L.A. Shorts Fest

Jiwook Kim’s Cartoon Hangover cartoon is heading to downtown Los Angeles as part of this year’s L.A. Shorts Fest, the “most prestigious short film festival in the world.” “Blackford Manor” will screen on Tuesday, September 8, at 10:00 p.m. at L.A. Live. See you there.

Here’s a big, creepy congratulations to Jiwook and her cast & crew.


Amazing moments at British festivals

Go to a British music festival and you are in for a truly awe-inspiring experience. The sunshine (with any luck!), the positive energy from the crowds, the fantastic music and some seriously stunning settings too. They’re not all what you’d expect either: apart from the music talent, you’ll encounter everything from elaborate costumes to magnificent on-site architecture, pools and watersports, forest stages and more. Find out more

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Super Simple Festival Calendar (UK)

(Stripped right down the bare bones.) Mention opalborn)

January – Libation to Hera

(Nothing for this month as of yet. Fields are bare and weather is cold/wet.)

February – Libation to Aphrodite

17th - Theogamia. Zeus & Hera sacred marriage. (Because Zeus and Hera are ones I pay attention to.)

Late Feb - Lambing Season – Pan & the Nymphs. (Sheep farm just down the road from me.)

March – Libation to Hephaistos

Full Moon week - Anthesteria.

Lesser Mysteries. Persephone & Demeter. Persephone’s return. Fields are fertilised. Sugar Beet sown. (Things start growing again.)

April – Libation to Artemis & Apollon

21st  - Offerings to the Horai & Kharites. (Weather getting better, Spring and stuff.)

May – Libation to Zeus

8th May – VE Day. Hero/Ancestor offerings.

June – Libation to Athena

Pea Harvest.

21st Prometheia. Modern solstice festival.

July – Libation to Hermes

4th Aphrodisia. Bathing festival of Aphrodite.

August – Libation to Ares

10th - Battle of Britain Memorial.

Start of harvest depending on weather.

September – Libation to Poseidon

Cereal & Beet harvest continued.

7th Niketeria. Offering to Nike.

October – Libation to Demeter & Persephone

Full Moon week - Thesmophoria. Persephone’s descent into the underworld.

Barley/Wheat sown.

November – Libation to Hades

11th – Poppy Memorial Day. Hero/Ancestor offerings.

December – Libation to Dionysos

21st -  Heliogennia. Solstice.