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aloyyyy  asked:

Could you do a compilation for Nozomi for her birthday like you did for Maki? 🙏🏻

Yeah of course. I’m probably going to do one for every girl so don’t worry. I’m planning on posting it on her birthday so to tide you over until then I made some Nozomi backgrounds.


♡ Aqours Angel Set Wallpapers (pt ½) // #1184, #1185, #1186, #1187, #1188 ♡

I’m ready for the inevitable Lifetime movie called Fyre Island where rich white kids do talking head interviews and they have Instagram models giving their testimony too but they do the voice changer and put them in a shadow and theres the dramatic reenactment following a guy named Chad fighting dogs and stuff and the token “I sold my kidney to come here and went bankrupt” character to solicit empathy for everyone