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Space Australian Medicine

Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, something truly nasty escaped Earth. They call it giardia, a microscopic organism that their Planetary Protection Officer called “pretty dumb” and “not too bad, really, a week of digestive upset and then it’s over.”

Yes, Earth has a Planetary Protection Officer. They have a Planetary Protection Office, and have had one since they were sending probes around their own solar system. Doctor Ma-et had found it a bit silly, like a child concerned about the cleanliness of their toys, until she learned that the job of the Planetary Protection Office had always been protecting other worlds from Earth.

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Been wanting to draw Momo and Todoroki’s daemons for awhile! 

Momo with her house mouse, and Todo with his osprey~

They make a good team, no? X’D

June 29 : Summer Festival

Fourth collab with my lovely @hanzo-motivates / @munzo-does-art

They lined, and I colored!!

Under the cut is a version without lighting ft. rambles

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on earth c valentines day is a holiday inspired by rosemary’s legendary love/dedication and y'all can’t convince me otherwise

Wait wait wait hang on

What if aliens don’t have weather?

I mean, the temperature changes now and then as their seasons change, but they only have two or three seasons, and the temperature changes are so subtle (by human standards) that a human would hardly even notice them.

And then one day a galactic exploration vessel lands on Earth for a few days for their resident human to go home and celebrate something called “Christmas”–some sort of odd festival where humans allow a strange recluse in red garments to invade their homes and leave behind offerings (or at least, that’s what their human claims).

And they step out of the GEV onto the landing pad, and all of the sudden all the “earth virgins” recoil and cry out in alarm, frantically clutching the doorframe with all four tentacles and saying, “What is that?! What IS that?!!” because the atmosphere is releasing frigid particles of SOMETHING across the terrain, and they’re utterly TERRIFIED because the only time they’ve ever seen atmospheric phenomenons anything like this was when their homeworld nearly ended.

And Human-Megan looks at them and starts laughing–that strangely unsettling noise that makes their blood run cold–and says, “What, you guys haven’t seen snow before?”


“Oh yeah, you probably haven’t, huh?” she muses, stepping further into the white terror as her comrades shrink back in confusion and fear.

Then she tilts her head back, closes her eyes, and stretches out her hands, allowing the substance to settle all across her body. It settles throughout her flaming red hair, on the tips of her eyelashes, and all across the deep green of her uniform. After a moment, she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue, letting flakes of the frigid substance land there, and her grin becomes so wide that something WARM settles in the chests of her shipmates, something simultaneously alluring and relaxing–

“I love snow,” Human-Megan murmurs, her eyes still closed. “Every Christmas my cousins and I would climb out on the roof and make snow angels up there. And if we were lucky and it kept snowing for a while, we’d lie down and see how buried we could get before my mom made us come down for breakfast.”

“So it’s…not dangerous?”

“Hell no,” Human-Meg replies, a bit loudly. “It’s the best. Come on, come see.”

So they do. Slowly, they ease out into the freezing air, cringing and recoiling at first as the so-called “snow” begins to speckle their scales with white. But when they realize it does them no harm, they begin to study it, cupping it in their tentacles, even tilting back their heads and tasting it as Human-Megan does.

Earth’s weather, they agree, may be strange and terrifying, but they can’t deny how contagious Human-Megan’s enjoyment of it is, and soon all of them are messaging their mates and offspring to regale them with tales of “snowmen” and “snowball fights”, and absolutely gushing about how weird and alluring Earth weather can be.

Bookmas Series: 4th December 2016 A review by @the-perks-of-being-a-lotus

The Humans- Matt Haig

Rating: 9/10

“It’s not the length of life that matters. It’s the depth. But while burrowing, keep the sun above you.”

This book is centred on an extraterrestrial inhabiting a mathematical genius known as Professor Andrew Martin of Cambridge University. Martin has just unlocked the mysteries of the universe that will guarantee a giant technological leap for mankind. The alien species known as Vonnadorians feel that this overwhelming breakthrough simply cannot be entrusted to such volatile and backwards creatures that inhabit Earth- humans. So the alien is put in his body to erase any chance of this epiphany from being released.

The book really analyses the way in which humans interact from a superior and pretentious perspective. The alien does not understand the reasoning behind emotions nor the necessity to comply to societal norms. From the start of this book to the end it will take you on a strong emotional experience as the alien learns what it means to be a human.

It is the perfect mixture of comedy and romance with an unexpected interjection of science fiction and existential questioning. It explains that sorrow and pain is simply a necessary part of human experience.

For that reason I would recommend this book it is well worth the time and it’ll certainly make you laugh but in saying that it is not a book for the light-hearted.

Happy Easter~! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

♥Shu: How annoying… Happy Easter. Can I go back to sleep now? What is this? An egg? -Shu grabbed your clothes, not letting go of you- Heh, did you want something from me? Is that why you gave me a present?

♥Reiji: Happy Easter. Don’t eat too much chocolate, yes? I don’t want you complaining about stomach ache later…

♥Ayato: Happy Easter, Chichinashi! Eh~? No, I don’t want chocolate, for now. I want your blood! We can eat the egg later!

♥Kanato: Aggh… Happy Easter. Now, where are my easter eggs? You didn’t forget them, right? Nee, Teddy… She forgot the chocolate egg. What should we do with her?

♥Laito: Where is my Bitch-chaan?~ Ahh~ I have something really sweet for you, to celebrate Easter~ And no, it’s not an easter egg, nfufu~

♥Subaru:… Happy Easter, dumbass. Here.-He gave you a big easter egg- Damn, it’s not what you think! One of the guys gave it to me, a-and I don’t want it! Yeah, that’s why!

♥Ruki: Happy Easter, Livestock. Usually we don’t celebrate this human festivity, but Kou was really getting on my nerves this time wanting to celebrate it.

♥Kou: But Rukiii~… It’s fun! Can’t you see all these easter eggs I got from my fans? I guess I can give one to you, M Neko-chan… Buuuut~! I want to bite you in exchange, heheh~

♥Yuma: Happy birth-SHIT-Happy Easter, Sow! Tch, I was distracted! AHH, stop making fun of me!

♥Azusa: Eve… I got something… For you…-he handed you a homemade easter egg. But when you tasted the first bit, your tongue burned so hard, tears started filling up your eyes- It’s spicy… Just the way you like it… Fufufu~… Happy Easter, My Eve…

♥Carla: Happy Easter, woman. -sighs- There, I said it. Now you, Shin.

♥Shin: This is so stup- -Carla hits him- Ah! Okay, okay! Stop it, Nii-san! Happy Easter!!


Someone wants to say Happy Birthday to @daisymeggie and @svenjarn since both your birthdays are coming up 😂😂❤️ life is like a peach 😂 😌☝🏻 @michaelmweatherly (at Grimaldi Forum)

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The Killers Interviews Masterpost

The interviews are organised by year. If you notice any discrepancies please let me know. Likewise, if you notice there are any interviews missing and/or incomplete, send me a message (and a link if possible) and I will update this post accordingly. I will also update this post with new interviews as they happen. Last updated 26/07/2017.


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Brandon Flowers, Ricky Wilson & Zane Lowe sing a-Ha’s Take On Me

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Interview with Brandon Flowers in Brazil

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Glastonbury Interview with Brandon

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J-TV Interview

Making of Read My Mind

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V Festival Interview with Mark

Artisan News Service Interview [1], [2]

Q 104.3 FM’s Jonathan Clarke Interviews Dave Keuning

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Ischgl Interview - Quality isn’t great but the original was taken down off YouTube

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Ronnie on CCTV News (Beijing)


V Festival Interview

Joel The Lump of Coal (Skit & Song)


How I Wrote That Song: Brandon Flowers “Can’t Deny My Love” with Darren Beckett on Jimmy Fallon (23/03/2015)

Brandon Flowers Interview with The Kevin & Bean Show

Brandon Flowers - The Late Late Show with James Corden (14/05/2015)

Brandon Flowers - The Late Late Show with James Corden (Dressing Room) (14/05/2015)

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NME Interview: “ Brandon Flowers: ‘We’ll Turn Things On Their Head For Next Killers Album'” (02/10/2015)

Brandon Flowers speaks with BBC Radio 2′s Jo Whiley (15/10/2015)

Brandon Flowers on Elton John’s Rocket Hour for Apple Radio’s Beats 1 Show (Aired 09/11/2015)

Brandon Flowers at Hellow Fest 2015

Dan Wooton speaks with Brandon Flowers for Lorraine’s Showbiz News & Gossip

Brandon and Mark on Nightly News (20/12/2015)

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Brandon Flowers’ interview with Armani Sounds

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Brandon Flowers’ interview with Annie Mac after The Killers’ new single “The Man” was debuted (Radio 1) (14/06/2017)

Brandon Flowers’ Facebook Live Q&A Session following the debut of The Killers’ new single “The Man” 14/06/2017

Brandon Flowers speaks with Triple J (Australia) following the release of The Killers’ new single “The Man” 15/06/2017

Ronnie Vannucci speaks with CFOX following the release of The Killers’ new single “The Man” 15/06/2017

Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci speak with SiriusXM about their new sinle “The Man” and their upcoming album “Wonderful Wonderful”

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci backstage at Tinderbox Festival, Denmark 22/06/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci’s post-Glasto interview with Jo Whiley 24/06/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci on Vice News’ ‘This Week’s New Music’ Segment

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci Interviewed at Provinssi Festival (Finland) 04/07/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci at Exit Festival (Serbia) 06/07/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci at Bilbao BBK Live (Spain) 07/07/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci speak to Sarah Champion of Absolute Radio at BST Hyde Park (11/07/2017)

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci speak to NME about their upcoming 5th studio album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci speak to Jo Whiley of Radio 2 about their upcoming album 13/07/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci speak to Gordon Smart of Radio X ahead of their upcoming 5th studio album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ 17/07/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci speak to Edith Bowman of Virgin Radio about their upcoming album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’

Ronnie Vannucci & Brandon Flowersspeak to Annie Mac of Radio 1 and pick their ultimate party playlist 20/07/2017

Ronnie Vannucci speaks to Mornings on CD102.5 about The Killers’ recent shows and their upcoming album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’

Brandon Flowers speaks to Hilary of Radio 91X about their new album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ 26/07/2017