festive pig

Things I love about this look includes:

  • pasties matching the open skirt 
  • fluffy scrunchie 
  • curled pig tails
  • rainbow in general

Nocturnal Wonderland, 2017

Alright, so my crew and I started out our first Pathfinder campaign with Feast of Ravenmoor, and we’re inside of a creepy town in the swamp full of cultists and dark secrets. Long story short, our alchemist got caught by the cultists after he went for some nookie with the blacksmith’s daughter in the fields after the feast, and it turns out she was in on all of it. Last night at the feast, they served flay leaf, which all of the villagers and our shadowcaller ate, knocking them out for the rest of the night once they went home. Our cleric received a divine message from Ra that our friend was in danger, and we ran out of the mayor’s manor where we staying to rescue our alchemist, (I’m playing a Dwarf fighter, btw) after killing a giant deformed monster sent to kill us by the cultists, to go find our friend. On our way there, we ran into the first farmer we met, Viorec, who was running to try and warn us, after he started suspecting weird things in the village, and didn’t eat the flay leaf at the feast. After asking a few questions about the village which Viorec always just thought of as the odd but normal customs around Ravenmoor, I cut to the chase:

Me: “There’s some creepy cultist bullshit goin’ on in yer’ village, that’s what! You remember that parasite that fockin’ burst out of the pig at the festival?”

Viorec: “The pig thing happens all the time.”

Me: “Wha - that ain’t normal! What’s this festival for?! Who is this woman and her druids from generations back?”

Viorec: “The townsfolk have always just done the festival for Desna!”

Cleric: “Whatever they’re worshiping sure as hell ain’t Desna.”

Me: “Alright, tell me about Shelly (The blacksmith’s daughter), what happens to her being the Lady of the Festival, and what happens the winners of the festival’s events.”

Viorec: “Well, everyone just has the feast, has a good time, we head home and we have vivid dreams until tomorrow. I mean, yeah, the winners usually leave town or get sick, but -”

Me: “The winners leave town or get sick?” (Said more as a statement than as a question).

(DM rolls for perception/wisdom)

Viorec: “OH MY GOD.”

Please help! Getting into arguments about whether this is Cillian or not. I think it’s a look a like. Is it him?

lmao yes that is Cillian. The photo was taken by his friend, playwright Enda Walsh, at the 2001 Berlin Film Festival. They were there to premiere Disco Pigs (the movie).