Stardew Valley Meme!!

I wanna see everyone’s SV character + know more about them so here’s a Stardew Valley meme, send me asks with what you want to know more about!

Also the tag is #StardewValleyMeme tag it if you’re doing it too~

About the Villager:

1. Meet My Villager
2. Their Bachelor/ette
3. The Proposal
4. The Wedding
5. Any Kid(s)?
6. Their Pet
7. Favourite Male Villager
8. Favourite Female Villager
9. Favourite Ship
10. Favourite Location
11. Favourite Past-time
12. Favourite Festival
13. Favourite Season
14. Favourite Flower
15. Favourite Gem
16. Favourite Crop
17. Krobus or Dwarf?
18. Daily Routine?


19. Night out at the Saloon
20. First time meeting their bachelor/ette
21. Favourite thing about their partner
22. “Let’s have a baby”
23. Fighting monsters
24. Children’s play date
25. Spirit’s Eve Costume
26. Dinner with the Parent(s) in Law
27. Pillowtalk with your partner
28. Got caught looking through trash
29. Genderswap AU
30. At the Clinic

Feel free to add more to the list!