festival square

I competed in a beat battle last Friday in front of 300 people and producers Ryan Lewis and Sango last Friday. I lost in the second round. The winner got a cash prize and a slot at Upstream Festival next month.

I was upset that I lost but the people I met that night and the doors it opened up for me were worth it.

Then, as I was leaving, the event organizers pulled me aside and told me that they were going to try to still put me in the festival. I was taken back, for I just expected them to contact me for a future gig, not get me my own set. I was doubtful they would get me in, but I received a text that night from them telling me that I, chong the nomad, will be in the lineup for Seattle’s Upstream Festival in Pioneer Square.

It took me a while to get there, but I’m performing a set with my music in a fucking huge festival next month.

I have no idea where the future is going, but for once, it looks so bright.