fetal stages

Attention Pro-Life blogs of Tumblr

Let’s ask Cecile Richards a few questions.

  • When do you think human life begins?
  • Are you aware that a fetus’ heart starts beating at 8 weeks post conception?
  • Do you want there to be more abortions, or less? Why?
  • What do you have to say about Planned Parenthood’s numerous sex abuse scandals?
  • What do you think is the reason for Planned Parenthood’s disproportionate placement of abortion clinics in minority communities?
  • Are you aware that Planned Parenthood clinics do not actually perform mammograms?
  • Do you believe abortions should be safe, legal, and rare? Why do you give awards to clinics for performing an exceeding number of abortions?
  • Why do you fight against even a bare minimum of safety measures placed on abortion clinics to protect women?
  • What do you have to say about the fact that Planned Parenthood performs 149 abortions to every adoption referral? Do you think this conflicts with your statements about “safe, legal and rare”?
  • Are you willing to condemn the clinic workers caught lying to pregnant women about their child’s stage of fetal development?
  • Did you know that abortions are literally never necessary to save a woman’s life?
  • Are you willing to publicly condemn the actions of Kermit Gosnell? If so, on what grounds?
  • What do you have to say about the wrongful death of Tonya Reaves from poor clinic practice?
  • How much of Planned Parenthood’s revenue comes from abortion? The Weekly Standard calculates it at at least 1/3 but I just wanted to be sure.
  • How do you sleep at night?


It's to save my own life

As a longtime fertility patient, I have learned so much about pregnancy and prenatal development. Much more than I had being a biology major. I think if pro lifers were educated, they would change their ways.

In order to have a live birth, often abnormal embryos have to be destroyed. Even if an embryo is normal, most likely it will not survive anyhow. That’s just how it is. Before it reaches the fetal stage, it has a decent chance of dying as well. The embryo is so primitive, cannot feel pain or think. In the first few weeks, the embryo cannot be seen and often actually is a ball of cells. The pro lifers who view primitive life as more important than a fully grown mother are ludicrous. 

Knowing this gave me a tiny bit of comfort during my miscarriages. Pro-lifers think once you have two pink lines on a pregnancy test, you have a child. The truth is, only if you are lucky. 

Back to the subject of miscarriages, pro life propaganda made my miscarriages so much worse! I know a lot of facts and pictures they use are lies, I just have to keep telling myself that, or feel much sadder again.


Because my HCG levels are monitored closely, I had a few ectopic scares. I would HAVE to have an abortion if I wanted to save my fertility or even my life. And the pro life community wants to take that right away! I can’t support people who don’t care about my health or my desire to have children.

While undergoing fertility treatments, I was at risk of multiples. Quite often in order to have a live birth, aborting some of the embryos is needed because multiples can be very risky. 

I’m currently pregnant and having all sorts of complications. If I didn’t want this baby so much I don’t think I could do it. It’s like I have a chronic illness. I’m nauseated, dizzy, ditzy and too tired to do much anything, but I can rarely get comfortable. I have to use the bathroom a million times a day, yet am constipated. I have to take tons of expensive meds including several injections to stay healthy. I was on bedrest and lost my job, if I can even manage to work at all. Pregnancy isn’t easy, at least for me. I’d hate to think of someone being forced into it who didn’t have the family support I do.

My point is, even someone who wants nothing more than to have a child can still be pro choice. It’s because I’m educated and know the truth.

Apparel Previewer WIP

First put together coding of a apparel previewer. I don’t know how long it will take me (my knowledge of coding is limited). It looks kinda clunky but I hope to improve on that as I go along and learn more. These are the features I’m hoping to have when I finally release it:

  • Ability to import user dragons/images
  • Layered apparel
  • Automatically sets dragon’s breed and gender
  • All apparel slots, with indicators on which one’s need to be purchased

Right now it’s at its fetal stage. Still a long way to go…

Note: Images will not be hotlinked.


Six months pregnant

Feeling good physically and emotionally, except for occasional freak outs about finishing my PhD. Loving this time in the pregnancy where I can still sleep and move comfortably, and don’t have any appointments for a long time. Trying to focus on eating well for bubs despite craving everything that’s bad for me. Taking lots of brisk walks and stretching often. Pretty settled now on wanting a water birth after doing some research, and feeling empowered to power through the pain of childbirth. I thought pregnancy would be laden with a lot more fear but instead I feel like I can trust the experience, my body, and the wisdom of my female ancestors which resides in me. Another week and bubs will have reached ‘fetal viability’ stage and could conceivably live outside my womb. Amazing. I can’t believe we both made it this far.

Nowhere in the Bible are transgenders condemned. The only argument that can be made is that they are not being as “God intended.” Transgenderness is not as rare as people would like to think, and most definitely neither a choice nor tendency to develop one way or another. We are all ambiguously sexed at the beginning of fetal stage. Hormones are responsible for both our physical and mental sex. Babies are born sometimes with ambiguous genitalia. It happens. A fetus’s sex is developed in the womb. There is scientific proof that transgenders are not “mentally ill” or “confused” or whatever. It’s a real, medical thing. A girl can be born with a penis. A man can be born with a vagina.

We all carry crosses. God does not make mistakes. Some people have heavier crosses to carry than others. You are who you are and you are loved as he created you. Do not use your religion to condemn transgenders. The Bible does say that you are not to judge, and by judging you are not only insulting the person but you are questioning God. Think of that next time you use Christianity as your defense.