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Worked with my friend Reigis to make this for a series of murals at our school’s art festival! We were asked to recreate something already existing, so I brought up the Splatoon official art bc of their already painterly-chalk-ish look. Several people recognized this girl!


Follow My Vans: Truelane goes to POW! WOW! Hawaii

Our friend Chelsea Lankford from Truelane went to Hawaii for the most insanely rad art festival, POW! WOW! to scope out the top female artists we should keep our eyes on in 2017. Check out Chelsea’s picks and mini interviews with the artists below!

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3-story mural in Kingston, NY by JESS X. SNOW: “O Wind Take Me To My Country..” for O+ FESTIVAL mural ft. Sudanese-migrant poet, Safia Elhillo & legacies celebrating migrant women and migrating birds crossing oceans in search of home. The composition is inspired by this line in Safia’s poem: “Fact: the arabic word هواء (hawa) means wind / the arabic word هوى (hawa) means love… oum kalthoum said: where the wind stops her ships, we stop ours or oum kalthoum said: where love stops her ships, we stop ours.”


While Mutante Creativo is preparing the 10th anniversary of the Desordes Creativas street art festival, here is a video of the last year edition, with walls of Bosoletti, Borondo, Alegría del Prado, Yoseba Mp and Nö3l

Here the info of the Festival.


June 20, 2017


by Rubén Sánchez

In the 1998 Terry Gilliam movie, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, based on Hunter S. Thompson’s book, Johnny Depp and Benecio Del Toro apparently embark on an exploration of Las Vegas while under the influence of an inventory of psychoactive drugs. Sanchez says those familiar with the film will find the connection here obvious. Painted on Las Vegas Blvd. at Fremont St. in 2015 for Las Vegas’ annual Life Is Beautiful Festival the mural begs interesting questions about the juxtaposition of themes—movie and festival—although given the superficiality of beauty sometimes associated with Sin City maybe this makes complete sense. In any case the striking work by Madrid-born Sánchez reflects both the subject of freedom he says is constantly present in his work, and his recurring influences of “the Mediterranean and Arab culture, graphic design and visual psychedelia.”  @zoonchez  @lifeisbeautiful