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Muggle Music Festival: Leaving

Roxanne pulled her bag along, ducking past the wizards and witches that made up the crowd as she pushed towards the train station in Hogsmeade. Why, of all the places she could leave from, did it need to be Hogsmeade? With everything that had happened with the Olympics and the party and Peej and Kenai, the magical city was the last place she wanted to be. This weekend was bound to be a real adventure, something she had waited all summer for. All of her favorite bands were playing, and she had the chance to escape to the music– to the sound and sights of it all– if only she could make it to the train. Heaving a sigh, she put even more effort into tugging the suitcase along. She was ready to be safely in the station, waiting for her train to arrive with music blasting in her ears. 

[Festival Series] The Case of the Missing Wallet

TITLE: [Festival Series] The Case of the Missing Wallet


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / fluff / 

FIC SUMMARY: An unlikely thing happens and OC thinks it might be something more.


Author Comments: Finished my first shift today and I actually had to deal  with this with one random guy BUT the ending is different and no it didn’t happen. Tell me what you think :)

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Check Out These Tales of Festival 2016 Merchandise Presented By Luke’s Voice Actor Chihiro Suzuki!

Both Tokyo Otaku Mode and Bandai Namco Japan were really surprised at the high demand of Tales goods that AC brought them. They seriously were not aware that the demand for Tales goods overseas was THIS big. They both extend their thanks for how passionate AC’s visitors are for Tales!

That said, Tokyo Otaku Mode contacted us recently saying that because of the demand AC brought, Bandai Namco Japan decided to send over even more stocks of their Tales of Festival 2016 merchandise! However, some merchandise could no longer be restocked, possibly because even stocks in Japan have run out (like that Repede bag/pouch, sadly).

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Kotobukiya Akihabara’s Tales of Matsuri summer event, August 2016. Apparently they do this every year but this is the first year I’ve been able to go. Entry varies by day so you have to be careful: Some days require advance tickets, some days you need to pick up a ticket on the day, some days are free entry. I was able to get right in on a weekday morning.

There are three parts to this event: Cafe, games, and badge gatcha. The cafe has Sorey and Mikleo drinks as well as beef stew and peach pie crepes (one of each I mean, not mixed together of course). Plus the healing gummi and soda rice shaved ice and fruits yakisoba from Tales of Festival.

Of the two games, shooting and yo-yo fishing, the yo-yo game was much easier. Still, even if you lose you always get a prize. (But you have to win to ensure you get the character you want.) I managed to win the Mikleo prize at both :3 Button gatcha was random of course but I was able to get Mikleo… eventually…

The whole area was decorated in Tales of Festival artifacts, including props from this year’s skits and those coasters people waited in line for literally five hours to get.

The musings of a very obsessed Muse fan - part 2

Hey guys! So, about two weeks ago I wrote a post in which I described my first live Muse experience, in Bucharest. Now, it’s time to add to it by rambling about the second gig I’ve attended: in Budapest, at the Sziget festival. The setlists were very similar, so almost everything I’ve written before is still relevant, especially about the songs - I’ve had about the same reactions :’)

Warning: this will be very long (again). If you choose to read on, enjoy!

So, this time I attended the concert with my dad - I’ve tried to convert him to Museism for so long, but I think I finally succeeded now (he loved every single second of it). We arrived on the island (yes, the festival is on an island, on the Danube River) quite late, just half an hour before the first of the 3 ‘opening’ bands started playing. I didn’t check out the other places and stages on the island because we practically ran towards the main stage when we got there :)) Upon arriving I saw the literal sea of people which had already gathered in front of the stage and I instantly abandoned all hopes of ever reaching the barrier, but the stage had a catwalk thingy (idk how it’s called but I guess y'all know what I’m talking about) and my dad and I found some spots towards the far end of it, on the right side (on Chris’s side again, it must be destiny). I’ve had some pretty unpleasant experiences and I also was quite upset because I couldn’t see the stage at all and people would squish me from all sides, but things would soon change…

Unfortunately, David @gothicplagueofficial and I didn’t manage to meet, we have been on opposite sides of the stage :/

So, the first band started playing, it was fun, civilised, everyone had a great time and the music was really good (they were called Quimby). Then, BMTH came on stage… And things got wild really fast. People pushing, pulling, crowd surfing, mosh pitting… The little, hobbit me just went with the flow, which was a great choice, as during those crowd movements I was slowly, but surely approaching the catwalk barrier 😊😊 By some insane (and pretty asshole-ish) luck, after the BMTH gig was over, a group of ~20 people left… AND THE BARRIER WAS MINE. ALL. MINE. I got hold of it and let go only after the Muse concert was over (people were still pushing and pulling and tbh I’m a bit battered and bruised after this experience, BUT I WAS AT THE BARRIER NOTHING ELSE MATTERS). So, the catwalk was right in front of me and I had a superbe view of the stage, I was practically on the center! My dad was on my right and he had an amazing view as well, I’m so happy that things turned out fine in the end :D

The wait until Muse was even more agonizing this time, and even though the last band, Sigur Rós, was awesome (I really recommend you check them out, they’re quite unique), I found myself looking at the watch every 3-4 minutes or so :’) I think the fact that I knew what an amazing show was coming and that my dad would finally see why I’m so crazy about this band made the excitement this unbearable :))

The last band stopped playing, they prepared the stage for Muse (brought the instruments - I screamed again when I saw Dom’s drumkit and Matt’s piano (oops), arranged the cube thingies and installed the sound system - I’ll comment on this a bit later), tested everything… And the show started :D :D :D

It all began with Psycho and all of us howling “AYE SIR!”, of course :)) As I said, the setlist was exactly the same as in Bucharest, except that they didn’t play Resistance and instead of CE… THEY PLAYED FREAKING MAP OF THE PROBLEMATIQUE!!!!!!! MOTP HOLY MOLY I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EARS AND MY EYES AND EVERYTHING, I HAVE BEEN BLESSED TO HEAR THIS SONG LIVE!! I am neither kidding nor exaggerating, but I almost started crying when it began. Also, I listened really hard to the chorus (while screaming it of course) and I think Matt didn’t sing “Since I lost you”, he kept the original lyrics. BUT STILL, MOTP AND THEY PLAYED THAT ENDING RIFF AND GUESS WHAT MATT CAME TO SHOW OFF ON THE CATWALK AND I SAW HIM UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL AND WOW IT’S SO SURREAL, like, after seeing so many photos and getting used to their features, seeing them in person and realizing they’re actual human beings is very weird; the impact was even stronger this time.

I can say that this time I enjoyed the gig more than the first time, for multiple reasons:
1. By being in the center and next to the catwalk, I had a very different perspective of the show and of them; also, Matt walked on the catwalk (showed off) quite often and I got a really nice view of his cute little ass ;)) At some point, for a split second the light shone on his face at the perfect angle and accentuated his cheekbones (I felt my heart literally skip a beat like holy shit Matt).

2. Because I wasn’t as crazed as the first time anymore (and because I was in the center), I’ve noticed so many more details and visual effects, such as Dom singing during SMBH and The Globalist, the way the girl’s hands turn into the puppeteer hands (the transition between Isolated System and The Handler), the fact that the strings from the puppeteer hands actually followed Matt and Chris as they walked around on the stage, Matt’s porn star move during Uprising… *ahem* and generally more visual effects (which are absolutely marvellous by the way).

3. The crowd was freaking amazing, of course, it was huuuuge and most of them sang all the way through the gig :D The communication was great once again, Matt repeatedly engaged us!! At the end he bowed before us and Dom told us that we were greeeat! :D

4. Because it was a huge area the sound volume had to be upped as well, and now I can finally say that I listened to The Handler at an appropriate volume :’) I had an eargasm the instant I heard the first guitar notes :))

Now, let me praise Muse’s sound system; it was loud, very loud, but unlike with all the other bands (which prolly used the festival’s sound system), the bass and the music itself didn’t make me feel like my freaking heart and lungs would burst ;_; No, it was perfectly balanced.

General impressions: didn’t catch any picks/ drumsticks or touch a hullabaloon (their appearance managed to surprise me again) this time either, Dom is still a fucking beast on the drums and a beautiful ray of sunshine (at the end when he threw the drumsticks he came on the catwalk as well AND HOLY SHIT HE’S EVEN MORE HANDSOME IRL AND HIS SMILE IS SO DAMN PERFECT!!!!), I unfortunately didn’t get a good view of Chris but he was freakishly good, as always, Matt is a literal God, their level of professionalism and the effort that they put into their shows in order to meet all of our expectations is insanely high and, once again, they have my full respect and admiration for this. Also, let’s not forget about Morgan, the shadow in the back, but a crucial part of the show’s brilliance!

After this gig, the depression hit me quite hard (on the way back from Budapest we listened to Muse in the car and when MoTP came on I cried my eyes out :’) and then at Isolated System… And Hysteria… Psycho… The Globalist… I swear, my shuffle hated me), on one hand because I realized that I’ve managed to reach true happiness and bliss only during a Muse concert (feel free to roll your eyes, but it’s true) and on the other hand because… It’s over, y'know? There are like what, 3 more concerts to go? Then this wonderful era which managed to turn so many of us into fans will be over. There won’t be any more Psycho as an opener (and you’ve got to admit, it has been the most appropriate song for it), no more The Handler visual effects, no more Mercy confetti, no more The Globalist as a permanent part of the setlist… Not to mention that the chances of ever hearing Reapers, Defector, Dead Inside etc. live again are quite slim. Still, as the saying goes, we shouldn’t be sad that it’s over, we should be happy that it happened; it would be an ugly lie if I said that I’m not happy :’) And after all, when they come out with the next album we’ll have other songs to look forward to hearing live!!

I want to end this already too long post by thanking Muse once again for being incredible performers, huge inspirations and unintentional life savers, and by thanking all of you, musers, for sharing in this amazing journey with me :) You might know that I became a fan during this era and my only regret is that it didn’t happen earlier, because this is all worth it. Muse are worth everything and they mean everything to me, to us :’) Here’s to more musing and loving this otherworldly band!


On August 15, it’s Ferragosto (Assumption Day) in Italy, one of the most important Catholic holidays - it’s the day on which the Virgin was transported to heaven to be with her son Jesus, and to look after those of us still here on Earth. As is the case with other Christian holidays, Ferragosto goes back a long way and actually has Pagan roots. In 18 BC, Roman Emperor Augustus declared that all of August would be dedicated to the Feriae Augusti, a series of festivals and celebrations. The most important was held on the 13th, dedicated to Diana, Goddess of the woods, phases of the moon, and maternity. The service, celebrated in Diana’s temple on the Aventine, was one of the few occasions in which Romans from all walks of life, masters and slaves alike, mingled freely. Women made offerings to the Goddess throughout the year in hopes that their labor would be safe and happy. In addition to Diana, they celebrated Vortumnus, god of the seasons and ripening of crops, Conso, god of the harvest, and Opeconsiva, who personified abundance. In short, a celebration of fertility and maternity.

Many businesses and shops are closed on August 15, although at the coast and near major tourist sites more shops are likely to be open. Museums and tourist sites usually are open. Italians traditionally head to the beach for vacation, so any place coastal will be crowded while cities will be empty or just consist of foreign tourists.

Measles warning to young people at festivals after series of outbreaks

So many people in the UK avoided vaccinating their kids in the 90s that now, more than 20 years later, there are outbreaks of these illnesses at music festivals.

I’m not going to tell you to vaccinate your kids; that should be obvious by now. I’m going to tell you to vaccinate yourselves. You can’t help the decisions your parents made. But if you are mature enough to go to music festivals, you are mature enough to take responsibility for your health.

Vaccinate yourselves.

YALL tonight i went to the durham gay and lesbian film festival and saw a series of international lesbian shorts and they were SO GOOD!!! keep an eye out for “if,” “la seguna primera cita,” and “oh-be-joyful” 

Congrats to @go90 @newformdigital and all the artists, producers and wonderful humans who brought this show to life! Watch the entire series now http://bit.ly/TheFourthDoorSeries Nominations: @streamys Best Directing, Best Action or Sci-Fi @raindance_film_festival Best International Web Series, Best Writing, Best Achievement in Production @marswebfest Official Series Selection.