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Part 4 of Robert Plant’s Zirka, his Malian Journey mostly self-shot film, from the 2003 Festival in the Desert. Robert uploading new installments each Monday for next 5 weeks.

This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. I wish I could find the video on youtube, but it’s not there anymore. You can find it on the documentary about Festival in the Desert though. I’d give anything to be able to go to Festival in the Desert. Ever since I first discovered it years ago, I’ve been obsessed with it. Maybe one day….

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(via Festival in the Desert 2012 LIVE - funds to finish the album by Christopher A Nolan — Kickstarter)

“Artists featured on this live recording are: Habib Koite, Tinariwen, Kiran Ahluwalia, Tartit, Khaira Arby, the Ali Farka Toure Allstars, Abdoulaye Diabate, Oumar Konate with Leila Gobi, and more.  There are 16 tracks in all!

…Through a rights agreement with the Festival organization, a majority of the funds earned by sale of the CD’s and digital downloads (or whatever other means of distribution) will go directly to the artists and to the Festival au Desert. The artists maintain their mechanical royalty rights for any track on which they appear.  So, your help now will help the Festival and the artists directly.

And if you’ve watched the news, you will know that the Festival is now banned from being held on its home territory of Northern Mali and most of these artists are no longer able to return to their homes.  Many are refugees in the South of Mali or in neighboring countries.

Essentially. this is a presale of the CD’s.  To anyone who gives $20 we’ll send a copy of the final CD.”

A worthy cause!!

Desert Queen by RobinnGeorge on Flickr.


Robert Plant | Zirka Part 1 | Malian Journey to and from Festival in the Desert 2003 (by Robert Plant)

Featuring music from Tinariwen, off Imidiwan: Companions and more!

Review: Scooby Apocalypse #3
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.] Writer: Keith Giffen, Jim Lee, J.M. DeMatteis Artist: Howard Porter Like WOW, man! It looks like the monster apocalypse has started in Scooby Apocalypse #3! The gang is on the run in the Mystery Machine, though it looks like something Batman would drive while the Batmobile is out of commission. In the Nevada desert the Burning Man festival has…

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I’d probably prefer this with a different colored bottoms, and more likely with denim shorts. The high waisted look is definitely a good pair with this top though. Burgundy, white or light brown I think would compliment the color of this top best!

Gypsy Coin Crochet Top: Indigo East, $46, Buy it Here

Sojourn to Psycho:

Interview by Melissa Marie

Photographs by Alex Watt

As we draw ever nigh to the great meeting in the desert - Psycho Las Vegas - the must-attend festival of 2016 - Doomed & Stoned is bringing you the first in a series of band profiles we’re calling ‘Sojourn to Psycho.’ First up, Phoenix, Arizona’s GOYA, a band that has distinguished itself as force of reckon in the heavy underground, fusing the best elements of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, and Sleep, made all the more compelling by the unmistakable voice of singer/guitarist Jeff Owens. Goya is rounded out by Nick Lose on drums and Sonny DeCarlo on bass. In this interview, Executive Editor of Doomed & Stoned, Melissa Marie, has a face-to-face with Jeff and Nick when their recent road trip took them to Midwest to Indiana. (Billy)

I want to thank you guys for doing this interview. I see you’re touring in the Midwest, it looks like the tour is about up. How’s things been going so far?

Jeff: Ah, really good. Each of the shows has been awesome. Honestly, I think tonight in Fort Wayne was the best show. It’s cool because all these towns that we’re hitting on this tour, we’ve never been to any of them. To have anyone at these shows is just great. We’re happy to play for five people and all of these shows have had thirty or more.

Yeah, I’m really impressed with the turnout, because Clutch and Corrosion of Conformity are also playing tonight in Fort Wayne.

Nick: Man, I thought Clutch and Corrosion of Conformity would be the nail in the coffin tonight.

You guys are a huge hit in the heavy underground, even your demo was really well received, so was that a surprise to you or did you guys recognize that you had something really exceptional?

Jeff: It’s a surprise to hear you say that right now! We love what we do and we have increasing confidence in it. I’m always floored that anyone gives a shit. I’m always flattered, I’m always ecstatic. It’s crazy to me that so many people are interested in it.

Nick: The dynamics have grown and changed a lot too. In terms of the demo, Ben (Clarkson, bassist) nor myself weren’t even on it.

Jeff: “Satan’s Fire” (2014) is the beginning of where we’re at. That was Nick and I working on it and not shortly after, Ben joined the band. Since Nick joined it’s been a lot better, and since Ben came in it’s been the most solid it has ever been.

As far as doom metal goes, you guys to tend to stick close with the formula. But sometimes find myself surprised with certain things like “The Sun” on your 2015 record is very fast paced. It was cool; I just didn’t expect it at all. Do you often consider experiencing with other sounds outside of doom metal?

Jeff: Even on the demo, “God Lie” hints at some of that stuff. Really, it’s just a matter of what comes naturally. I personally have tried to write a lot of fast songs, Nick and I have been in a lot of faster bands playing death metal or grind or punk. We have those roots, but what comes naturally to me is more of groovy slow stuff. For a while we’ve talked about doing a split matched with a lot faster stuff but when I sit down and try to write a fast song it sucks. It just has to come naturally.

I see you guys recently played the Electric Funeral Fest in Denver. How do you compare festivals to typical gigs where you might get to play a little longer?

Jeff: It’s a tough question because we’re still kinda in spot right now where our set list seems to be similar for festivals versus regular gigging. We’re right at that point where we’re not at the top of a festival and we’re not usually headlining our own shows on tour either.

Nick: We’ve also played some smaller fests and typically with smaller fests, generally speaking you’ll get a longer set time. Whereas we did Southwest Terror Fest and luckily, got to play the same day that Sleep played, it was an incredible experience. Just being there was awesome. Sleep, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth….it was fantastic. But with that, You had a set schedule to stick to. You had to start set up at a certain time and tear down at a certain time. So a thirty minute set didn’t necessarily mean you play for thirty minutes. We haven’t had a whole lot of experience with this but whether we get twenty minutes or an hour, we’re just ecstatic to play.

Of course I must congratulate you on obtaining a spot at Psycho Las Vegas!

Nick: Thanks so much.

What a festival! The lineup is just ridiculous. You guys must be elevated to play the same day with bands like Bongripper, Acid King, Electric Wizard.

Nick: Yeah I’m stoked to see the guys in Bongripper again, we actually played with them at a Thief Presents event who’s putting on the Psycho Fest and we got to do a short tour with Bongripper, we did the California coast. It was fantastic! So we’re stoked to see those dudes again and working with Evan is always great. He puts on a couple fests…Day of the Shred and Desert campout last year. It was awesome.

You guys sure stay busy. By my count, you’ve released two records this year - “The Enemy” and “Forever Dead, Forever Stoned”. What inspires you guys to stay so active?

Nick: Well “Forever Dead, Forever Stoned” is a re-release of the demo. Totem Cat Records based in France has been putting that out. It’s been in the works for quite a while. But to answer your question, a lot of that comes right back to this guy, Jeff’s a fucking work horse. He’s writing, working all the time. There’s always something in the works. Opoponax Records, which he runs, is a project that is working for and supporting itself and is able to fund more releases, more material. Well, that’s all we do! We cram ourselves into small rooms and make music. That’s my inspiration. I’ve got band members that are stoked to play music. Jeff writes a ton of material.

The “Forever Dead, Forever Stoned” artwork looks like something you’d see on an Acid Witch cover. Who did the art?

Jeff: Laney Oleniczak, she’s done a lot of our art. She lives in Phoenix. She did the cover art and the interior art for “Obelisk” as well. Also the “Nothin’ But Dead Stuff”, a couple of shirts…a number of things she’s done. She’s a very talented tattoo artist in Phoenix.

I hear a lot of people imply that everyone is illegally downloading, that no one is buying records anymore. I’m not sure if I really agree with that. Many bands are doing reissues just because they know they’ll sell and you guys seem to have a loyal fan base. Did you experience a lot of success from selling your records, especially the STB version of “Obelisk”?

Jeff: Yeah, I think having STB put out our stuff helps a lot. There’s a certain fervor about securing a release like that, just for yourself. They do such a killer job anyway, it’s a great way to get new people to notice the band.

So what’s next for you guys?

Jeff: We’re recording a couple of non-original tracks when we get home. Oh, Psycho Las Vegas! We are in the middle of writing an LP and I’d we just a little bit past halfway done with writing it, but the other half might turn out to be three quarters of the work too. We played half of that album tonight. There aren’t even lyrics for the other half yet, we have a skeleton for it, we know the riffs and that’s about it. So, we’re working on a LP and have no idea when we’ll be done with it. (laughs)

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