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More Than Comfort - Chris Jericho x Reader

Summary:-You are Bayley’s younger sister, brought backstage one night on Raw by her. Chris Jericho gets attacked during the festival of friendship by Kevin Owens, and when he gets backstage, he bumps in to you clearly upset. He finds comfort in you, and things go on from there. 

Warnings :- Smut, Swearing, Lil’ Bit O’ Fluff

Word Count :- 1,490

Requested by @fangirlybookreviews


A/N - Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, and also sorry to the lovely person who requested this that it took so long! However, I’m back now, and d’ya know what that means? Smut and fluff and smut. 

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 914

A/N: Yet again another request (I am loving all the requests btw, so thank you to those who’ve sent them in!) asking for Christmas smut! And yes, I do know that Christmas has passed but let’s just pretend… I’ve also decided to combine it with another request for Y/N to speak in their native language in front of Shawn for the first time. I didn’t want to make it a specific language just so it’s generalised and everything :)


The first Christmas spent together is always the most daunting. It’s been over a year now since me and Shawn started dating but it’s the first time he’s spending an extended amount of time with my family. His tour finished a week ago now and he’s so relieved to be able to spend time with everyone he loves. My nerves couldn’t be controlled when I saw him walk through the door on Christmas Eve to join my family for our traditions. There is still so much that me and Shawn have to discover about each other and I’m so excited for that. Shawn is always so loving and caring and cute and he always compliments me which just makes the both of us blush. I never thought I would be able to find anyone remotely as dreamy as Shawn. But I did and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

“Y/N… Are you even listening to us?” My little sister stubbornly asks me, pulling me out of my daydream. I look around the table to see everyone’s eyes on me, making me realise just how long I must have been distant for.

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Santa’s Little Helper

Request: no

Summary: You really didn’t want to babysit your goddaughter but a trip to the mall changes things. 

Warnings: fluff, smut, touch of angst, unprotected sex (wrap it up), chubby! Dean, bi!dean

Tags:@xxkaagexx @training-wolves @biggestelfever @phoenix-dec3ndant @agentkenziecaptainamerica 

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If there was a day you hated more than Thanksgiving or your Birthday, it was Christmas. The whole Christmas season was miserable, especially when you were with your family. Your family life wasn’t the best(but certainly not the worst) and once you left, you left. It had been years since you had seen them and intended to keep it that way, dropping a line on the important days. 

Your family now consisted of your best friend Emily, her boyfriend Jason, and their daughter Isabelle. Most days were great except for when they were both stumbling drunk and horny, those were the days when you scooped up Isabelle and found anywhere to be but the house. Today was one of those days. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi I'm new can you tell me what allegedly happened at Leeds and Dallas?

“Take it Harry take it! Just like you took it a few hours ago”LEEDS FESTIVAL

right, so what really happened in leeds.

the leeds festival which both louis and harry, (and only louis and harry) went, started on saturday August 27th, 2011. it is the last public and happy appearance of HarryAndLouis before Louis is allegedly “dating” Eleanor, and this event is the last of Larry before it got closeted.

(this is in chronological order, ignore the time on the tweets because they are screencapped by people from different timezones)

before leeds fest, louis tweeted this. i cannot really say what it means, but it is highly believed that this is the end of larry being openly seen together, and the start of eleanor, because we know too much.

it is believed that, judging by their clothings, they went to leeds together right after the boys filmed this in London on 27th Aug, 2011 morning. (the video is posted on 29th)

here are some updates on that day

right before leeds fest, harry keep tweeting these tags

so after they arrived, of course they are immediately spotted by people, and here are some pics. i didn’t put too much because we already got enough proof they are together, so i’ll juts go straight to the point.

that’s the night on 27th August, then harry tweeted this

thus louis tweeted these

then at the silent disco, we spot the lovebirds

it is said that they shared a yellow tent, god knows what happened there (hence inspired many fanfictions)

here is an interview of harry and louis on Radio 1

noticeable transcript here

Fearne: (…) Right, so talk to us about Leeds Festival, what was your highlight Louis?

Louis: D’you know what it’s… The vibe at Leeds - I’ve been to a few festivals this year- I went for a day at Wireless, and then I went to V festival as well,  but the vibe at Leeds is so much… I don’t know what it is. It’s just like really reallyfun, and everyone’s like friendly and like. For me the highlight was probably Two Door Cinema Club or the Bombay Bicycle Club.


Harry: How are you Fearne, you alright?

Fearne: I’m good are you sleepy tired?

Harry: Good. I’m very tired…

Fearne: Why are you at the gym?

Harry: …I pulled a muscle in my bum as well.

Fearne: IN your bum?

Harry: Yeah.

Fearne: Well at the festival?

Harry: No I did it on Saturday morning before we went.

Fearne: Right. We won’t talk in details about that Harry, let’s just talk musically about Leeds. What was your favorite, Louis was saying Too Door Cinema Club or Bombay. What d’you recon?

Harry: Yeah yeah Too Door Cinema Club were really good actually. I thought Madness were really good. That was really cool. They were like really funny. (mumbling).

Fearne: Did you guys camp. Were you in a tent?

Harry: Yes, yeah. Some of my friends were there so I camped…with my friends.

Fearne: ..you guys were in a tent, no way!

Harry: Yes, Yeah why?

Fearne: Really? Yes way!

Harry: Yes way.

Fearne: Wowzas! Look at you two! Doin it propa, gotta be done! I can’t say the same, but it’s gotta be done. Well done chaps.

(louis also tweeted the one who interviewed them later on)

and then we’re now at the morning of 28th August, 2011, which they’re still at leeds together.

louis tweeted this

after that it is the silent disco night 2 again

the coat on harry is given from louis, as we see here in the morning

and at night

why leeds fest get so many attention, is not merely because louis and harry are seen publicly and happily together, (coz we know they are always together), it’s because this is the very last time they are seen together like this, and because right after leeds fest Elounor is rumoured to be together. it’s so fucking important to us larries because it is what we could never get over with and what we cling on, why we believe larry is closeted. 

this is louis on the day before Elounor news came out, as we may see, he’s still wearing the shirt.

in an interview in Sweden later on, louis is seen doing this. he stared at harry and fumbled at his leeds fest bracelet.

oh, harry had one too.

before it is broken and he replaced it with this tattoo. (I CAN’T CHANGE)

extra: “born me, i can’t change” is a lyric in the song “Make it stop”, which is in the playlist in leeds fest. the song is to support LGBT kids who gets discriminated.


what happened in Dallas is another legend, it’s like wellington which we all have to investigate.

here is what happened.

about dallas, this is so fucking important because we can see the closest to their sex lives, uncut. it’s practically freshly fucked harry and subspace harry, plus a smug louis and sweaty bodies.

first of all, this is what happened in the interview (i believe it’s one of those “genuinely” interviews again). can you see them??? look at zayn’s smirk??? all coupley and cuddly and fucking adorable ahhhh. 

i’m thinking of what things is louis hoarsely murmuring into harry’s ears. call him daddy, would you, lou? oh but maybe harry bottoms this time.

and shortly after what louis has apparently roughly done to harry, we came to this.

so fucking hot???? flushed cheeks???? glassy eyes???? swollen lips????

he is so lost and unfocused and startled like a lost bambi i have enough proofs that i call it he is floating in his pretty little subspace. not sure if he really bottoms, but it’s, like, 99.99%.

conclusion: freshly fucked in the ass. believed more than one orgasm.

louis??? wtf did you do to him?

here we have this smug kid

sweaty body???? glassy eyes??? overall smug face????

be sure your boy can function noramlly okkk?

this is also what happened in the red room.

“Take it Harry take it! Just like you took it a few hours ago”

well i’m not suggesting watersports…but apple juice does resembles, uh, you-know-what

kinky much, huh?

fancy round two, harry?

later on…

GOOD THRUST you got boy!!! now i wanna know what else would you ride???


did you just casually roll up his shirt sleeves??? Harold??? are you biTING YOUR LIPS????

let’s recap

conclusion: i’m done, i’m gonna go write some larry smuts now.

Roommates Part 20 - Merry Christmas

Some festive smut for you guys (if you don´t like smut, you can skip it, I´ll make sure to put in a “ * “ when it Starts).

Also I´m dreading to write the next part…

(I don´t know what was wrong with the url on Part 9, but I fixed it)

Read the other Parts here: Part 1,Part 2, Part 3,Part 4,Part 5, Part 6,Part 7,Part 8, Part 9,Part 10, Part 11,Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19

I have to warn you though, this is going to be full of clichés, weird coincidences and all in all the flufflyest fluff in the world of fluff, paired with the occasional smut.
If that´s your thing, than have fun reading Room D103

When you arrive at college, everything is supposed to change. You want to become a new person, leave behind the things that happened to you in your hometown and try to make some new friends and fit in.
But what happens if you end up with a roommate, who is not only a guy, but also a handsome football player/most annoying jerk on the whole planet?

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 2000 ish

Warnings: smut, emotional stuff


“(Y/N)”, your ultimate nightmare said, obviously utterly surprised.
His voice was was tiny, almost ashamed.

You asked yourself for the first time ever, if he was maybe regretting doing what he did by now.
But even if that was true, it didn´t change a thing.

The place was crowded and of course you knew most of the people and if you didn´t, they sure as hell knew you.
You got the feeling, that everyone was watching the scene.
You wanted to run, wanted to get out of here, wanted to just vanish into thin air or at least be back in Michigan.
But because that wasn´t an option, you just said: “Todd.”
Dean, who you had completely forgotten about, even though he was still holding your hand, tensed and you were afraid that this was going to turn into a much uglier thing than it already was.

It couldn´t have been more than twenty seconds since you entered the restaurant but you felt like you were standing in the entrance for at least an hour.
The brave and right thing to do, would have been to just walk past him and sit down with Dean and to just move on with your life, like you thought you did by agreeing to coming back here in the first place.
But of course you didn´t do that. Instead you let go of Deans hand and ran.
You knew it was childish, you knew everyone was going to talk about you again, but you just couldn´t stand being in the same room with him.
As you ran down the street, not really knowing where you were going, all the pain was back in your chest.
All the loss, you had felt back then, first and foremost the loss of your privacy, then the loss of your popularity, the loss of your friends, the loss of Todd.
Because even though you hated him with everything you had, you still had loved him onced.
And even when you knew that he was an asshole and that he didn´t deserve you crying over him, you had mourned the loss of what the two of you had back in your junior year.

You stopped running, because it was so cold that every breath felt like inhaling ice.

You realized that you had sprinted almost the whole way home, you could even see your parents house from here.
“(Y/N)”, you suddenly heard a voice behind you.
It was Dean of course, who naturally had been running after you. You felt sorry for him, sorry for the fact that he had to see you like this, weak and stupid.
You turned around, facing him, seeing him coming to a halt right in front of you.
Given the fact that he practiced everyday, he was barely out of breath, but his face was full of concern.
He didn´t say anything, probably knew, that there was nothing to say right now, he just stepped forward and wrapped you into the most emotionaly hug you had ever been involved in.
Tears started forming in your eyes, but you didn´t let them fall, couldn´t, because Dean was radiating so much love, you just had to feel good, at least for a second.
“I´m sorry”, you mumbled, looking up at him, “and thank you.”
He raised an eyebrow, never letting go of you: “For what and for what?”
You smiled a bit and despite the cold, you felt warm in his arms: “I´m sorry for snapping the way I did and thank you for not snapping and starting a fight with Todd.”
Suddenly there was a grin in his eyes: “Well…”
Your eyes widened: “You did start a fight with him?”
He hesitantly realeased you out of his arms and shrugged: “I might have punched him in the face and told him: > You know you deserve it <. I don´t think I´m allowed back in that place.
It was worth it though.”
You started laughing. At first it was a giggle and then tears really started falling from your eyes, because you were laughing so hard: “What did he do?”

Dean was smiling brightly: “Well, I guess he really did know he deserved it, because he just held his nose and did nothing.Or he´s just a wuss, who knows.”
You grabbed Dean´s hand: “Common, I´m freezing. Let´s go home.”

You had a blast at christmas, to say the least.
It was all you remembered it to be from when you were little, starting with the homemade Lasagne your mother always did on christmas eve and ending with everyone snuggling up on the couch in their pj´s, watching very old christmas movies.
The only one who seemed to enjoy it even more than you did, was Dean.
He never told you much about his family, but you got the feeling that a christmas like this was something completely new to him and seeing him enjoying it the way he did, made you even happier.
Right now you were lying in your former bedroom, staring at the ceiling.
Tomorrow was December 28th and you and Dean were heading home in the afternoon.
The prospect of sleeping in the same room as him again, made your stomach flutter.
You realized, that the two of you hadn´t had Sex the whole week you´ve been here and it struck you with surprise.
It wasn´t, as if the two of you had done it three times a day back at College, but it had been a regular thing and you found yourself suddenly strongly missing it.
For a few minutes, you tried to fall asleep, telling yourself that as in tomorrow, you could have as much sex as you wanted, but then you decided otherwise.
You got up and quietly snuck out of your room.
It was probably unnecessary, your parents most likely wouldn´t come darting out of their room as soon as someone would get up for a glass of water, but it made you even more excited to pretend you had to be quiet.
The guestroom was just across the hall and you wondered why you hadn´t gone to his room more often.

You didn´t bother knocking, just walked straight in, closing the door behind you quietly.
The room was a little more illuminated than your own one, because it was facing the street and a streetlight was shining right in the window.
“(Y/N)?”, you heard his voice and almost jumped, because you´d thought he was asleep.
“Hi”, you said and made your way towards the bed.
He sat up, worry on his face: “What is it? Did you have a nightmare?”
Seeing him concerned for your well being, made you smile: “No, I just want to have Sex really bad.”
His reaction was priceless: At first his eyes widened, then he gulped and the he grinned, before pulling away his blanket and making room for you.
At first you wanted nothing more, than to get under the warm sheets, but then you decided otherwise, feeling brave and full of energy.
You pulled down your pyjama pants and stepped out of them, revealing your not so special but still nice, black panties, then you pulled your shirt over your head.
Of course you weren´t wearing anthing beneath it and you enjoyed Dean´s gaze, that immediately went down to your breasts.
Your nipples were already super hard because of the cold and you got wet at the thought of how deliciously it was going to hurt if he pinched them just a little bit.
The blanket was still thrown aside and you could see the bulge in his boxershorts. Licking your lips you pulled down your panties too and let them fall to the ground before climbing into the bed and sitting down on Dean.
You could feel his hard cock trough the thin fabric and it turned you on even more.
As if he had read your thoughts, he started by toughing your nipples, twisting and pinching them just enough for it to sting a bit, which was really good.
You moaned a little bit, then reminded yourself that you had to be quiet.
It had to be the first time the two of you had sex without talking much, it were your bodies, doing the talking and you enjoyed it very much.
Quickly, you just couldn´t wait to touch him anymore, you pulled down his pants and he got rid of his shirt simultaneously.
You would have loved to just sink down on him then, but it felt, like you should enjoy the foreplay a little longer and so you grabbed his dick and started stroking it with one hand, while your other hand went to his balls and massaged them.
He let out a muffled groan and let his head fall down on the pillow and it had to be the hottest thing you had seen to that day.
You kept stroking him for a few more minutes, then you moved to kiss him.
It was a hot kiss and you enjoyed it for as long as you could manage without exploding.
“Can you fuck me now, please”, you whispered eventually and suddenly you felt yourself being turned around.
Your positions were switched now, you pinned beneath him.
“Do you have a condom?”, he asked and you realized with a slight shock that you didn´t. Wasn´t it his job to have one?
But then you realized it didn´t matter: “You know what, I´m on the pill and I´m not worried about catching something from you and neither should you be about catching something from me. Let´s just do it.”
He seemed to like the idea and so did you.
He nodded and then grabbed the headboard with one hand and your hip with the other: “You want it slow or rough? I promise it´ll be good both ways”, he whispered and you grinned: “Rough please.”
And rough was what you got.
It was amazing and it was the first time in your life you wished your orgasm wouldn´t have come that soon, simply because you wanted to enjoy having him in you a little while longer.
When it was over, he rolled off you and kissed you, before wrapping you in a big hug: “Do you want to get dressed? It´s cold.”
You shook your head: “Nah, with you here, it definitely isn´t cold.”

MMFD FF Masterpost #1

Because TUMBLR does weird things, I had to divide the masterpost to make the links work (Explanation here). Remember this is for fics before April ‘14. THANK YOU :)

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i’d like to let you guys know that i’m doing a festive phanfic series this year! it’s like an advent calendar but instead of chocolate you’ll get a festive (smut and/or fluff) phanfic every single day until christmas, i had so much fun writing these and i hope you’ll like it too! day one will go up on the 1st of december. 

1st of december preview:

April was nice because it made the world look like a happier place. Trees grew wilder as leaves turned green, the sun wasn’t as shy and he could finally stop hiding his selection of rainbow-coloured t-shirts underneath jumpers. October was a pretty good month as well. It had the release of their book and most of their tour, Halloween and pumpkin spice everything. But for Phil nothing was ever as good as December. That month equaled the C-word, short gloomy days that were a nice contrast to long cosy nights in front of the fireplace, a beautifully lit up city outside, and maybe even snow if they were really lucky. (…)


The Yoga Hosers Cast at Sundance Film Festival