festive pineapple

Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade from the Pineapple Promenade, available during the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.

Hogwarts Aesthetics For Summer

Gryffindor: fireworks; mountain climbing; watermelon; cold popsicles; splashing around at the beach; long bike rides in the country side; canoeing; scuba diving; paint-balling; concerts; sitting around a fire telling stories; road trips; outdoor parties; rope swings; loud music

Hufflepuff: picnics; lying in hamocs; walks on the beach; ice cream cones; picking flowers; nature hikes; balloons; face painting; sunflowers; baking; acoustic music; cotton candy; festivals; laughing with friends; pineapples; sun dresses; flip flops; playing acoustic guitar

Ravenclaw: snow cones; star-gazing; birdwatching; smoothies; cooking colorful dishes; movie marathons; reading while sitting outside; reorganizing bookshelves; shooting stars; iced tea; berries; sandcastles; fishing; breezy days; sun hats; floaties in a pool; swings; flower crowns; pool parties

Slytherin: horseback riding; tall glass of cool lemonade with a straw; swimming in a lake; apples; crickets chirping at night; naming constellations; walks in the forest; drying flowers; board games; close group of friends; staying up all night; watching the moon move across the sky; camping; parties at the peer; water balloon fights