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IDENTITY LA Music Festival is a FREE public concert highlighting Los Angeles’ vibrant Asian Pacific American (APA) history as well as showcasing APA’s contributions in shaping the social, cultural, and economic future in Los Angeles.

When: Saturday, May 6, 2017  |  5:00 – 10:00PM
Where: Grand Park  |  200 North Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

SnK Chapter 96 Poll Results

The chapter 96 poll closed with 1,469 responses. Thank you to everyone for participating. Let’s do this!

(1,402 Responses)

There was an increase of strong NOPES with 6.5% rating this chapter a 1 verses .07% for chapter 95,  but otherwise like last month, the majority gave the chapter a favorable rating.

With every chapter focusing on the Warriors, they steadily climb the list of some of the greatest characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about. I love everyone in this manga, but the complexity, moral ambiguity, and tragedy of these three just continues to astound me. No matter how this manga concludes and no matter how imperfect AoT is as a whole, I applaud Isayama for writing some of the best antagonists I’ve ever seen.

Warriors background and sob story is always good to see. However, I do want a bit more progress in the story. I can wait a bit longer to see Paradis cast.

96 is probably the highlight of Marley focus so far, and is a well deserved title. It honestly never crossed my mind for some reason that we would see the opposite side of the attack on Paradis, and it did surprise me with how much of a rush and danger it was for RBA.

I liked the other chapters better since they weren’t all about flashbacks; they had a nice mix between current and previous events

I don’t really like the Marley chapters but this chapter has been amazing. Best chapter of this arc so far.

It has a huge emotional content but I feel like it had less substance than previous chapter. The insight on Annie is interesting though.

i think seeing the fall of wall maria from RBA’s perspective was a very good (and heartbreaking) decision for yams to make, and a good way to segway into finally revealing what the SC are up to hopefully lol

It seems like Isayama has a thing for writing heartbreaking and sad chapters in August *sides eyeing to chapter 84* and btw, I’m still not over serumbowl. I don’t even think I'llbe over that someday ;;-;;

It was really insightful to see more of RAB and actually see R&B relationship with Annie (I honestly thought Annie hated them and vice versa). We didn’t see 3 monsters but 3 little kids, traumatized and forced to shed innocent blood

fuck this chapter, i dont even mind the marley chapters but this literally told us nothing interesting aside from royalty not being subjects of ymir


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Highlights of the Uchinanchu Festival in Okinawa Japan.


Monsters of Rock / Castle Donington

(various artists concert LP) Polydor Records, 1980

LP recorded at the first Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donnington. The cover art for the US and international editions was very different though the record’s content was identical.

This festival is considered one of the first major events of the NWOBHM period.

This is the final poster for Sweet Ambrosia

The concept behind it is that the gods are offering their sweet ambrosia (literal definition: sweet god food) down to earth for us mortals to try. The forks circle around the logo to draw viewers’ eyes to the written information. I used variation in scale, colour and texture to create visual interest. The clouds have been given depth through their various layers and colours. I used the same typeface throughout which is Effra Sans. The logo uses a combination of greek and latin letters, however as they all come out of the same typeface, they blend together seamlessly. I made ‘greek sweets festival’ slightly bolder so it readers more clearly from far away. I stuck to a grid to create a systematic and even look for the poster. The textured background creates an old-world, ancient effect. The poster suits the festival identity; it is fun, whimsical and playful. I did not want to design something too serious, as dessert is light-hearted and sweet.

Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, known as Les Twins, drew screams from the audience during the dance festival on Friday.

These identical twins from France wasted no time on Friday in showing why they were famous.
With blasting energy, they displayed electrifying footwork, daredevil plunges, staggering contrast of dynamics, terrific synchronicity, marvellous control within slowness, as well as speed.

- excerpt from The New York Times