festival of gingerbread



Prompt 101

Person A and Person B have a competition with Person C and Person D as to who can be more “festive”. Their competition includes:

  1. Decorating Gingerbread houses (watch someone draw something inappropriate)
  2. Decorating cookies
  3. Lights, lights, lights!
  4. Christmas Tree decoration
  5. Best presents

Just imagine Person A saying that they know that their gift will pulverize Person C and Person D as they get down on one knee and pulls a ring out of their pocket.

Bonus: Person C does the same thing; Person A and D are dying of happiness

Crack: it’s a ring pop


etsyfindoftheday | CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN: 4 DAYS | 12.21.15

GIFTS UNDER $25: recycled wine bottle candles // christmas | regular by napauncorked

napauncorked recycles wine bottles from local california wineries to create their handcrafted soy candles — choose from a handful of holiday-perfect scents, like gingerbread, peppermint fluff, amaretto nog, and frankincense + myrrh. there is a year-round version too, with fun scents like cabernet, mojito, and champagne strawberry.


Building a Snowman Army (x)

a nice little holiday chat. :-)
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- Hope you’re all feeling festive, it’s the start of December but tbh all anyone cares about are the start of the holidays!!!-

To get into the Christmas spirit (like a load of other blogs) Isi and myself (Becca) have decided to do a Christmas Awards!! (Isi made the banner bc she’s talented af)


  • Christmas Wreath - Best Posts x 2
  • Christmas Stocking - Best Theme x 2
  • Candycane - Best Icon
  • Christmas Lights - Cutest URL
  • Snowflake - Best Playlist (the more festive the better!)
  • Gingerbread man - Most festive blog
  • Bronze Present Award - Best Overall Runner up #3
  • Silver Present Award - Best Overall Runner up #2
  • Gold Present Award - Best Overall

You Must!

Festive Perks!

You will gain friendship, gingerbread cookies and a follow back if we’re not already! Your blogs will be promo’d to over 17,000 dashes too! We’ll post the winners on Christmas Eve, HAVE A GOOD DECEMBER! xo