festival international 2012

Lebanese indie rock band Mashrou’ Leila performing at the Baalbek International Festival 2012 - Baalbek, Lebanon

anonymous asked:

What is Cillian's family life like? There's no pictures of his wife or children at events that I have seen.

Seems like he’s very happily married. His wife often accompanies him to red carpet events and premieres but kind of stays out of the limelight. Here are a few non-paparazzi photos from recent events.

Berlin Film Festival 2014 —

Odessa International Film Festival 2012 —

The Dark Knight Rises premiere 2012 —

At the Inception after-party at Villa Lounge in Hollywood, July 2010

Regarding his kids, don’t think he’s brought them to any public events yet, and he’s said they’re unimpressed with what he does. He did bring his son to a radio interview a year or so ago and he was quite adorable. Here’s a link to the audio.