“A Festivus for the rest of us!” The Holiday of Festivus is celebrated December 23. This holiday gained notice when it was featured on the television show Seinfeld in 1997.  The holiday is billed as an alternative to the commercialism and pressures of Christmas.  Notable traditions include The Festivus Pole (unadorned and preferably aluminum) in place of a Christmas tree, The Airing of Grievances where you let your fellow participants and the world know how they have disappointed you over the past year, and (the boys favorite) The Feats of Strength, in which the head of the household challenges one person to a wrestling match. Festivus continues until an opponent properly pins the head of household and wins The Feats of Strength.  Stay tuned to learn about the origins of the holiday and let us know if you experience any Festivus Miracles today!


Cannot wait for the 23rd!

Holidays & Days of Note for December 23

*   Noche de Rábanos “Night of the Radishes” (Oaxaca, Mexico) While it lasts only a few hours a very popular festival that attracts thousands of people to the plaza. It consists of an exhibition of sculptures made from a type of large red radish which can weigh up to 3 kilos in weight, (over 6 pounds,) and 50 cm (over a foot and a half) in length, especially grown for this event and left in the ground for months after the normal harvests to let them attain their giant size and unusual shapes. 

*   Larentalia (Roman) Seventh and Last day of Saturnalia, on this day offerings were made to household spirits known as lares and the dead, especially at the shrine of Acca Larentia, the nurse of Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome. A sacrifice was offered on the spot where Acca Larentia was said to have disappeared. 

*   Festivus (made famous on an episode of Sinfield, but around before that and actually followed by a few people, more or less.) “A festivus for the rest of us”.