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A vital exposé on the rapidity of American police militarization, Craig Atkinson’s Do Not Resist is terrifying, important, amazingly-shot, and a 2016 Tribeca Film Festival winner for Best Documentary. Atkinson’s feature debut disturbingly and dynamically captures an ongoing national crisis in a way that refuses to let you forget it. You can watch Do Not Resist in full on Vimeo right now.

Cold Front

Summary: A vicious winter storm takes the stranded Titans by surprise, and Beast Boy helps Raven find ways to stay warm…Rated M for adult themes and some citrus. BBRae one-shot.

Azar have mercy on her, Raven was livid.

She was hungry, she was tired, she was grumpy and, most of all, she was cold.

It was probably an understatement at that; Raven was literally freezing. She was also, more importantly, lost.

If her teeth weren’t chattering so much, she’d have let out a sling of uncharacteristic curse words as she shivered beneath her thick, winter cloak. Rage roared within her, like the only, fanning flame that was keeping her alive. The blizzard that blew through the mountains sapped her body heat like it was an icy leech, the blistering winds feeling like the razor-sharp teeth of an ice wraith piercing right through all her protective layers.

Raven could barely feel any part of her limbs. Everything was numb. Her fingers and toes had been the first to go, along with her nose and face. It didn’t matter how covered she was; spending enough time out in such extreme conditions would eventually render all articles of clothing useless. The snow was unrelenting, the wind frigid and seeping into her bones. Still, she’d trudged on in defiance. Like hell was she going back to him.

The storm attacked her in many directions, clouded her vision, and drained all her strength. Despite all this, she remained far too stubborn and prideful to heed the changeling’s advice.

The mission had started off simple enough; investigate the mountains for Brother Blood’s newest base of operations. Unfortunately, that was a lot of ground to cover, so Robin had instructed his team to split up in search for any clue they could find. What their tenacious leader had not counted on was the fluctuation in weather.

Raven and Beast Boy had been paired off, and together, they’d been able to cover a huge amount of ground in a short amount of time. However, when the weather gradually worsened and Raven had started to feel the effects of the resilient cold, Beast Boy had suggested waiting the storm out as it would only continue to increase in ferocity throughout the night.

“I had a feeling this was going to happen. There’s no way we’ll find anything in these conditions. There’s a cave I spotted up ahead during my scouting, not too far north from here. We can wait out the worst of it there, build a fire or something,” Beast Boy had recommended when the winds had picked up and he’d caught Raven involuntarily shudder in her cloak and gloves.

She’d shaken her head in protest. “We have to press on while we can. Our communicators are jammed and they have no idea where we are.”


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All that glitters (a fluffy festive one shot)

Sebastian Stan x Reader, ft Tom Hiddleston

This little one shot was inspired by This December imagine on @theartofimagining13 (if you’re not yet following her you really should, she has a lot of great HiddleStan imagines)

I’ve adjusted it a little to fit my muse ;)

This is pure fluff, no smut. Heavy on the feels. 

Warning: mentions of death of a loved one, if this is a trigger to you please skip this one.


All that glitters

‘Sebastian! You’re here!’

He turned around to see her walking over to him, the sight of her took his breath away. 

She wasn’t wearing a festive gorgeous dress like most women here tonight, no jewelry or glitter on her, just a simple black pants and deep red top. It only made her stand out even more to him.
Her hair was a bit more curly than usual, there was a happy little twinkle in her dark eyes and her face lit up in a bright smile as soon as she saw him.

God she was beautiful. There was no way he could do this, not tonight. How was he supposed to do this? 

She was his friend, it could ruin everything. What if she didn’t see him that way? What if it would make everything awkward between them?

What if he lost her?

‘You made it,’ she opened her arms to hug him. Sebastian didn’t hesitate to put his arms around her shoulders and pull her into a tight embrace.

He felt her hands softly caress his back as she hugged him and he briefly closed his eyes. Her body felt so warm and soft against his and her perfume was a mixture of sweet and intoxicating, enchanting him even further. 

He would give anything to stay in this moment a little longer and just hold her, but she broke the hug first, leaving him no choice but to release her from his arms.

‘I wasn’t sure you’d come,’ she said with a smile.

‘Did you think a bit of snow would keep me away from you?’

She kept her hands on his chest while she looked up into his eyes,’ I’m really glad you’re here, Seb.’

‘Me too,’ he put one hand back on her waist to keep her close,’ listen…I know this is a party and many people need your attention tonight, but is there any way we could talk?’

She nodded her head,’ Yeah sure, what’s up?’

‘Well…there’s something…I want to…it’s just…well…’

The words didn’t come, there was too much chatter around the apartment, too many people, and her eyes were so mesmerizing, he couldn’t focus on anything else.

‘Seb?’ she asked while she looked deeper into his eyes,’ Is everything okay?’

‘You look really beautiful tonight,’ he whispered in a sigh.

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Christmas Carols

PARING: Reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNING: FLUFF all the Christmas fluff, grid your loins guys! And mentions of some great Christmas Songs! 

So because today was one of the hottest days I’ve ever known and was the least Christmasy I’ve felt. I decided to write a little something to get myself into the Christmas Mood. And let me tell you sweating in the Australian summer heat is the biggest mood killer! So anyway enjoy this little festive one shot! 


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“How dare you” you gaped at Tony, folding your arms as you nestled underneath your boyfriends arm on the couch. The other all chuckled at your slightly childish outburst.

“How dare I? How dare you choosing one of the most generic and over played songs in the world. ESPECIALLY at Christmas”

“But it’s Mariah” you stress, Bucky chuckling above you.

“But it’s lame, The Pogues Fairy Tale of New York will forever be the best Christmas Song” Tony declared triumphantly. The Avengers all groaned slightly, the various members were strewn across the living area at Stark Tower. Soft fairy lights were strewn across the room adding to the city lights twinkling in the light falling snow. The ridiculously Christmas tree towered over your group. The thing was so big Tony had to use one of his suits to place the glittery A on the top of it.

“Nah I have to agree with (Y/N) here, no one can beat Mariah.” you throw a triumphant Ah-ha at Tony with Sam’s support.

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