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What are your deeper thoughts about the members? Like what do you see when you look at them? I'm curious as you guys write them so well.

!! I really like this question? And thank you for thinking we write iKON well :D I actually think a lot about what the boys are like haha. (but you are 100% allowed to disagree) 

Jinhwan is someone who is candid, not necessarily blunt but open. He loves to tease and loves being in control. He likes everyone doting on him because he’s the baby in his own family but also likes being depended on like a hyung.

Yunhyeong is warm and loving, somewhat unsure in himself but pushes it away when there is someone to take care of. He loves doting on others and having them be the center of attention rather than take attention himself. He’s eager to please but not desperate to.

Bobby is impossible to hold down and messy sometimes but people still know they can count on him. He’s selfish in that he’s never one to deny himself anything he wants but also knows how to ensure others are taken care of/satisfied in the process.

Hanbin is dual sided caught between the hyung line and maknae line so he pulls features of each. He’s sweet and innocent and needs love and care but also supports and comforts. As a leader, he’s hungry and goal seeking. Someone who chases things that he wants wholeheartedly.

Donghyuk is love. He gives it and radiates it as if it’s all he’s made out of. He wants people to be happy and satisfied at all times. He’s the oldest of the maknaes but plays the cute card so the older ones have someone to dote on. He also has a darker more serious side he shows rarely. He’s someone who protects himself and others by playing up his prefered side.

Junhoe is uncertain, and he compensates by exuding confidence. But he’s always looking at what his hyungs are doing. If they’re smiling he relaxes, if they’re serious he stays serious. He’s always gauging himself by looking at others. When he’s at his most relaxed, he’s a happy kid with an easy giggle and it’s easy to remember he was the maknae for years. Being able to be a hyung now and be someone to depend on was important for his character.

Chanwoo, now that he’s comfortable with his role is a ball of fluffy and silliness. For the older ones that spent too long in survival mode he’s a reminder that life is fun and not always serious. I think he’s always looking after his hyungs like that. Making sure they’re smiling, making sure they’re not suffering alone. He’s deep and thoughtful, but lets his mischievous side shine because he knows that’s the side iKON needs more.


Aesthetics List

I decided to create a list of aesthetics to help me keep track of ‘em all. My friends know my obsession with lists, ha. Let me know if any of the links don’t work! (My smaller series can be found through my navigation)

Children of the Gods
 - Aphrodite
 - Apollo
 - Ares
 - Artemis
 - Asteria
 - Athena
 - Demeter
 - Dionysus
 - Hades
 - Hecate
 - Hephaestus
 - Hermes
 - Hypnos
 - Khione
 - Nemesis
 - Nike
 - Nyx
 - Persephone
 - Poseidon
 - Zeus

Ancient Deities
 - Anubis
 - Asteria
 - Chantico
 - Chernobog
 - Loki
 - Marzana
 - Sol
 - Susanoo-no-mikoto

Mythological Beings
 - Faeries
 - Oracle
 - Sirens
 - Woodland Elves

Inspired by this list

YOU guys, are the sweetest, funniest, most creative and inspiring around. I love you forever, honestly, truly.


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