Music Tastes Good Festival

This weekend we went to the Music Tastes Good Festival in Long Beach, California. It was all of the things we loved: a food fest, a music fest, a great display of diversity and activism as well as a good time. Fans got to see a slew of amazing bands, see art from local contemporary artists, register to vote, sign up for volunteer opportunities, learn new skills from a variety of chefs and make new friends.

Here are some of the highlights from this weekend…

Copeland Holt is an artist and musician who set up shop all over the fest this weekend. He could be seen painting portraits of each performer and talking with fans about his process as well as his passions. You can learn more about him: here.

James Blake wooed us with his soulful sounds.

Angie, owner of the Wide Eyes Open Palms cafe in Long Beach, preaches feminism and food activism. She proudly showed us her tats that included: “feminism” across her knuckles, “sisterhood” on her back and “butch” on her elbow. We see you, Angie.

One of our favorite parts of any music festival are fans who prove that your style can be as unique as you are. 

The Black Angels psychedelic jams were born to be GIFed. 

Janelle Monae reminded us of the power of pink.

10/10 would attend again.

Niqo, 20

“I’m wearing a piece by my friend Olivia Mains. My style is all about versatility and creativity. I like to wear anything that I can throw together and make it look good. I’m all about color blocking and taking a risk. My current favorites are Ebonee Davis, Rihanna of course, and a friend of mine who is an amazing stylist Beoncia Dunn.”

Aug 25, 2018 ∙ Afropunk


I sewed together matching yukatas and obis for First Place and me for Little Tokyo’s Nisei Week festival c: We’re both rockin’ that clamshell knot!

Made a little food stall set for First Place since he couldn’t come to the festival with me.