If all the commercialism of the holiday season stresses you out and gets you down, remember that Festivus is here for the rest of us. Grab your aluminum pole, get ready to air your grievances and demonstrate great feats of strength, and always be on the lookout for miracles.

Don’t worry if you can’t remember all of the traditional Festivus practices. PorchDrinking created this helpful infographic and an entertaining and informative guide to celebrating “The holiday for the rest of us.

It’s Festivus!  Have you put up your metal pole yet?

Man-Made Christmas Tree, 1946: Ship-fitter Third Class James M. West of South Carolina, is shown “trimming” the “tree.”

(While a true Festivus Pole should be unadorned, this could be from an early proto-Festivus celebration.)

Next up: some airing of grievances.


Cannot wait for the 23rd!