.

Callie smirks. Whatever. My break is almost over anyway. We talk later?



Day 94. Penny is panting heavily. She’s close. But she can tell Callie is not.

You’re so beautiful she whispers into her girlfriend’s collarbone, hoping to elicit some response, some moan, some toe-curl. The brunette only hums and pulls her closer. The sex is long. Never-ending. Perpetual. And even when it’s over. Even when she has sweat dripping down her back and mush for knees, she knows Callie is not fully done. Fully satisfied. And that hurts her. Deeply. She feels something slipping down her cheeks and dripping from her chin

What’s wrong? Callie whispers, cupping Penny’s face. She can feel the unfamiliar wetness gathering on her chest. The redhead’s mouth twists into an uncomfortable smile.

Nothing…I just love you. I really love you, Calliope.

Callie looks thrown off by the declaration but responds anyway. I love you too.


Day 95.

Is it weird to cry during sex?

Um…I don’t know. I mean, I have cried before. If it’s really intense. But just a few tears though…no sobbing. Why?

No reason. Just wondering.

Did you cry during sex?

Ew. Don’t ask me questions about my sex life.

Why not? Is there some rulebook on appropriate divorcee conversation?

No, it’s just…uncomfortable.

I’m not uncomfortable.

We’re not talking about your sex life.

I just told you I cried during sex.

Arizona, you act like I didn’t already know that. We were married a pretty long time, and I’ve seen you cry during sex.

Really? I didn’t think you…


God this is uncomfortable…and embarrassing.

Nah, it’s okay. It was flattering—

Okay no, no, no. Subject change. Did you know Amelia’s pregnant?

Yeah, Mer told me.

Of course she did.

I’m happy for her. I know she’s wanted a kid. And Owen’s wanted a kid.

They’ll make good parents.

Yep…but do you know if um…if Cristina knows?

Arizona sighs contemplatively. Meredith probably told her before she told you. They’ve been broken up a while though so…she’s probably not taking it so hard. Plus, you know Cristina.

Yeah but…when you love someone, even if you know the relationship wasn’t gonna work out, watching them move on is—it’s devastating. I’m just worried; I don’t know.

Arizona swallows hard. Yeah…


Day 96.

So what do you think about Riggs?

Riggs? Like Owen’s Riggs?


He’s okay. Hot. Why?

I don’t know just making conversation. So when are you coming down?

In two days. And don’t think that subject change went unnoticed.

Who are you staying with?

Arizona said I could stay with her. She has a pullout couch.

You know I have a guest room, right?

Yeah, but she offered and I get the feeling she wants to spend as much time with Sofia as possible, so it’d be good for us to be able to share during the evening.

Hm okay…


Nothing. Does Penny know?

Callie furrows her brow. Is it a big deal?

Well, if it wasn’t, you would have told her.

The wrinkles in Callie’s forehead deepen. It’s not a big deal. I just didn’t think about telling her.


So…are you gonna tell me how long you’ve been sleeping with Riggs?

I’m not.

Oh so just flirting?



A little.

Callie laughs. Good for you.

Later that day, Sofia, Penny and Callie are sitting around the table, eating dinner when Callie off-handedly mentions that they’ll be staying with Arizona during their visit in Seattle. Sofia shakes excitedly in her chair though it’s more at the prospect of seeing her mom than about where they’ll be staying. Ever since Callie had mentioned the trip to her, she’s been asking about it incessantly. She’s just so excited to see everyone, and Callie can’t say she isn’t excited herself. She misses home.

Penny, however, responds quietly. She gives Callie her ‘I want to say something but I don’t want to say something’ smile, picks up her half-eaten plate of food, and walks into the kitchen.

Is Arizona still the head of peds or did the writers just decide she’s an OB now? All she’s done lately in terms of practicing medicine is give people ultrasounds, and she’s far too qualified for that. She’s the most accomplished surgeon on the show. She’s a world-renowned pediatric surgeon, a maternal-fetal surgeon, a board member, and she owns part of the hospital. They’re making a huge deal about replacing Alex and we haven’t seen Arizona on a peds case in so long. Aren’t there likely far more pediatric surgeries than fetal surgeries? I’m just so frustrated by this.

Since I can’t physically attend any of the protests happening today, I wanted, at the very least, to express my solidarity with my Polish sisters through social media.

I believe that the abortion laws in Poland are pretty restrictive as it is, but today is not about liberalizing them or even having that discussion. It’s about defending a woman’s rights to choose whether she wants to carry to term a baby conceived of rape, a fetus so ill that it will not survive childbirth or one that is putting her health at risk. Today is also about ensuring that doctors will be able to perform fetal surgery, as well as other prenatal tests and procedures, which may help save the child’s life, without risking incarceration if anything happens to the fetus.

Today is simply about letting people make such serious, life-altering decisions on their own terms, without judgement or fear of persecution.

This Time Around

So here’s my contribution to the 50 Ways to Reunite Calzona Challenge. Here’s to hoping one of the amazing scenarios will actually happen!


This Time Around

“No, no, no… Oof! Damnit!” Arizona cursed as she landed on her butt for what felt like the thousandth time. She was lying on the hallway floor in a dusty, deserted corner of the hospital basement. She and that floor had become very well acquainted over the past couple of weeks – ever since she started practicing her wheelie sneaks again.

Arizona sighed as she pushed herself up off the floor and stood to lean against the wall. When she came up with the idea to skate again, she had no idea it would be this difficult. Back when she had two legs, she learned to use the shoes in just an afternoon. Now she was practicing multiple times a week and she could barely manage to hobble a few feet along the wall without falling. 

It was supposed to be something fun and carefree – something just for herself. At least that is what her therapist told her to do when she suggested it. Arizona started going to therapy about a month ago. Although she was reluctant to return to any therapist after the split, she knew she needed something to change.

She needed to change.

She wouldn’t call herself unhappy; she had Sofia and her work and those two things rarely left any time for her to think about anything else. But on those quiet nights when she sat at home alone, she knew something was missing.

Callie had found her missing piece. She had her perfect, pretty Penny who gave her butterflies and finished her sentences. Callie was happy and it was clear to everyone who looked at her.

So Arizona tried, to no avail, to find her own Penny. She went on date after date, but was unable to feel a true connection to anyone. Deep down she really wasn’t surprised. How can anything follow true love?

Finally, she decided to take Callie’s words to heart and love herself for a while. She finally realized she needed to connect with herself first. She needed to join the pieces of her old and new self before she could connect with anyone else, and therapy was helping her do just that.

It was in a previous session when her therapist suggested she bring back some of the little things she used to do that made her happy. Some of the things she did just for her. After the session there was only one thing of Arizona’s mind, so now there she was with a bruise ass and her black and pink wheelie sneaks tied to her feet.

Deciding to give it one last try for the day, she dusted off her scrubs, straightened her lab coat, and started moving along the wall. With no other reason beside “What the hell?” Arizona grabbed the railing along the wall and used it to launch herself down the hallway.

Arms out to the side to balance herself, she smiled as she quickly rolled farther than any of her previous attempts. Before she could even begin to think how to stop herself, a person emerged from the supply closet in front of her.

“What the- ”

“Ah, shit!”

In an instant, Arizona found herself on the floor again, this time on top of another person.

“Oh my god! I’m so sor-” Arizona stopped as she finally looked down into surprised, familiar brown eyes. “Callie?”


Quickly rolling off the other woman, Arizona reached out her hands to check her ex’s head for any damage. “Are you okay? Did you hit your head?” She asked as she stared into brown eyes checking their alertness.

Callie ran a hand through her tousled hair as she began to stand up. “I’m fine, Arizona. I didn’t hit my head.”

“Okay good. That’s good. I’m sorry. You really came out of nowhere. No one really ever comes down here.” It was the reason she chose this spot in the first place. She knew people thought the shoes were silly and was trying to save herself from as much staring as possible.

Apologizing again, Arizona’s gaze shifted to the floor, her cheeks red with embarrassment. Still thoroughly confused, Callie followed her gaze and was shocked at what she saw.

“You’re wearing you wheelie sneaks.” She stated.

“Um, yeah. I uh- I’ve been practicing a little. I come down here a couple of times a week when I have the time. I just- I kind of really missed them I guess.” She shrugged at her explanation, hoping Callie wouldn’t find her ridiculous, but Callie was standing there with a huge, genuine smile on her face.

“That’s great, Arizona. That’s really great.”


“Yeah.” Callie replied. Arizona was standing there staring at her with a shy smile on her face and Callie couldn’t help but ask,

“Can I stay for a while?”


An hour later the two women sat side by side on the floor desperately trying to catch their breath. In an attempt to turn around, Arizona had just completed a maneuver that would make a drunk, blind man look graceful, and as a result, they found themselves collapsed in a fit of laughter on the basement floor.

They had lost track of time down there, and Callie was surprised at how easy it felt. They were talking and laughing together.

They were having fun.

“Nice moves.” Callie chuckled as she turned to look at the blonde. Arizona’s smile was bright and blinding. Her cheeks were pink from exertion and her chest heaved with every deep breath she took, and Callie thought she looked beautiful.

“Oh I have moves you’ve never seen Dr. Torres.” Arizona winked. She had no idea why Callie asked to stay, but she was happy she did. Callie made her laugh when she was too hard on herself, and coached her when she couldn’t make her foot move just right. At one point when she reached out to steady her, Callie’s hand slipped into hers, and there it stayed as Arizona rolled up and down the hallway. As unpredictable as the afternoon had been, it was perfect, and Arizona didn’t want it to end.

“Callie I-” she started, only to be interrupted by the ortho surgeon’s phone.

Arizona visibly deflated as Callie read the text message. Their little bubble had officially been popped.

“Was uh- was that Penny?” she asked quietly. “She must be wondering where you are.”

Callie shook her head at the question and slipped the phone back into her pocket. “No.” she sighed. “I’m not with Penny anymore. I ended it. After the dinner party it just- it wasn’t right anymore.”

“Oh, I’m- I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay, Arizona. I’m okay.” Callie stood quickly before Arizona could say anything else. She straightened her scrubs, took a deep breath, and looked down at the blonde. “I had fun today.” She said before walking away.

Arizona just smiled. Maybe this was a good idea after all.


Walking out of her patient’s room, Callie stopped abruptly at the nurse’s station to check the blaring pager at her hip. Her brow furrowed in confusion as she saw that Arizona was paging her 911. It was not a routine page to the pit, but a page to the basement, and Callie knew it could only mean the hallway.

After their first encounter, Callie began visiting that hallway, visiting Arizona, as often as she could. She tried to remember when it had become a routine, but all she knew was she couldn’t stay away.

Down in that basement Arizona was bright and bubbly and rolling down the halls like she first did all those years ago. Arizona laughed and made her laugh, and deep down Callie knew she loved having that dimpled smile directed at her again – even if Arizona was just thanking her for her help. The blonde was even kind enough to play along when during her first few visits, Callie would claim to be there to retrieve supplies only to leave empty handed every time.

In all that time, Arizona had never paged her to meet, and Callie could only think of one reason she would be doing so now.

Arizona had hurt herself.

After barking orders at her residents to finish rounding without her, Callie made a beeline for the basement. From the end of the hallway she could see Arizona there leaning against the wall. The blonde didn’t even have time to see her before Callie started to yell.

“Seriously Arizona, I freaking hate those stupid shoes! I have told you too many times to count that they are a hazard! How are you not going to listen to an orthopedic surgeon?”

The startled blonde quickly turned to see Callie marching towards her. She opened her mouth to speak, but Callie was yelling again before she could get a word out.

“And I know- I know I have been helping you, but it was irresponsible of me. I was caught up in the moment, and now you’ve hurt yourself!” She stopped directly in front of a baffled Arizona and reached out her hands to start examining her wrists. “Which one did you fall on, Arizona? Do you think you broke it? I’m going to-”.

“Callie, stop.” Arizona interrupted as she pulled her hands away. “I haven’t hurt myself.”

“Wait, what? You paged me 911 and I-”

“Callie, hush.” The blonde interrupted again. She tilted her head and smiled. “I’m not hurt. Frankly I’m a little insulted you think I fell, but I’ll ignore that for now because I’m trying to do something here.”

As Arizona paused Callie took a second to look her over. She didn’t look hurt she decided. Arizona looked beautiful, and a little nervous, as she ran a hand through blonde curls and flashed her an anxious smile.

Still confused as ever, Callie simply nodded to let her know she was listening.

Arizona’s smile grew even bigger, and blue eyes closed briefly before opening and looking at Callie with conviction.

“Ortho right?” she started. “I’m Arizona Robbins, fetal surgery. I just- I thought that you should know that I’m not the same person I used to be. I’ve changed, and I finally like the person I’ve become. I really like her, and I think you’ll like her too. People talk, and I know you’re not the same person you used to be either. I’ve seen you around the hospital and I can’t stop staring. Even after all this time I find you breathtakingly stunning. I would really like the chance to get to know you again, Calliope Torres. And if you’ll let me, I would really like to be able to love you again.”

Arizona stepped forward and reached out to take Callie’s hands in hers. “I love you, Calliope, and I think you love me too.”

Her silent question was immediately answered as Callie took her lips in a slow and perfect kiss.  

And in a way it was like their first.

Their last first kiss.

Because Arizona held Callie in her arms and she knew - that this time around, she was never letting go.

submitted by @lyslys31

It’s just that Arizona wanted a baby so badly and she also wants the fellowship. I mean, she gave up peds surgery to have them both because she really wants it and Callie couldn’t see that. So, Callie left Arizona because she always assume the worst of Arizona because she doesn’t let her finish her sentences and I just cry because Arizona is now baby-less, wife-less, peds-less, and hanging-by-a-super-tiny-thread fetal surgery fellow.

Planning a Place of Birth

This is all according to one resource, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. If anyone (especially midwives) have any other information and good resources on home births and birthing facilities please let me know. I’ll post what the website has as well as what I’ve seen on other resources.

Everyone should be offered the choice of planning birth at home, in a midwife-led unit or in an obstetric unit. Everyone should be informed:

  • That giving birth is generally very safe for both the pregnant person and their baby. (650 people die from pregnancy related issues every year, about half of those giving birth each year have some sort of complication)
  • That the available information on planning place of birth is not of good quality, but suggests that among those who plan to give birth at home or in a midwife-led unit there is a higher likelihood of a natural birth, with less intervention. We do not have enough information about the possible risks relating to planned place of birth.
  • That the obstetric unit provides direct access to obstetricians, anaesthetists, neonatologists and other specialist care including epidural analgesia.
  • Depending on locally available services, the likelihood of being transferred into the obstetric unit and the time this may take. Take this into consideration.
  • That if something does go unexpectedly seriously wrong during labour at home or in a midwife-led unit, the outcome for could be worse than if they were in the obstetric unit with access to specialised care.
  • That if they have a pre-existing medical condition or has had a previous complicated birth that makes them at higher risk of developing complications during their next birth, they should be advised to give birth in an obstetric unit.

I know that a lot of birthing centers do make sure that you are as safe as possible and that if things do go wrong you are transferred to emergency care quickly.

Factors to consider when planning the place of birth

1. Medical conditions that may indicate a need for obstetric care.

These conditions include:

  • Confirmed cardiac disease
  • Hypertensive disorders 
  • Asthma requiring an increase in treatment or hospital treatment
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Haemoglobinopathies – sickle-cell disease, beta-thalassaemia major
  • History of thromboembolic disorders
  • Immune thrombocytopenia purpura or other platelet disorder or platelet count below 100,000
  • Von Willebrand’s disease
  • Bleeding disorder in the adult or unborn baby
  • Atypical antibodies which carry a risk of haemolytic disease of the newborn
  • Risk factors associated with group B streptococcus whereby antibiotics in labour would be recommended
  • Hepatitis B/C with abnormal liver function tests
  • Carrier of/infected with HIV
  • Toxoplasmosis – receiving treatment
  • Current active infection of chicken pox/rubella/genital herpes in the adult or baby
  • Tuberculosis under treatment
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Scleroderma
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Abnormal renal function
  • Renal disease requiring supervision by a renal specialist
  • Epilepsy
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Previous cerebrovascular accident
  • Liver disease associated with current abnormal liver function tests
  • Psychiatric disorder requiring current inpatient care

2. Other factors that may suggest needing obstetric care

Situations where there is an increased risk for parent or child:

  • Unexplained stillbirth/neonatal death or previous death related to intrapartum difficulty
  • Previous baby with neonatal encephalopathy
  • Pre-eclampsia requiring preterm birth
  • Placental abruption with adverse outcome
  • Eclampsia
  • Uterine rupture
  • Primary postpartum haemorrhage requiring additional treatment or blood transfusion
  • Retained placenta requiring manual removal in theatre
  • Caesarean section 
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Multiple birth 
  • Placenta praevia
  • Pre-eclampsia or pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • Preterm labour or preterm prelabour rupture of membranes 
  • Placental abruption
  • Anaemia –- haemoglobin less than 8.5 g/dl at onset of labour
  • Confirmed intrauterine death
  • Induction of labour 
  • Substance misuse
  • Alcohol dependency requiring assessment or treatment
  • Onset of gestational diabetes 
  • Malpresentation – breech or transverse lie
  • Body mass index at booking of greater than 35 kg/m2
  • Recurrent antepartum haemorrhage
  • Small for gestational age in this pregnancy (less than fifth centile or reduced growth velocity on ultrasound)
  • Abnormal fetal heart rate (FHR)/Doppler studies
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of oligo-/polyhydramnios
  • Myomectomy
  • Hysterotomy

Now many health organizations, like the World Health Organization, say not to focus too much on high risk pregnancies as this causes many supposed “low risk” pregnancies to not get the level of care they need and also limits choices for “high risk” pregnancies that may be totally fine and not need obstetric care.

3. Medical Conditions that aren’t necessarily reasons to have obstetric care but may indicate further consideration

  • Cardiac disease without intrapartum implications
  • Atypical antibodies not putting the baby at risk of haemolytic disease
  • Sickle-cell trait
  • Thalassaemia trait
  • Anaemia – haemoglobin 8.5–10.5 g/dl at onset of labour
  • Hepatitis B/C with normal liver function tests
  • Non-specific connective tissue disorders
  • Unstable hypothyroidism such that a change in treatment is required
  • Spinal abnormalities
  • Previous fractured pelvis
  • Neurological deficits
  • Liver disease without current abnormal liver function
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Ulcerative colitis

4. Other factors that aren’t necessarily reasons to have obstetric care but may indicate further consideration

  • Stillbirth/neonatal death with a known non-recurrent cause
  • Pre-eclampsia developing at term
  • Placental abruption with good outcome
  • History of previous baby more than 4.5 kg
  • Extensive vaginal, cervical, or third- or fourth-degree perineal trauma
  • Previous term baby with jaundice requiring exchange transfusion
  • Antepartum bleeding of unknown origin (single episode after 24 weeks of gestation)
  • Body mass index at booking of 30–34 kg/m2
  • Blood pressure of 140 mmHg systolic or 90 mmHg diastolic on two occasions
  • Clinical or ultrasound suspicion of macrosomia
  • Para 6 or more
  • Recreational drug use
  • Under current outpatient psychiatric care
  • Age over 40 at booking
  • Fetal abnormality
  • Major gynaecological surgery
  • Cone biopsy or large loop excision of the transformation zone (LLETZ)
  • Fibroids

For more information on planning your place of birth, visit this post!