fetal heart rate

Prolapsed cord is when the umbilical cord falls down thru the cervix. It’s most likely to happen when the presenting part is not engaged and the membranes rupture. Always check fetal heart tones after the membranes rupture!

Here are some helpful tips to remember on Nclex:

- If the cord prolapses before complete dilation = IMMEDIATE C-SECTION.

- If cord is being compressed you will see VARIABLE DECELERATIONS in Fetal Heart Tones.

- If cord ceases to pulsate, it indicates fetal death. You want the cord to pulsate because this tells us the baby is getting oxygen.

- Fetal BRADYCARDIA is an indicator of a prolapsed cord.

One of the many perks of being a medical professional: one of the gyn surgeons who I am friendly with walked me right up to the OB unit in between his cases and did an ultrasound for me. He knows all about my miscarriage and knows how uneasy I have been about not knowing the current baby’s heart rate.

I now know that my baby’s heart rate is 136 and strong :) All is well!

The picture isn’t great but I was too shakey to take a better one!

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

This morning I had my ultrasound to see how things were going due to the cramping last week.  I received the best Valentine’s Day gift ever when they measured the baby to be 6w1d which is the exact time I had.  To top it off, I heard the heartbeat of our tiny baby!  It was beating at 122 bpm which is normal at this point (or at least this is what I was told).  I am so happy!

What were your fetal heart rates in early pregnancy?