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Unofficial pre-WE coffee huddle!

The past 9 months, I’ve been lucky enough to meet, via fandom, women from all over the world who have become some of my closest friends. With people flying into my city from all over, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to connect with more of you!

I can’t hang about after the event but if anyone is around in the afternoon and would like to come and share a drink and a moment, to talk about the book and their life and anything else that comes up, I’ll be in the BFI cafe all afternoon, super casual, and would love if you dropped by.

Fandom not required, just positive female energy! Message me if you’re worried/shy/have questions and I hope to see lots of you.

( @dangerscully @chileananderson @so-called-xfiles @scullbagg may also be in attendence, schedules allowing!)

Three Buffet Tables

Hello all! Today, I am sharing three buffet tables cloned from the festival table in city living. 

There is a wedding buffet table with lots of gourmet food and a cake.

There is a school cafeteria buffet table with lots of kid friendly foods.

Last but not least, there is a breakfast buffet with lots of yummy foods to start you sims day.

These tables require the City Living EP and can be used all at the same time since they don’t override each other. 

Note:  Since these tables are cloned from the city living festival table, the food on them will spawn randomly. I have been looking for a fix for this for the past moth with no luck, but I will continue looking. You may have to remove some items from the table to get the food you want to spawn. I will update as soon as I find a fix for this issue.


They can be found in buy mode under activities and skills / misc.


First day at the Magic Kingdom!

1. Helpful hit: if you get breakfast reservations at the time of park opening you get to enter the park through a separate gate before the park opens! Great time for pictures with no one around! We ate at Be Our Guest and it was so yummy!

2. Ariel loved my mermaid tattoo even though it wasn’t her!

3. The Tremaine’s were less impressed…

4. During the Festival of Fantasy parade Peter Pan saw me in my Snow White disneybound and yelled to me “SNOW!” and waved at me. He then grabbed Wendy and pointed me out to her. They then both bowed/curtsied to me! I was dying!

5. Swooning over the Gaston fountain that he so generously donated to the townspeople.

6. Snow White with Snow White at Cinderella’s Royal Table! Top and skirt from Modcloth, belt from Macy’s, apple earring made by me, red headband from Claire’s.

Bolton Family Thanksgiving...

(To the anon who requested it, I hope you like it. And I hope it’s…kind of what you wanted! I need to get back into writing more Ramsay and Roose haha. Sorry if it just seems to end abruptly at the end. I didn’t really know what to do with it but I knew i wanted to write something…))

Word Count: 1,089

Warnings: None

Awkward. Completely awkward.

That’s the only way you knew how to describe the situation you currently found yourself in.

Instead of being back at your own apartment with Ramsay where the two of you could have been fucking or getting high, you and your boyfriend were seated across the table from his father and step-mother eating Thanksgiving dinner.

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Blogmas 8; Sick Proposal.

Harry proposing on Xmas!! Omg and imagine her telling him she’s also pregnant

You should write something about harry wanting to propose to you on christmas eve and planning this whole evening out, but then he gets really sick, so you make him stay home so you can look after him. like you cuddle with him on the couch and as he’s falling asleep he’s like “ ’M sorry.” “what for?” “was gonna propose t'you tonight, but i ruined it. ’M so sorry”

Two requests in one here; I had so much fun doing this one. It was so sweet and so lovely and I really do have a soft spot for sick Harry. Thank you to the two Anons who sent these in; I loved them.

17 pages and 6k words later, here we have the final product. ;))

I have a little note to add; I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t get all of these requests done during the 2016 Blogmas so what I’m going to do is keep them in my documents for the Blogmas I do in 2017. I hope you guys can understand this. 

Feedback would be so incredible on this one.

Enjoy. x

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i had a dream i was at an art festival there was tables and people were auctioning off art but it was all really weird stuff like this guy was in a tent with a ton of bigfoot paintings and little blobs of clay in muffin tins that were dogs and there was a tv there where people were showing off the movies they made which were all really weird and morbid and i was there and i wanted to cosplay lucas from mother 3 but i didnt have a wig or hair gel or anything like that so i went into the bathrooms since it was outsoors they were basically big porta pottys and i was trying to spike my hair up with water and crying (not toilet water. they had sinks despite being porta pottys but the water was still really grimy) and someone was like oh are you in a vampire costume and i was crying no!!!!!!! no im lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m Thankful For...

I Have Loved You Since Series: I’m Thankful For…



*I don’t really have any songs planned but I would recommend listening to Walking In The Wind repeatedly because it’s so GOOD and very holiday-ishy fitting for this piece :))*

Thanks - such an often-said word for the simplest things. ‘Thanks for helping me today’, ‘thanks for picking up the dry-cleaning’, ‘thanks for being my friend’.

Thank you, for taking care of me.

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Rupert Grint - The Sunday Times (2013)

“I caught fire once and didn’t really notice. It was about four years ago at a festival. There were these tables with candles on them. I was talking to someone by one of these tables and my T-shirt suddenly caught fire. I didn’t panic at all. I got burnt a little, but not terribly. It was extinguished quickly, but even I was surprised how calm I was.”

Show Me Your Christmas Spirit

Okay, so, this is a combination of a request from Giulia and also the drabble I wrote for the Klarochat since they’re both Christmas themed.


Christmas time. Caroline and Klaus are friends. So are Caroline and Rebekah. They sit around the table for dinner. Caroline sits between Kol and Klaus. Kol feels Caroline’s leg. Caroline snaps at Klaus and Klaus snaps at Kol. Caroline storms out, but buries the real reason behind her anger (Klaus doesn’t make a move on her any longer). Smut.

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Merry Christmas!

The crackling of the amber and molten red flames filled the room. Small embers rose up, emerging from the ever changing intense fire and disappeared into the air. Roasting just above it were chestnuts that engulfed the room in their heavenly, cinnamon scent.

The warmth emitting from the sophisticated, oak fireplace wrapped everyone in the house in a warm blanket of cozy heat. The feeling of Christmas spread all throughout the house; stockings were hung above the fire, a Christmas tree decorated in gold ornaments stood in the center of the living room, and delicate, sparkled snowflake decorations trickled down from the ceiling.

Not even a table filled with volatile vampires could ruin the miraculous occasion.

Having previously lined the table with a festive silk, red table cloth, pine green, rectangular plates sat in front of each seated vampire around the long table placed in Caroline’s living room. Wine glasses at the upper right corner of each place with several bottles of champagne at the center between the candles were a given. At each chair of the table, sat an Original vampire, aside from Caroline, who was seated at the center of the length, situated between Klaus and Kol, while Rebekah and Elijah were across.

If Caroline had been told a year ago that she would voluntarily be hosting a dinner party that involved the Original family as her guests, she would have either laughed, or cried, depending on her mood. Not only did she tolerate them, but she actually liked some of them, as a matter of fact, she would even admit to acknowledging Rebekah and Klaus as her friends.

It’s funny how life works out that way.

Somehow, over the course of the past year, she found herself slowly drifting away from Elena and her other high school friends, and dare she say it, found herself hanging around the Mikaelson mansion more than she ever thought she would. She knew Klaus’s secret hiding spot for the good liquor, knows where Rebekah keeps her diary, and where Elijah keeps the special China for guests, so the others can’t break it last minute.

Caroline looked around at the people she had come to see as family, smiling to herself. They were already fidgeting, already uncomfortable with the unusually civilized and trivial behavior. But she could tell, though they would deny it, a small part of them enjoyed it, the feeling of belonging, wholesomeness.

Her eyes slowly found Klaus’s face from the corner of her eye. She should have known by now that he would always catch her trying to take a sneak peek at him, but it appears she still has yet to learn. The second her eyes hit his skin he felt her stare, and boldly turned his head to set his gaze on her in that way that effortlessly made her cheeks flush a deep pink. Even after knowing him for so long, she couldn’t explain the effect he has always had on her. Maybe it was his unfair level of attractiveness or just the way he naturally exudes sex, but she can never help the way her face heats up when his face glazes over with intensity. When he looks at her, it’s like the world melts away and it’s just the two of them.

Ripping her out of her musings, Kol’s voice breaks the silence.

“Caroline, darling, I must say, you do look stunning in that dress this evening.”


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